Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 725 of Hueding Cracks

I didn't pay attention to the bust and Brandish of the two after her body.

The deep eyes of the moment looked at the black mysterious magic books in their hands, which was the tail of the Dark Congress Dali, which was robbed from Ivan's collection. "Since the magic of the above ..." It has been all learned "" muttered muttered, flashing gently, flashing in the mind flashing all the magic contents above this book. "


Suddenly, the flash of hot flashes in the hands of the moment

I saw this black magic book in the hands of the moment, suddenly being ignited the fire of the bears, the mysterious magic and the essence of the mysterious magic, which was completely disappeared in this world.

"Next" "" The world is when the world is turned in, ""

Looking at the black mysterious magic book in his hands finally burned into the ashes, muttered in the moment.

At this time, there was a cool breeze between the mountains, and took away all the black ashes in the hands of the moment, which is the style of the story.

Haru Meng.

This is a bustling port town in the Kingdom of Fira, Ihmina.

"Shout ... is really a boss of the door" "I can't think of selling my color, I only willing to be cheaper 1 OOOJ ..."

On the bustling street, a golden long-haired head is a beautiful girl with a small number of braids.

After coming out of the store in the store, there was a constant spit. "" Is this lady's beauty worth 1 oJ? "I saw this golden long hair, but also with a lively and optimistic cheerful personality. And there is also a proud section.

If it is not an install of this world, she is the first heroine of this world. One of the world's first heroines, the West Hartflia, Fiore Kingdom, Dafu Business, Germany, Hartflia and the famous Star Wind Waha Hatflia's female) LO

"Fire Dragon!"

"I heard that the fire dragon came to Haruist!" "

It seems that there seems to have a lively thing, and suddenly a group of young teenagers ran out the street in front of them.

After joining a group of flowers, I have just left the day, I have been away from the home, I will follow the other girls around, and I have been in the crowd in front of the crowd. .

"I will hold a party on the bank of the port ... Everyone has to come to participate in _ ..."

With the confusing charm magic, successfully captured the joy of the girl in the scene, fake the demon refined tail magician "Fire Dragon" used the magic to fly away, leaving a heart of the heart.

"My name is Lucy, is a star spirit guide."

"My name is Naz, Naz Doragiel."

"And me! My name is Habi!"

Of course, during this period, Lucy also met this cherry blond hair in front of him, with a white latcher's teenager, there is a blue tale with a white wings, and there is a happy name. Cell called Habi.

From the juvenile port called Naz, Lucy learned that two people came to Harujun, they were actually looking for a dragon.

A true dragon is in Iguni, heard Naz they are looking for dragons, which makes Lucy feel very surprised, even in the world of this magic, the dragon is very rare and mysterious.

However, then Lucy can't help but secretly spit it up. This is how beautiful the brain will go to the city to find the dragon. Is this huge creature that dragon? Is there a huge creature in the city? Lucy is very paralyzed Asked your doubts to Naz.

"Ni ?!"

Until this time, Naz and blue kittens Habie showed a look that it was just realized.

This time, Lucy is very convinced, this person is absolutely a shit, and it is not aware of such common sense.

After finishing dinner together, there was a wonderful thing that Lucy.

Naz and Habie, in order to thank Lucy asked them to eat, actually fell in front of Lucy, thank you O

"Ah, don't do this, too shameless 7!"

Feel the universal eyes of the waiter and the people around, Lu Xion feels some fever on the face, and quickly stop the brain-depletion behavior of the two goods of Naz and Habby, and hurried away.

Time is so fast.

In order to rush to the fake demon refined tail talents "Fire Dragon" banquet on the boat, Lucy is wearing a red party with a red evening dress, which is extraordinary and beautiful.

But the reality will soon give Lucy, a loud girl who is not profitable from the world.

With all the girls who were confused by the charm magic, Lucy was fake the demon refined tail tailor "Fire Dragon" and his association, which is a gang who sells people.

"Hey, still a star spirit guide."

I saw the "Fire Dragon" in front of the "Fire Dragon", pulling Lucy's Xingling Magic key into the sea outside, holding a burning red soldering iron gradually walked toward the beautiful girl in front of youth, face Hawthorn laughing.

"First give you a slave brand again." "

"Is this the magician of the demon tail?" Seeing the "fire dragon" of the incarnation of the incarnation of the people in front of him. "

The beautiful imagination is completely collapsed. Lucy's tears can not help but come out, "Abuse of magic ... deceive everyone ... still selling people" "It's the worst magic" "just at this time, crisp freezing sound, boat The outside seawater actually was frozen in an instant.

Under the glory of the moonlight, a silver-white long-haired young woman, stepped on the frozen sea, toward Lucy, the merchant shipped.

Chapter 81 Goodbye Naz (seeking rewards and automatic)

Haru Meng. The sea of ​​the harbor. "It's too bad." "It turns out that this is the magician of the demon tail" looks at the foot and laughing in front of him. The soldering iron is moving towards themselves.

At all, there is all of the grievances of Lucy's heart, and the tears in the eyes can't help it. The wine red appearance dress is under the evening dress, a pair of slender Bai Zhemei l husband close together. "How ... What is going on ._" The ship stopped! The whole sea was frozen.

At this time, a few gangs around the "Fire Dragon" were traduated, and they felt that the boats that were driving at their feet suddenly stopped. I have seen my head, and I have shocked it all the whole sea.


"The whole sea is frozen ?!"

The sound fake "Fire Dragon" also explored his head, and he saw a snow-white ice knot outside the whole sea, frozen their vessels frozen on the sea.

"Is it a magician dry ?!"

I saw the amazing scene in front of my eyes, and the fake "Fire Dragon" thought of the magist guide.

But soon he overturned this thought soon, "It's impossible! How can I have a magician to do this!?",

After all, I just master some magicals who don't enter the stream, do the dragon set of the population, take the fake "Fire Dragon" eye, I can't imagine how the world may have a magic can use magic ice to the whole sea.

"Old ... boss."

"Some people come over the sea !!"

At this time, several fake "Fire Dragons" suddenly exclaimed.

I hope to go in the direction of their fingers, and then the moonlight, I only see a slender vast film outline, step on the frozen sea, and the merchant ships are gradually coming.