Naruto's Jade Crash System

Take the collapse of the Youth Chapter 726


At this time, the woods were flying.

On the ceiling of the cabin, he suddenly has been smashed into a huge cavity.

I saw a cherry blossom short hair, and the teenager wearing a white plaid scarf slammed from the sky, and there was two people in Lucy and fake "Fire Dragon".

"Yes you! Naz Girl"! "

Seeing the sudden changes in front of you, I was bored on the chair, I recognized this boy in front of him. It was the one who I met before the town. I want to find the Naz.

"You are fine! Ruth!"

After standing from the ground, Naz revealing a row of white teeth with Lucy in front of him.

"Is Lucy! You are fool!"

I saw Naza from the sky, suddenly appeared, Lucy's face, but heard he actually called his name, suddenly roaring.

"But ..."

Stand up to the original Ziz.

I saw that he suddenly turned into a tumbered, and his hands were killed, and the whole person suddenly plentiful curled up on the floor.

"what the hell……"

"It's time to see during the day."

The little ghost ... "

After seeing Naz appeared, it turned out that the noodles were on the floor, and the fake "Fire Dragon" and the gang around him suddenly walked up.

"Worse! Naz he seizes!" "

At this time, the blue kitten in the sky is flying on the sky, and suddenly the dark road is not bad.

"What ghost !?" "

Originally, I was still looking forward to the Nazawa from the sky to save myself and the surrounded girls.

But see Naz actually didn't start fighting, so influenced by the seism, Lucy can't help but start the crazy spit, "as a magic tuning, you actually haunted!? This is too happy!? "

"Hey ... I have a good lesson to teach the little ghost _"

I saw the situation in front of the situation and controlled in my own hands. The fake "Fire Dragon" had a proud smile, and the louder looked at Lucy who was bundled on the chair.

"I will play with this Star Lingmao guojun girl ..."


Only the fake "Fire Dragon" talent Talent L just finished.

The Nats of Lucy and the surface of Nats suddenly opened their eyes.

I saw that there was an invisible, but the horrible gas field suddenly appeared in the cabin.

The fake "Fire Dragon", there is also all of his gangs, all in an instant, and the dead is inlaid on the wall.


At this moment, the Naz seems to be stomach in the stomach.

The eyes were shocked to look at the cabin next to the cabin, and a high-charming figure gradually came out.

A black gorgeous coat falling on a white long hair, and Jun Xiu's face is dotted with a pair of blue blood, the whole person seems to be like a black sun, deep and shine.

"...? ?!" "

I saw Naz, who fell down on the floor, the old, the old mouth, and the half-day talented said a name.

"I haven't seen it for a long time ... I am ambush ...

Using the tyrant domineering directly shocked the fake in the cabin "

Fire dragon

After all of his gangs, the moment was gradually stepped up to Lucy and Naz, and I watched the Nazaw who was unable to fell next to him. Suddenly there were some speechless, "

Click at


The magician, a demon tail, actually halo "


You are really inferior, "

Although I know that I am destroying the dragon magistillers, Naz and all other destroyed dragonfoots, the common feature is that all kinds of transportation will be dizzy.

But the moment I saw Naz made this frustment, or I couldn't help but I want to speaking him.

Can ... but "

I heard the words of my life, and then look at my wolf. I can't help but face the red ear, I have to transfer the topic immediately. "

How will you be here……"

Chapter 82 rescues Lucy (seeking rewards and automatic) can ... "

I came back from the Magic Review ... I just passed ... I looked at the Sacred Naz. I wanted not to take the fire Dragon Iguni, who had been looking for, I have always told him this fact in his own belly.


you are……"

I want to speak, I know this time.

After seeing the appearance of the moment, I saw Lucy that was bundled on the chair at this time. Suddenly, it was exaggerated, "

Magic Weekly Magazine

Want to be a boyfriend's magician "

Ranked first in rankings

... What a shit is ranked ... "

Looking at the exaggeration reaction of Lucy in front of his eyes, it has helplessly convulsted his mouth.

The perfect appearance, strong strength, as well as the top name of the Tenth Magist, in the past year, the moment directly exceeded Zik Recy, won the magic week magazine "

Want to be a boyfriend's magician "

Ranked the first title in the rankings.

In the entire Astro Magic World, although there is always walking deeper, it is still an irresistible to become an idol of countless magicilers and countless young girls.

For this kind of authoritative weekly magazine, the so-called authoritative weekly magazine, the title of the inexplicable week, and the head of the head is, and it can't help but spit in the heart.

In particular, Lucy has just left home, with the so-called authoritative magic weekly magazine to understand the innocent girl of magic world messages, the most concerned is undoubtedly this lace information.

Your guy ... What did you do? "

Just at this time,"

} The survival of the anger passed into the ears of the moment of Lucy and Naz.

I saw the fake of the tyrannical domineering of the moment next to it. "

Fire dragon

It turned out to sway the struggle to stand up from the floor.

Can you still stand up? "

See a false "

Fire dragon

It is still able to support himself standing, and I can't help but have a surprised Yang Jianbei, I can't help but be a surprises.

It seems that this dragon package still has a certain strength. "

Although this guy seems to be a dragon set of Naz, this fake is like an appearance.

Fire dragon

Not only is it proficient in confusion, but it is itself a powerful magistan.

It was exactly the special granaries that were immunized by the Naz Fire Dragon Magic, which would be so easy to be solved by Naz 3.

Give me death!

Crazy roar in the mouth, only fake "

Fire dragon

The magic of the Nagism is erupting.

A raising hand released the red hot flame magic in front of the air, and I wanted to swallow the three people in front of them.

Ah, ah.

... I was also bundled here ... I was still bundled with Lucy on the chair, saw the flame magic of the launch in front of the eyes, and suddenly twisted his fixed body.


Just in this moment, everyone stopped.