Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 736 of Hueding Crack System

"Let's go" "If you use the flow blade, if the sword will kill the huge monster, drag, and kill the ashes.

It seems to be just a simple thing to drink water, and the moment is thrown back to the king's treasure, and the opening calls back the thoughts of the three people in front of him.

"Don't look at me _" "Looking at the front of Naz and Ai Lusha as if it looks like a monster.

The moment is nothing to shoot, "how to say that I am also the" Treatment of the Dark Congress and Devils to work "

"Magic, sword, fight, what is he won't?

I saw that Gray smiled and swayed her head. He found that he didn't think about it. This seems to be a young youth that is like Lusa. What kind of fear J festival is still hidden.

"Ai Lusha is really a terrible decision to invite you."

Among this mission, just a moment of instant homes, the dark public will be completely crushed, and even the Demon of Jereff, the martial arts, and the smile of Gray is more obvious.

"We didn't have a chance and necessary,"

"But no matter what to say" "Packed up the strange emotions and shocking in your heart," I still have to thank you very much ... I am in routine meeting, they all keep it. ... "" It's just a small thing. "" Facing the hometown of Ai Lusa sincerely, the moment is only smiling and sang, "Even if you don't have me _. ... I believe you can absolutely rush to them ..." "mouth black ! "

At the moment, the guest consumption and uncomfortable, it seems to be encouraged by the hot jumped Naz, I saw him smiling alone, "l is right! Even if you are not! We can also Tell the iron from the iron and the devil pull! ""


Responding to him, it is a violent five, and it is!

"You are too rude! Naz!"

I saw a huge crossroads on the forehead of Ai Laha.

Although it is the invincible female Wushen warrior, the battle is always above everything, but I don't know what is, in front of the moment, she always hopes that she can keep the lady in front of her.

About this, perhaps even I have never missed it.

Successfully solved the Dark Gongshi Sen, smashing them using the curse Fanglarat to launch the collective curse mantra, and the other four people and one cat took the magic train back to Margnolia.

(New World, begging for a wave of rewards and monthly tickets)

Chapter 94 arrests the Airewa (seeking rewards and automatic)


This Ning L quiet and peaceful magic town, today looks particularly lively.

I saw the door of the demon tailpark, which was surrounded by dense Ma Ma, and the Nazi and Ai Lusha were surrounded by the middle. "!! Today I must defeat you!"

The central Naz, the whole body wrapped around the red dragon flame, and the burning stared at the Emperi Lusa.

"Henders! Let me see how much you have improved!" "

In order to deal with the fire of the fire in front of Naz's fire, I saw that Emperor's special use of the fire-resistant Feng Emperor Baokai.

A stocked long hair turns into a double-hard style, and his hands holding the sword blade that looks like a woman who is inviolable.

"Ai Lusha's guy is actually serious, it seems that this winning is divided."

It seems that I seem to be truthful today, and all onlookers around the demon tail began started.

I even opened the gambling mouth of the gambling, but unfortunately, even the loyal partner of Naz was not optimistic, I ran to Kana to buy Ai Lusha, and see the people next to it. A despised spit, "" It's a cold-blooded cat! "

Seeing that today, this demon tailpark "Fire Dragon" Naz and "Fairy Queen" Auca's duel will begin to carry out the real peak.

Hey !!!

Just at this time.

He suddenly sounded a knocking voice.

The two of the two people have been forced to stop in the hands of Naz and Ai Lusha.

Not only Naz and Ai Lusha, all people have returned their heads, some dissatisfied with the direction of the voice, I want to see the culprit of this wonderful duel.

I saw people who were not in the eyes of the people, and the slow and sleepless.

It is actually a black review costume, wearing a tall hat on the head, long as a frog, a strange guy.

The frog people have gradually gone from the crowd, and the eyes and tone have a unique ignition, "everyone, I don't move, I am the Magic Commentary."

"Magic Commentary Makes ?!" "

"How can people appear here today? L

I heard the coming of the Magic Commentary, everyone is strange, how the Magic Commentary will come to Margnoria.

I saw the frog man of the magic commelice, did not pay attention to everyone curious attention, but straight to the Espea, "Magic Repayer decided ..." The crime of being suspected of damage to the previous day a few incidents And other eleven sinful suspects "" Ai Lusha Shukareto was arrested.


The messenger who heard the Magic Auditor was to arrest your companion Ai Lusha, everyone is shocked.

In particular, the character is hot, but also to rush it directly.

Dead pressing on the ground.

"Well! I will go back to you!"

In addition to their several impulsive bagles in the field.

Ai Laha and Makarov have long seen this magic speaker arresting that she is just a form, otherwise it will not only bring such a few magic speakers.

So very fast, Ai Lusa directly agreed to arrest himself back.

"What is it ?! Let me go soon !!"

"Do you want to watch Ai Laha ?!" "

I watched the arrest of the Magic's commentary by the messenger of the magic review, gradually disappeared in his own sight, and the Naz, who was pressed by Macaro Ca in a huge fist, couldn't help but .

In Makarov and all the demon tail talents surprised, I saw angry Naz actually broke from Makarov's huge fist, and the whole body was blown out.


I saw it from Makarov's huge fist, and the violent Naz seems to have suddenly think of what ...

Recalling that you said that you are the identity of the speaker of the Magic Review, "" "" "I went to the moment! He is also the speaker of the Magic Review! He must save Ei Laha to save come out!!""

Pick! Naz !! "

I saw the position of Naz trails toward the Dawn Congress and rushed along the way. It didn't live in Laugu, and Macalov suddenly sighed.