Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 724

Another hand of the moment directly released a huge neon blazing fireball, directly covered all the regions where the eyes are in front of them.

Although there is no power to use the Bible of the Night, but in the moment of the power, the power of the exemption, which is abandoned, is still not the ordinary people.

Cheng !!!

I know this time.

The air in front of the moment suddenly bloomed a bright huge sword, like a darkness of the dark night, directly lit up the eyes of the blue blood.

I saw that the neon blazing fireball just released from the moment was turned away from the middle of the middle, and the snow-white sword gattered torn the earth under the foot, and the radius came to the moment.

"Docked the energy" looked at the swordsman of the eyes, and suddenly opened his own release of the ghost, the face suddenly revealed a surprise look, "I have already stepped into the big sword. Realm ... It seems that you have a surprise. "It seems that" this genius female swordsman's potential is even more bigger than you think, "If the flow blade in the hand, if the fire is a fire, the air Rascade, the moment directly took the huge swordscent of Zhuhong, and thought about it.

"This is still not enough!"

However, at this time, the }} }

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Chapter 79 Peep (ask for reward and automatic)

Is it ...

Stared with the mysterious glory of the blood red defect in his eyes, the mysterious light bloomed on the top of the blossoms.

"Saving, retreat !!"

In the endless mysterious glory of the bloody mysterious sickle in hand.

Zhuhong suddenly sorcered! Drink, it is directly called the "real name" of her hand.

The blood of the blood is in the air, and only the beautiful swordsman is shallow in the hands of the beautiful swordsman. Suddenly make a beautiful knife with a lot of bloody glazed, successfully entered the liberation.

What is you really grow? "Zhuhong ...

I looked at the one-year time in front of my eyes, I successfully called the "true name" of the sickle. "Jiu Jiu" has successfully completed the beginning, and the heart is gently sigh, even he can't help but sigh. This genius female swordsman "} Jing people potential.

Blood makeup!!

Successfully liberated his sickle after returning to the rain.

I saw that the rain suddenly bloomed in the back of the bronchiemat.

In the air, the original moment of this moment released the ghost and the ghost flames, and it was completely absorbed when she was refurbished by her.

"This is" seeing this scene before you, the moment of swords, the heart seems to be faint, and it has understood the burden of the burden of rain.

Innotation, Welcome to Lotus !!

Sure enough, the rain in the hand refined the rain to absorb all the magic and ghost flames in the air in the air.

As if it seems to be a magical swordsman, I only see the inflammation of amazing hot and hot swords in an instant in front of the air in front of the moment.

Zhuhong directly uses his strongest oysique, release a lot of flames in the moment of launching a moonlight sword

With an unfunded and decided, the rain is like a huge flame, the rain is like a huge flame, and there is an endless bright light in the adversity.


Especially after absorbing the magic and ghost flames of the moment.

The power of the swordscent of Zhuhong broke out, which was more than everyone's imagination, the hillside where the two were located, and it was destroyed and swept formed by a ruined scorpion.

"Break Devils" looks at this huge neighboring niece Phoenix.

In the eyes of the blue blood of the blue blood, although never read the Tianzhu Tianzhi, this world is the strength of the genius female swordsman, still far beyond his expect.

"No ... is a chopper that can absorb magic and magic to break out more striking," "in this magic world ... really is suitable for you ... " vector · energy conservation !!!

Deep eyes among Guanghua flash.

Facing the horror of the whole hillside in front of the hills.

I saw that the vast magic operation on the moment, I didn't see any exaggerated movements, but my own simple reach forward.

Suddenly, the two people faintly flashed in the mysterious magic of the mystery, and the mysterious ripples were swayed in the air.

One instant.

Zhuhong opened his green eyes

I saw the huge flame sword inflammation of the . ,

As if it is a small fire that is flooded by the flood, even if the heat of the remaining heat is not left, it seems that the powerful swords of Zhuhong just did not appear.

"This is ..." "What is" "Does your magic?"

"Today's cultivation is here ... " Looking at the ! , .,.

The blue blood red eyes fell to the rain in front of the eyes of the Strong female swordsman, indeed it should be the right of this world.

After all, in such a world of magic and magic for the main tone of the battle, it has the grain of the rain, and the strength of the rain is not optimistic about the level of the holy ten, and it has become a uncomproved magic. Guas killer.

"We should go back ... Brandish ...

After receiving all the flying thoughts in your heart, killing the eyes glanced over the only remaining hillside of the grass left next to him.

"It's really progressive!" Zhuhong "I saw that the body was in the swimwear underwear, the" rule of the country "Brandish P.

It is 1 . .

"Will go in this way ... I am going to catch me." After standing on the grass, Brandish turned his own double! Leg, gradually walked to the beauty of the beauty of the cultivation, the front, Like a loud you.

One of the Albarez Empire Sanzi Ten 0.3 Emperor's Magic, although Brandish's strength is strong enough to change the ground, but she is lazy to most hate the trouble, the nature of good character, causing her to fight Little interest and desire.

"Hey ... Little Brandish" Some gratians have a pair of proud double peaks in front of Brandi.

Although the strength is temporarily Brandish, it is obviously the Brandibier from the Brandib, the fascination of the fascination, the fairy}, the evil road, the female swordsman, more like a simple little girl.

In the past year, two girls often often in the mutant, and they are confident in the eyes of the Green Green. "I will exceed you! I will have the most useful. woman!"

Chapter 80 of the Star Lingmo Lu Si (ask for reward and automatic)

Half of the sun in the evening.

Static small town in front of the mountain, Xiang Xiangning}.