Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 730 of Hueding Crack System

So I dawn in the Kingdom of Fiore, not, accurately, there is no name throughout the Astrology World, of course, I don't deliberately pursue these so-called guild rankings and famous.

The tail of the fairy.

Everyone in the whole hall suddenly quietly, almost made up the needle.


"Is there a guild?!"

I looked at my hand in front of myself, I was surprised to open my eyes.

"This one"'

I saw the girl in front of the girl Lucy so surprised, and I had some embarrassment to pick up my nose.

"It seems that it is necessary to play a guild's name" "I remember that I have created a guild to break, not only my number and Zhuhong and Brandish three people, but also never received any substantive Task.

So I dawn in the Kingdom of Fiore, not, accurately, there is no name throughout the Astrology World, of course, I don't deliberately pursue these so-called guild rankings and famous. "What are you! At this moment, you have to grab it with us.

I saw that I was in front of their demon tail, I invited Lucy to join his own guild, and the Nazon next to him was blamed, "" Come with me! "

"So, Lucy, your choice is?"

I didn't pay attention to the jealousy Naz, I looked at Lucy in front of myself and gently picked the eyebrows.

"That one"

In the close attention of everyone, the girl Lucy deeply hessed some, and finally opened the eyes in everyone, "Although the tail of the fairy is the guild I have been yearning" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" " I look forward to thinking about the imagination "" Looking at the lively demon tailpark hall, the girl Luxi suddenly showed Yan smile, "But if you let Mr. I only have three people ... that is too pitiful ..." I choose ... ... Join Mr. Mr. "" Actually ... is because I look at my gugrags to join the sympathy. "

I heard Lucy's answer, and I was a bit helpless and smiled gently, but this little girl is really kind ...

"Join Mr. Mr. ..." "" Seeing Lucy made a choice, Mirajun laughed and said: "", "Although we have not become a companion but congratulations, you have become a companion in the moment. "" What! Ruth, you are our companion, L!

See Lucy's choice to join the façade, and the Natton next to it shouted and uncomfortable.

"Is Lucy! You even called my name!" "

I had a big "well" word on the forehead. Lucy directly gave Naz a stalks.

"So Xi West ... Now we are companions" "successfully accommodated the Star Winno Guoshi Lucy became a member of his guild, and the mood of the moment is obviously very good, and the radio is straight to the door. Lucy looked tick the finger. "Come with me _ ... I will take you to our guild to see"


It seems that some gamble Lucy is blocked (the king) that digs, Naz has a little complaining, and I have followed it from behind. "I also want to see what the public will look like" "except for Naz." There are still some curious magic guides in the demon tailpark, and they will go up.

With Lucy, there are Naz them behind, bypass Margonolia's long streets, and they finally came to an emperor, there were tens of hectares of luxury manors in the land area.

The upper door is on the top of the big day Release "Dawn" Dawn (Dawn) Association, and there is also a refined cross-star marker, is the guild's badge.

It is said that this is a magist guide, but it is better to say that this is a privately customized ultra-high-specific noble manor, which is directly shocked. All the people present, even if the rich business, the lady is no exception.

(New World, begging for a wave of rewards and monthly tickets)

Chapter 87 Breaking the Congress (seeking rewards and automatic)

When is the Mageena, when there is such a big guild?

Looking at the luxury in front of you like a palace.

At this time, I followed the moment and Lucy came over the demon tail tail.

"Why don't I know all at all," Of course, I can build a huge guild in the city of Magnolia's entire hunger Western architectural style.

In addition to the ability of the spirit of the moment to transfusion, the ability of the spiritual power to the very void, there is still less "rule the country" Brandish P powerful deformation magic.

Brandish directly broke all the buildings around the building, only given the dawn to successfully set out the area of ​​such a wide range of buildings, which is the most powerful and magical place.

"Can be evil!"

"Why do you have such a guild of such a few people! But it is much better than our demon tailpark." "

After being invited to go to the Break Dawn, a group has walked through the promenade with countless sprinkling pools, and finally entered the elegant hall of the palace. The big mouth of Naz was able to plug a pound.


"There is still a swimming pool!" 460

Seeing the distance in the distance, there is still a big swimming pool, and the girl is excited when Lu Ximon.

Although there is no kind of nature of the nature, it is also the daughter of Fiore, the daughter of the Daren, the Kingdom of Fiore, if the conditions are allowed, and she will naturally hope that she will be more comfortable.

"" Master! "

"At the moment! You are back!"

At this time, the two beautiful sounds sound at the same time.

A demon! Burn! Confusion, a lazy and indifferent, Herone is a beautiful swordsman Zhuhong, and a beautiful magist guide Brandish.

I saw two of them at this moment, wearing a swimwear at this moment, gradually climbed from the pool in the distance, revealing the amazing youthful vitality.

"She ... they are - a" two beautiful women who have come in the distance, and the eyes of Lucy.

"They are both Zhuhong and Brandish ... Di-Daw two companions............................................................... Refers to the Lucy around himself. "" She is Lucy, the new member of our guild. "

"You ... you are good" "" I am Lucy ... is a star spirit guide guide "" I saw the two colorful beauty in front of him, and the young girl Lucy seems to be a bit catric.

And from the body of the Zhuhong and Brandish, Lucy also felt a powerful momentum, which was just that she had just contacted the magic world.

"They are both strong." "" Newcomer ... "For the newcomers of the guild, the Zhuhai is full of satisfaction.

"Lucy ... I seem to have seen you ..."

The Brandish next to him saw Lucy, but suddenly produced a subtle intimate feeling, and the eyes of deep mooring suddenly gathered, and some of the girls showed the teenager before the eyes.

"Is there" Is there "

Brandish, which is powerful in front of you, is carefully taking carefully.

The forehead of Xi Bai Zhe, can not help but exude a layer of fine sweat beads and become a bit of Baba. "We should be the first time you meet ..." "Lucy! Your body How is more juicy! "" Observed the sweat that Lucy's incident on the moment, next to the blue kitten of Nats immediately called immediately.

"This is sweat! It's not juice !!" "I have lost the impulse of Habby's only talking kitten into the swimming pool, and Lucy's forehead suddenly took a" well "word Hunting it roared.

Seeing Naz and Habi's two three-dimensional confusion, it is also very embarrassed.

"What?" In the face of the and Brandus two powerful character, Naz is completely not cold, and the reach of the stretch, "I'm a girl in your guild ... "