Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 731 of Hueding Crack System

As a small fire dragon magist of the fire, the concept of the fire dragon Iguni, Naz This guy has never had a good and evil and strength.

"It seems" I heard Nadaz's unconsciously, this time Brandish suddenly looked at him, and he walked to his and Habi, and he got it as a result. "You seem to look at the female magic guide." Shi ... Little Ghost

Compared to "Empty Mountain New Rain, the Fire Dragon One-Millen Saturday" is concerned, the foot-on-heels body proud Brandish is obviously much higher than him.

"What are you doing?"

The nerve strip of Naz is completely don't know that his speech has been guilty of a girl, but it is not weak to look at Brandish.

Magic, shrink!!

In everyone shocked, it was shocked.

I saw that the magic of Brandis was gently launched, and the hand was random, and the Nats in front of her became a small stone.


The brownish finger is tightly.

I was smashed by her bullets in the distance of the pool.

"Wow !! Help !!"

It's hard to finally struggle from the water, and it is shrunk into a stone with a small size of Naz, in the swimming pool, wow, wow.

"Naz !!" "It's too late to take into account the shock of your own heart, I saw Habbaton, the sharp arrow was generally shot, from the swimming pool, the narrowed Naz grabbed.

"Good ... good" "" Looking at Naz, who was killed by Brandish.

Let's take a look at the appearance of yourself and pure and beautiful, but the gas field is strong as Brandish, the Queen of War, everything is a cold.

"This is ... My future companion?" As if it is a dream, look at Brandish, Zhuhong, there is a moment in front of him, and the girl is muttered.

(New World, begging for a wave of rewards and monthly tickets)

Chapter 88 First Task (ask for reward and automatic)

Since Lucy joined the fault of the moment.

The days are in this leisure time, and the day has passed again.

Until this day, Lucy dragged his tired body, followed by Zhuhong's body, the two returned to the Break Dawn

"We come back!"

Although the trip is in a hurry plus the expected battle in the task, Lucy feels that he seems to have a general.

But when I returned to this familiar guild, Lucy seems to be full of strength, and changed back to the beautiful girl who was lively jumping.

"You are coming back." What is the task is done ... "

I saw that the hall after the Dawn Gala will entered the door, the moment and the Brandish two unspeakable Xuan Wei's fault is in a luxurious and comfortable big sofa.

The lazy gently shakes a cup of bright red wine, see Lucy and Zhuhong return, the moment on the big sofa is gentle, "said ... _ This time is also our guild The first task? "

"Successfully completed" "When I walked into the two of Brahdi, Lucy couldn't help but have no image, and they sat on the big sofa around them, and they fill themselves. A large bottle of ice drink.

"This task is to entrust us to go to the Fuku, Oblo Dagong, get a book" Sunrise "book" "" Say "" That time, the Zhuhong next to it suddenly looked. "That Oblo Dagong is still a famous metamorphic maid control ... In order to sneak into the Dagong of the Oblo Dagong, the sacrifice is a maid.", One

"At the moment ... You didn't see the maid dress of Xiao Lucy _. ... _ really unfortunately,"

Wasu, Lucy, one

I heard the words of Zhuhong, the moment is a little expecting to raise their mouths, blonde maid, such a picture must be very beautiful.

"Don't mention it again, the dead state!"

I heard that Zishi once again mentioned the metamorphosis of the Russian, Lu Xi Dyno floated, followed by couldn't help but start with the moment and Brandish.

Through the passage of things and the difference between the original.

However, the protagonist of the story is replaced with Lucy and Zhuhong.

"It's hard to encounter an opportunity to show the charm of this lady."

Holding such an idea, in order to successfully diven the Funxi, the Funxi, who is resolved as a maid, to apply.

As a result, the wonderful aesthetic view of Robero Dafu is deeply shocked to the girl Lucy, and it is said that when Lucy is too ugly.

Then summon four lack of strange mothers, showing Lucy this is the standard of real beauty maid, Lucy only felt that she was taken into countless arrows, and the whole person's self-confidence was hit unprecedented.

After climbing out of the abyss of self-confidence, although the plan to be dressed as a maid, but the task remains. Lucy is planning to be secretly secretly

Snown into the big folk villa, steal the book of the sunrise.

As a result, the attack of the magician killer killed by the Fuki, the official of the Fufu, Robero, and even the master of the Magic Magic, and the secret sneak into the moment became an forced breakthrough.

Fortunately, in Lucy's teammates, the strength of the Swordsman, the strength of the Saint-China is almost the level of the holy ten, and it is easy to solve all the opponents, and the two girls have won the sunrise book.

Looking at the Lucy who constantly spit in front of him, the two people and Brandad have been silently sitting in the big sand and quietly laughing and listening to their two of the tasks.

Although things have been different from the memory of the moment, they have different depictions of Lucy, and it is a different feeling.

"So this task is like this _ ...,"

One breath and Bracea and Brandad have elaborate the task all things through, I saw Lucy's face aversion to the expression, "The Oblo Dagong is not only aesthetic, but also forced to imprison others, forced others. Let him write ((sufficient "this autobiography"

"But the words come back" _. ...

Revelling this mission, Zhuhong's super-strong swordsmanship and crushing all the enemy's strength, Lu Xion has a helpless color, "The strength of Zhuhong is too strong ... I don't have to take her at all. I solved all my opponents in an instant ... This is too bored. "" Don't close your face ... "

I saw Lucy's face and depressed, I saw Zhuhong, a light, light, a finger picking l, and touched her, "I just saw the opponent too excited ... Next time two Give you a "

"Okay! In order to celebrate Lucy and Zhuhong safe return

I am laughing at Lucy and Zhuhong in front of them, and I finally stood up from the big sofa. "" And we break the first mission successfully! At night, invites Naz and Ai Lusha Miraje to come here. Party celebration! "

Although the remuneration of hundreds of thousands J is equivalent to the air, after all, this time is the first task of his own guild and Lucy. For the moment, there is still a special meaning.

"Too good 7! Wonderful!" "

I heard the girls who have celebrated party dispatches, Lucy and Brandad, and the girls who have been happy and greedy.

"Mr. is there ?!"

At this time, I suddenly came out of a familiar voice outside of the temple of the public.

"This sound is ..."