Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 734 of Hueding Crack System

Who is that?

Avery Gol is intimate, but reality has not allowed him to react, because he found that his eyes have begun to change.

"I have no patience."

Looking at my feet, "Death" Away Gord final struggle, the moment has been completely lost, "then take your soul directly ... then read your memory.

"Do you think I will be like this ?!" "

Feel the murderous murder in the eyes of the eyes in front of him.

I saw the Avery Gherr in the ground mad, and the magic of the body was mad riots.

"Don't underestimate the Dark Magist"! Bastan !! ""

Storm !!

There are countless storms in the air.

I saw that Avery Grog instantly made a layer of blizzard in the body. It can also play the destructive power of his body strength while carrying defense.

Wind wall !!

It seems that I have already prepared.

I saw that Avery Gall launched the moment of stormy wind, and suddenly the land of the four feet, suddenly fell out of a violent tornado, which brought everyone in this speed of storm.

"This is a wind speed combined with all tornadoes. In addition to I can't come out except for me, it will be struggled by strong winds." "

With his storm, I saw that Avery Gaol began to gradually integrate into the surrounding storm, "You will give me a good stay! I have to get the curse Canglara worship!"

"I can evil! Never let him get the curse Fanglarat!"

I saw that Avery Gall seems to have to escape, Nazton is anxious, but it finds that she can't rush out of the surrounding storm.

l "," is not a level of one.

"The guy ... is really horrible ..."

After using a stormy wind, it is taken out from his own storm.

Away's only thought in the heart is to escape. He is evaporated by his magic in an instant. The strength of the moment has left him too profound fear.


Just in the event of Away Gherdow turned to escape, suddenly his movement of his moves.

I saw that a violent tenth day of the void suddenly bloomed, and Avery Gair was unable to believe in his eyes.

The low head looks at the thunderous rays that have been penetrated from his chest, and the eyes gradually lost the light of life. <(Zhao Zhao Zhao) BR /> Tour Tourism !!!

At this moment, Ali Girl used a stormy barrier that made the magic of his own wind, lost the support of Away Gol's magic, and began to gradually calm down.

I saw the blue white mad thunder in front of the crowd, and the moment was also dissipated. It also stood back the index finger in him, quietly focused on the front of Away, Avery Golization, a cold body fell. on the ground

Until this time, Nats and Gray next to them reacted them.

"At the moment ... You kill him." "Seeing the moment, the strongest male" Death "of the Dark Communist Head of Tiehui, I only saw it next to the Ai Laha, which is a bit. Get up, "l But the drop of the curse Foldfala worship has not found" "

Chapter 92 Devil Reproduction (seeking rewards and automatic)

"No ..." Because the curse Flutela is worship ... Someone has sent us ... "

I heard the hesitation of Ilisha, I didn't think about it. At this time, he had a profit of the sharp eyes, and he turned to the shadow of the dead wood wood.

As if he was as if it was suddenly poured from a pot of ice water from a pot of ice water.

Feeling the sharp eyes of the moment, hiding in the shadow of the dead wood forest, the heart is shocked, I feel that my whole person seems to have the soul of the soul, I don't want to immediately Turned and rushed.

It's hard to crack the seal of the curse, with the curse Foldfara back to his guild, but also witnessed the entire iron Sensen's picture in front of the man in front of him.

"And there is Avery Gall" "" So strong guys can't even do it in front of him ... it is terrible "

It is crazy to fly in the dead wood wood, and the mind is not from independent, I have just been killed by the Thunder's pillar of 777 "Death" Away.

Kahaia hibly grasped the curse Canglara, at this moment, only hate the mother to give him two legs, and the horrible guys who were afraid that the horrible guys behind will catch up.

Round looks · Vientiane Tianxiang !!!

Just at this time.

The Kahamaa, who was that the dead wood forest flew, but suddenly stagnant at this moment.

Just feel that a powerful gravitation instantly left all his body, and the giant that could not resist him suddenly flew down to the guild in the far-reaching guild destroyed.

"Do not!!!""

Feeling that your body can't resist this huge gravitation, Kahaia horse is desperate.


When Kahama returned to God, found that the neck was tight, he was already held by the young magma, and the neck is raised in the air.

"You ... Who are you ?!"

The eyes of the eyes are horrible to look at the face of handsome in front of them.

Kahama's breathing is difficult, and difficult to squeeze a few words in the moment of the steel iron bones.

"The task is completed ..."

"It seems that the curse". "" "" Just in your hand

I saw a flash of Kahama hitting the whole person, gotting on a mysterious flute of Kahama.

It seems that I don't know what material is made, the top of this curse Fanglara is a skeleton with three eyes, as if she has a different magic.

Sure enough, "Is it a curse of Fanglarat worse?" "I heard the purpose of the moment is for the curse of the curse in his hand, Ka deliamaton time to bite.

Wide shadow!!

I saw the magic of the special image of Kahamama.

Suddenly, on the ground around the body, suddenly began to spread countless huge shadow giant snakes, and went towards the middle.

"Be careful! Heart!",

I saw a sudden rigid assault Kahama, next to Ai Laha saw this scene suddenly shocked.