Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 727 of Hueding Crack System

I saw everyone in front of them.

The void is suddenly a violent passive thunder, suddenly bloom.

Version four white thunder !!!

On the occasion of Lucy and Naz, I saw the blue-white violent violent Thunder's column penetrated the body of the magic of the magic of the inflammation.

Yu Wei is not limited, and it directly penetrates the entire cabin of everyone, and there is a shining thunder column that leads to the horizon in the farfd sponge.

Until everyone reacted.

The magist of the Yanzhi, the "Fire Dragon" has been ignorant (AIDG) with his own eyes, and it is a cold and unbelievable look, and it is turned on the floor on the floor.

At this time, the moment is elegant and then recovering his fingers, and gently blows the smoke that does not exist at all, as if it is just a simple thing.

"Well ... a good magic" see the magist of Yan's magist "Fire Dragon" was instantly spiked in an instant, and Lucy, which was bundled on the chair, did not seem to have come back.

"Say ... this guy is the Ten major magist guide ..." "

The surprised expression of Lucy's face was perceived. At this time, Naz, who couldn't help but kneel on the floor, and some would be unwilling to explain with her. "Although it is not too easy to ... but this guy ... Strongful than monsters "" Ten major magic guides? "Looked at the young magic guides who were unliked in front of them and Nazadians in front of them, and the appearance of the appearance of the appearance, the appearance of the appearance of Naz. Lucy's null's mouth is not close for a long time.

Even if she just left home, she didn't have seen it, although I haven't seen it, I am very clear in my heart, what kind of concept is the holy tenth?

That is to say, this seems to be a handsome guy who is almost very big, has been one of the best ten magist guys on the mainland?

"Don't stay," Just in the sky, the beautiful beauty, the young girl, looks at the moment, the moment, there is some gods who are gods.

At this time, I suddenly lost out of a golden shiny thing, I was throwing up her body. He is just that I have just been defeated by the magician fake "Fire Dragon" to throw into the Yellow Road of the Zodiac, the stars of the Yellow Rockhouse key.

"The word is ..." This key is yours. "Said that it was softly moving his fingers, and he suddenly bundled Lucy's rope all automatically.

"The key of the aquarius!"

I got the lack of the aquarius, the larvine key of my life, and the girl Lucy's face suddenly surprised, as a mother left to her own relic, this summoned water bottle Star Ling Aiya's Star Tongli's star is important Sexualism is self-evident.

"Great! Thank you for your mothers!"

The heart is grateful to look at the slender back of the silver white long sprinkle, in addition to gratitude, the heart of the girl, the heart of the girl, can not help but derive a different kind of emotion (new world, beg for a wave of rewards and monthly tickets)

Chapter 83 Magnolia (seeking rewards and automatic)

"First send these stunned girls, two

I didn't pay attention to the idea of ​​Lucy and Nats at this moment.

The moment of flashing glanced next to a group of people who were killed by the magic of the "Fire Dragon" with the magic of the "Fire Dragon", calmly opened: "If it is back to Magnoria ... I just like you" At this time, I saw Naz's blue kitten flew down from the cave on the cabin ceiling, and the flash was referred to because the face has begun to put the flooded Naz.

"Habi ... Sichuan pages put this useless fellow ghost" Habie this will speak blue kitten with long wings, is born from Naz Xiaoyi, from then on Always drilled by Naz, but often there will be a small quarrel (usually because of fish).

Always carry out the task together and still live together, although there is no combat ability, but often can use the wing magic to help Nats catch up with the enemy or in the air war.

It is also possible to give some suggestions with Naz in battle, so he is an indispensable partner for Nazi in life or fighting. Often not to watch the statement or action of the atmosphere, although it is easy to bring joy, it is easy to cause addict.

But in the heart, I knew that Habie's real identity was a transcendee from another parallel world Azeroth.

Next, the instant uses magic to wake up all the magical fake "fire dragons" in the cabin.

After these girls wake up, Lucy explained the whole thing to explain the whole thing. Suddenly, I was afraid that I was afraid that the girls who were afraid of celebration were grateful and admirmed. The moment is surrounded.

Rao is an old driver that has been three second second yuan world, and it is also conceiving such many young girls.

It is difficult to finally get out of the past, and they will give them that they will take the ship to step on the frozen sea back to the home of Haru Meng Xiaocheng on the shore.

"So ... I am sorry," Sorry, "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" What?

This boat?

Wen Yanz is a glimpse, capturing the strange smile in front of the mouth, and suddenly there is a strong uneasiness.


Sure enough, suddenly the huge vessel at the foot of the people shaken.

I saw that the eyes of the eyes in front of my eyes were flashing, and there was an endless pupil.

Suddenly the huge merchant ship, it took directly from the frozen sea. Under the gravity of the

""this is?!"

"What is this magic ?!" "

Feel the huge merchant ship at your feet, it is out of the sky.

Naz Heart Shock

At the same time, the horror of the magic and means of the terror, and the stomach suddenly turned over the river.

"Vomit !!"

I only see Naz, I couldn't help but, the whole person smashed the boat on the side of the boat.

"Ha ha ha ha ... this is a boutique ..."

I saw Nazad's wolf, and the two of the two, Lucy next to it couldn't help but laugh.

The eyes quietly looked at the moment of laughter, and I just got away from the city, I have not found that this young handsome holy ten big guides are far more than that of themselves.

The sky is clarified in the sky, under the beautiful moonlight.

A huge vessel carries Lucy, the Too Just Safe of the Siwu, the dream of all the dreams of the magic world, riding the wind in the night sky, and gradually gradually gradually moved away from the unknown distant.

In this past year.

In addition to the Western Arbornes in the case of the Albarez Empire, the 1. The news that the hegemony of the world has been reached, only one news is sensationalizing the entire Iraqi Yingr's magic world.

That is, the super-s-level magistrates of the demon tailpar, not only returned from the spirit of Lingfeng Zhuoi, but also completed the most difficult in the magic world. There is no one hundred years. People can have a hundred years of tasks.

At a time, the name of the guild of the demon tail is not only to resounded throughout the Fira Kingdom, and it also spread throughout the Ying Yingrian continent.

But in general, there are not a few people know

Just in this town of Magnolia, the Kingdom of Fiore.

It's next to the city's demon tailpark, another guild created by the Ten major magist of the Tenth Magist, is situated on the street next door.

Bang !!!

The ribbon is huge, as if the entire Margonolia town is shaken.