Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 729

Vector manipulation?

I heard it, not just Gildarus, surrounded by all the magistrs, because everyone has never heard of this magic, even more unclear the concrete concept.

(The magic vector manipulation of the moment, is definitely more than one party 6)

Chapter 85 Attive Invitation (ask for reward and automatic)

But then, everyone will release it quickly.

In this magical magic world, the type of magic is not clear.

Don't say that lost magic, even how many kinds of common magic doctors, no magmaors can be clearly explained.

"Speaking ..."

See all the feelings of all, and the deep eyes of the moment have been interested in the second floor of the demon tailpark hall.

I saw Makarov short figure I didn't know when I had already appeared on the fence. "This magic is still under the coincidence." "From your son ... Ivanyi _ ... _" Supplement in your own heart.

However, when I first got the Dark Secretary of the Dark Secretary, I would like to collect the magic book of Ivan.

Open the content, then I can't help but be shocked. This is not the vector manipulation of the "Magic Board Directory".!

Beyond the "strongest" becomes "invincible", with the non-god body, arrive in God's collar 08 domain, as long as you have contacted your magic and things, you can freely manipulate the direction of all energy, etc.

That is to say, this magic can make adjustments, hunt, giving new states and nature, and kill ", as long as a little power can produce great destructive power.

For example, the power direction on the foot can directly fly to the sky, you can manipulate the flow of air, create a strong wind speed of one hundred and twenty-meter, can also generate a tornado behind him, and use the strength of the tornado to make Flight with a violent speed.

It can also be concentrated on the same point. After the air is compressed by an ultra-high compression ratio, it will become a high-temperature sphere with more than 10,000 degrees, and the "atom" in the surrounding air is "cation". " "" Electronics "to form a so-called plasma to form a super-magical kill.

Even the moment of moving this planet can take this planet to delay the rotation speed of this planet under the foot of the foot in an instant.

Of course, these are just a temporary and simple idea of ​​moment, in fact, as long as you have more time to drill through and excavate, it will absolutely make this magic out of the power of the gods.

"Walk away! I invite you to drink!"

At this time, the front of Gildalz directly hooked the neck of the moment, and the enthusiasm and heroic smile took him on the second floor of the demon tail hall.

There is a demon tailpark, only the S-level magma is eligible, and other members stopped.

"Ah! Uncle Gildar"! "

However, this time, the back of the moment, seeing Gildalz has completed the task back, and I am happy to be proud, "When is the ear come back! I have to go up with you!"

Iron boxing of the fire dragon!!

It seems that I saw the magical magic of Gildarus.

Fighting and blood in Nats are all excited.

I saw the Nats shouted, and the powerful red flame was sprayed from the hands, and the flames of the fire dragon rose the power in the hand and rushed to the Gildals pen next to the moment.

"It is Naz." When I watched myself, I was a lot of Naz, who was in my own and the brakes, and Gil Daston grinned, "You are still early !!" "


The voice falls, I saw Gildarz, and it was easily buckled to hit the Naz's wrist.

Another hand seems to be easily incomparable, directly bombards the entire foot of the foot directly.

"Or is it easy to kill!"

"After all, it is Gildars! It is more than 100 years earlier than him!"

Seeing the shunned Naz by Gildaas, it was so easy to kill, and all the magic tidiers in the whole guild lobby laughed, and even the moment, they couldn't help but smin.

"But the words" "" Looking at the gerdas of the sneak Nats, looking at the gildals in front of him.

Revelling, I have just a relaxed hand, I will take the super-level destroy magic of Gildals (smash).

Maccaro on the table, "Mr. Mr." is really terrible as the monster ... It's so easy to pick up Gilidas's magic _. ... "

"Can be evil! Hao pain!"

Until this time, I saw the Naz both hit into the floor in Gildaz, and climbed up from the floor.

"But ... drink it to the next mouth ... Gildarz" "Laughing at this small dealer caused by the ghost Nazi, at this time, the eyes of the façade appeared in the door of the guild lobby. Teenage lady

"There is also a special newcomer here today ..."

Newcomer 460? "When I heard the moment, this time (I Wu Dun's whole hall of the whole demon tail public hall is quiet, all of all the magistrates of all the magistrates fall into the beautiful girl of this golden long hair.

"As you can see, Lucy."

When you move to Lucy's face, there is an inexplicable smile on the face of Junxiu, "Here, you have always been forwarded to the guild's tail of the guild wants to join.

"But now ..." My Association is a one-one ... "I sincerely invite you to join _"

In the surrounding hall, the moment is slowly extended to the palm of his invitation.

The famous Star Wind Guas Rally Hatflia has a triple opening of the door to open the door of the Three Huangdao 12th Palace. Success summon the Star Lingwang Potential

Not only the appearance is beautiful and cute, but the character is really good and living, but also some belly, but also is also very interested in Luxi.

Because of the original intention of the creating a guild, it is to consider that Uriya, An Jiel, Zhuhong, Mita, these to fall into the magic, to change this for a strong magist guide who is not allowed to be a formal bright public party. The original development of the world.

Just asking a wave of rewards and monthly tickets

Chapter 86 New Members (seeking rewards and automatic)

The tail of the fairy.

Everyone in the whole hall suddenly quietly, almost made up the needle.


"Is there a guild?!"

I looked at my hand in front of myself, I was surprised to open my eyes.

"This one"

I saw the girl in front of the girl Lucy so surprised, and I had some embarrassment to pick up my nose.

"It seems ... It is necessary to fight the famous fair of the guild."

I remembered that I have created a guild to break, not only the number of people and Zhuhong and Brandad three, but also never have received any substantive tasks.