Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 732 of Hueding Crack System

The four people in the guild, heard this voice, "" Ai Lusha ?! "

When I went back, I saw a latitude long-standing girl wearing a landmark, I walked into the hall of the guild where everyone was located, and it was the "Leprechaun Queen" Ai Lusa, which was separated by the Siwu Silica.

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Chapter 89 team invitation (seeking rewards and automatic)

"You are all in" "After walking into the main hall of the Kawk, I saw the moment, Brandish, Zhuhong and Lucy them all were all in the opening of the Ai La.

"What happened? Xiai Lusha?"

Seeing Ai Laha coming in, it was gently shaking the bright red wine in his hand, and he looked at her. "How is it happier to me today?"

"When I executed the task outside" "I saw that Ai Laha opened the mountain, and the face was a bit heavy." "I heard a very troublesome message."

"Just the president of Makarov and the local public meeting," "" "" "Although all things except the battle are particularly dull, it really encounters serious things" four or three ", Ai La is still It shows the style of "The Queen" of the "Fairy".

I saw that Ai Laha is looking at the moment. "So I ran to see you for your help in the moment ... I hope you can let Miss Braz or Miss Brandish team team with us _. ... Resolved this incident "

"Event?" Seems to capture the meaning of Ai Lusha, Lucy's face.

"It's a dark public name called Tiesen ... I don't know where they have got the legendary curse flute" cradle "..."

Ai Laha expression is a heavy explanation. "I unintentionally heard them in a pub. I actually wanted to start the cursed flute to launch the collective curse magic" LULLAB ... "coming to assassinate the routine The president of the conference of the meeting "" Dark Communist Party Tiezi ... "


The heart muttering a few key vocabulary said by Ai Lusha, and the moment finally reacted.

His memory in his memory, the tail guild of the inextrophily had such actions, just in an instant, I didn't think that Ai Lusha would come to break the help of seeking her help.

It seems that he is not light in Ai Laha's mind. If you think about thinking, your mouth is inexplicably.

"Did you deal with the darkness?"

I saw that Brandi was wrapped in the feather coat coat wrapped in her body. She stood up from the big sofa after the moment, looked at the Ai Laha, "Lucy and Zhuhong have just completed the task from the outside. ...... Just boring, let me go with you. ... "

Brandish ...

Feeling on the front of the Brandi, the huge magic of the abyss sea, Airewa, has been sure, if it is this woman, if this task is just to the extreme, "" No "" Who knows, just at this time , The arm of the moment suddenly blocked the Brandish and the Airewa two middle, "Little Brandish ... You hate it" "Mr.!"

I saw the move, Brandish, Ai Lusha, Lucy and Zhuhong them all the girls widened, "Are you ?!"

"Say ... Since Lucy joined the guild ... I haven't been exhausted for a long time," "

Heymather whispers, deep eyes of deep eyes flashing, precipitated in the mysterious magic of the Magnolia station in the blue blood red pupil.

There are travelers and pedestrians who are everywhere, as well as riped to the train to stop at the platform.


"Ai Lusa! Why is this guy with us !?"

Just see Nadz surprised, even his tongue L is spit, pointing at the moment of Ai Lar.


Ai Laha directly two crisp whiskers were on the head of him and Gray two people. He had a light smoke. "How can I call Mr. I" this guy "! It is a rude !!"

Hearing Nazi's styling of the moment, Ai Laha's forehead suddenly turned out a crossroad, squeezing a few words from his own teeth, "I want to call Mr. Mr. or the Spirit !! ""

" ..."

The Gray, who is around Nats, is unlimited, but it is not dare to scream, "Why do I have to play" "" Don't touch it ... Ai Lusha "" Seeing Naz and Gray The person was hurt by Ai Laha, and the moment had hungry my heart, and the arbitrarily put it a hand showing that it would not need to mind these details ... "

"But ... you have brought it through the gift ..."

But the moment is looking at the juggling of the mountain behind Ai Lisa, and the forehead is not hidden in a black line, "it is too exaggerated ..."

Round looks · Huangquan is good!!!

On the other hand, I opened the eyes of the gods of the gods in the air. I opened a dark space hole in the air, and I lost all the rites of the Ai Lusha, "" "" "" You first store it first. "" Thank you "'I saw the mysterious space magic to store all the rites all.

Ai Lusha has arrived on a thank you. Some envyed space channels that have been quietly closed in front of him, "Space Magic ... It is really convenient ..."

A group said that there was a laugh on the magical train, and the moment was sitting on the seat. Some curiously talked at the space in the car, saying that he was the world's transportation.

"But ... just a deal of a dark public meeting."

Look at 3.6 to sit on his opposite, Gray is a bit confused, "Is it necessary to ask the Holy Ten Exagoes? A Lusa ..."

"Don't look at the Tie Sen of the Tie". This name is going to hear it ... "

"Death" Avery ... Naz and Gray both secretly nodded, obviously have heard of this name, only to kill the powerful magist of mission.

Is it a "death"? "

"Death" Bradman.

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Chapter 90 is destroyed (seeking reward and automatic)

"What kind of action is we doing this time?" On the train, Gray looked opposite the opposite and the flash sat together.

"Into the guilds of Tiesen, destroy the curse." Ai Lusha learned, the demon queen's style of disease.

"I am working with me." I heard the Ai Laha's plan, Gray light glanced deeply a moment of sitting next to her, and his mouth suddenly revealed a touchless smile.

The magic train is advanced, except for a teenager who smashed the vomiting of the window, everything appeared in an orderly.

Magist guild, iron Sen.

Depressed in the deep forest, sitting on a pile of abandoned clock tower.

Everything looks like that is like, here is the dark public will Iron, and it is still a regular bright public consecutive in six years.

However, due to the long-term acceptance of the 108 service delegation, many times have been warned by the Magic Comments, but between the light and money, Tiesen still chose to close to the money, so she has achieved today's dark public ball Sen.

"Which guild is in the bar's red-haired armor

"do not know.""

"It's a beautiful woman, it is evil, if you have it to take it to the mountain."

"Don't think, you have no hope."