Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 735 of Hueding Crack System


Only if Ai Lusa is speaking, he just said.

I saw that Kahama Matton, which was lifted in the hands of the moment, made a group of smashing ice retainings, Sanshi fell on the surrounding ground.

The huge shadow (AIDC) snake coming next to all spreads is all dissipated. Whether it is foresee of the future God, listening to the top of the world's voice.

They all gave the moment to first in advance, in advance, the intention of Kahama, immediately frozen his entire man in a moment of the magic.

"Too ... too strong ..."

"Even the opponent's mind is seen in a moment.". ...

Next to you find yourself, you can't do it, you can't do it, and you will witness the whole process of the moment. It is usually destroyed by the absolute overwhelming power. It usually destroys the whole dark public will Iron, secretly knocked it. Word.

" ... ..."

"It's a group of waste ... all the magic tidiers who are not used" "" Just when the Nazigray and the Ai Lusha heart shocked this absolute overwhelming force.

At this time, I dropped the curse of the curse, and there was a series of surprising sounds in the mouth of the ancient skeleton, and I have begun to gradually emerged in a dark smoke.

"The flute actually talks ?!" Naz's Zhang Danedi is old.

"And smoke!" "The blue kitten next to it is also, I stayed.

"I can't stand it." "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" " Unpaired monster devil.

Three dark eyes, the whole body is like a withered quirky tree, a pair of distorted chair, the whole body is constantly emitting a evil spirits

Interest "monster!"

"There is a monster in the flute!"

I saw a huge monster devil who appeared in front of him, Naz and Habie simultaneously pressed his cheeks both hands, and Zhang Daizu L Bab is shocked.

"Demon La La's real body ..." "

Looking at the front of the curse, the Canglalar is a huge monster devil. The whole body reveals an ominous destruction of the breath. There is no change in the pain of the moment. Only the eyes of the eyes are deep, "" Is a __. ... The devil in the book of Jelf _. ... "

"}"} "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "

Between speaking, I saw the huge monster of the eyes, and I opened my own bloodshot, and I started to condense the magic of death.

"It is a song of curse!" The Naz and Hapka next to the moment have a herd of her ear.

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"Useless fool!"

"My curse magic can penetrate the human brain! I will kill you all!"

Seeing the foot of Naz and Habby, a cat's stupid move, huge monster demon laddon, tauntful roaring.


As next to the Ai Lusha, the powerful battle nerves let her immediately react, "" Dressing · Tianlun's L!

"With Ai Lusha launches the dressing magic of yourself, there is a crisp metal cyumny in the air.

I saw that Ai Laha's body appeared in the sky, and there was a huge wings for four steels behind.

There were two sharp knight swords in his hand, and there was an angel's small steel wings on both sides of the red long hair. The whole person looked like a female Wushen is generally unavoidable!

When I first came to this world, I first saw her appearance, and my eyes were full of fighting will never be defeated.

"All give me death !!"

Just a moment in Emuha.

The curse magic instantly agglomerates, the huge monster devil pulls the bloody, and the curse is sent out.

However, just at this time.

Everyone suddenly felt a thousand throat, as if all the water in the air was taken away.

In a moment, it seems that everyone's thinking is stagnant.

I saw a flash of fire red and long knives that were purely symbolized, from the moment of the moment, as if Changhong Cheng is generally waved

It seems like a destruction of the ruins of the wilderness. The moment is like a sword, and the knife is tangible. The flying is annihilated.

There is no second color between the whole world in front of the people, and the eyes are only in the moment, this wipe is that there is no end.

Dragon is firefully, heaven and earth!!!

Rumble! A sound from the original squeezing sound.

I saw that this is the same as the name of this trick, as if the whole world of the trick is ash.

A thousand five million horror bursts instantly outbreak, and the destruction of the knife in front of him is all all all clear, evaporated.

What is the devil's demon, all of which have become a virtual past.

"Just ..." "What is" "An endless fire red super long knife finally dissipated.

Naz, Gray, Ai Lusha, there is also a Habi, three people look at the neutral black gully lunar on the earth, as if they come to hell abyss.

"The whole ground ... is not ... is cut throughout the world"

The moment will be exhausted after the entire heavens and the earth are exhausted.

Ai Laha and Naz are looking forward, I saw the entire land where I was in front of my eyes, I was completely burned into two halves, and I was burned out of black traces.

Looking up, look up to the top of the blue sky

Empty and bending, it was suddenly blotted with a dark crack, as if it was a whole sky, it was burned and covered, and there was a non-abrasive day.

"This is" "" "His Sword" "

Ai Laha is staring at the flow blade that appears in the hands of the moment, but it is only for a long time.

As the strongest swordsman and near-war guides of the demon tail, she can't imagine that there is such a sword.