Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 733 of Hueding Crack System

In Tiesen, several of the magic talents who were listened to the curse in the Pub before, and were talking about the sky.

"Can Kahama have not come back?"

Dragning a long sharp sickle, "Death" Away Gall gradually came to all members of Tiesen.

"Should be on the road." The following Iron Sen Magistrar is truly, "But if you want to relieve the seal, it should be not so fast."

"It is best not to drag the pull, now it is a chance of chance." "

A silver-gray fluffy hair, red} barely walked a black cloak, the body was coated with a weird tattoo, "Death" Away Gaool is smile, "l Taking all the old men to run all Go to the presentation of the book. ""


Just "Death" Avery Gol's face has not scattered, suddenly solidified there.

Suddenly, there is a huge sound, and the entire iron Sen Congress seems to have natural disasters that have seen.

A vitious voice is like a flood beast, and the speed of speed is strong. It doesn't even let them react, and the "Death" Avei Gord is all in front of a group of iron. Bombard out.

The whole of the entire iron Senfen Congress of the Tie's Sen Congress was bombarded, revealing the outer clarified night sky and the moonlight, all of all things were bent into distorted shapes by this huge repulsion, forming a curved aisle.

"Cough ... cough". ... "I am evil" "" "" " Iron in the blood

The Sen Dealemma, and the publication of the ruins of the ruins of the ruins, "what happened ..."

"It's really not very understanding."

"Why do you always like this vitious style ...

The distracted voice sounded, and the diffuse dust is like a few figures.

"Too ... too exaggerated." "Just waving ... I have caused this destructive power.

Walking around in the moment, I saw it in my own eyes, I just gave a lot of money, I turned the dark public in front of him into such a ruin. Gray can't help but swallow his mouth} water, "this is ...... Is the strength of the Ten Ten ... "

"It is completely destroyed ... Is it my illusion?" Looking at the scream and mourning in the front of the iron museum, Ai Laha is secretly surprised, "" The moment seems to become more stronger than a year " "" Who are you ?! "

"I actually made our guild to this look !?"

The angry roaring sounded, I saw a weird man with a sharp sickle with a sharp sickle, with a group of magic guys who had a group of dark monsters from the ruins.

It seems that there is a storm wrap on the body, it is the strongest man of the Tiesen Congress, "Away Girl

"Where is the curse?"

It seems that I haven't heard that "Death" Avery Gol "} is anger, and the sharp looks at the very sharp looks at him. I didn't go to see him behind him. That group of black. Magnille.

"Regular bright public mage ?!"

I feel that I seem to be in front of this handsome young man in front of him.

Feeling that you are in the eyes of the moment, "Death" Avery Galler distorted self-esteem, "" "The dead bastard !!"

Storm shock!

The magic of the wind is full, and I saw the Avery Galler overlap in her own body.

In an instant, four people in front of them released countless fierce wind blades, cutting the air exuded sharp whistling sound.

Vector · absolutely control!

In the face of the countless fierce wind blade in front of the air in front of the air, I saw a foot on the ground.

When Away Gord's puponon is like the dead, it is generally spread, and everyone sees a huge magic array in the entire earth in front of them.


It seems that the millennium volcano has an outbreak outbreak.

I saw the entire earth in front of them in front of them, and I suddenly broke out the huge energy light column from the sky, and suddenly, unlimited diffusion put the iron Sen Congress all people.

Avery Gol lost his consciousness in an instant. When he finally woke up and struggled to open his eyes, it was presented in front of his eyes. He is a black shoe.

Finally, I will ask you once, where the curse is worship, (new world, begging for a wave of rewards and monthly tickets) Chapter 91 Destroying the guild (seeking rewards and automatic) Once the magic tiger guild.

Now, I used to make a smoky air, almost even a broken rubble never left.

All the Dark Magins all have the same moment, which has become the past, all of which have become the undead of the past.

A moment


The whole iron is all disappeared ... "

Everything that happened in the mind, the dark public will not see the dark public will be in front of him, and the rear of Gray can not help but seep it out of a layer of intensive cold sweat. "

What is this magic?


Every suddenly did all of them. "

The fire dragon next to it seems to be like an idiot, and the stretched Zhang Da has no mouth} Bar is half a day.

Although human beings are difficult to notice, living in this planet, the land under the foot is not a moment of energy exercise.

The magic just now is actually very simple, it is just "


The essence of things, and then uses a lost magic one vector manipulation to change the direction of the earth.

All of them hit in a direction movement and broke out, so it has formed a magical magic that is so powerful.

The essence of this magic is to perfectly control the direction of all energy movements, and form a force far beyond the human limit.

If you are willing, you can even hold an explosive atomic bomb, then through the vector manipulation of magic to change the direction of all energy sports, and achieve no injury.

So, when I saw the vector manipulation of this magic, this is a magic that has the potential to achieve the power of the slaughter.

How can I ... "


How can it be strong to this copy ... Who are you?


After the body finally recovered some perception, I looked at my own guild to evaporate in a moment.

Take your strength looks at the moment to stand in front of you, "

grim Reaper"

Avery Gol's dead eyes are full of unable to believe and feel mad.

Compared to the Albarez Empire Guardian Twelve Shield "

grim Reaper"

Bu 15. "

The blue blood of the blue blood is looking down at your feet. "

grim Reaper"

The unbelievable look on the Avery Gol Face.

In the moment of my mind, I couldn't help but I have been killed by myself.

grim Reaper"

Bradman, the strength is obviously better than in front of this iron Sen "

grim Reaper"

Away Gol

you this"

grim Reaper"

But it seems that it is not very qualified to die. "