Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 737 of Hueding Crack System

"If it is the guy ..." You should never be impulsive as Nats, watching Naz has disappeared in the end of the street, Makarov has some uneasy self-speaking self-speaking.


"Ai Laha is arrested by the Magic Review House?"

In the big palace of the guild, it was a little surprised to look at the anxiety of Naz.

After returning to God, I suddenly remembered that there was such a bridge in the original, I didn't expect to kill the dark public will be the Sen, the plot is still here.

"Fay, save Elua! Heart!"

Just see Naz Emotional excitement glance in front of him} Japan's own moment, "You are a president of the Ten Tie and the Magic Review House! You can save Elua to save!"

"That ... you should not be so excited to be so excited ..." Looking at the emotionally exciting Naz, I feel very funny while I feel this kind of companion, "" First of all this is not you The imagination is so serious ... this Magic review of the Magic Auditor's arrests ... Just simply take a traveler and form "

"Second ... Makarov is also a holy ten and magic speakers ... he will never stand by ..."

When I heard the moment, I finally calm down, and I looked at the faint eyes of the blue blood in front of myself. "Moreover ... I stayed in the Magic Auditor" "" Will I will let Ai Lusha have any Unexpected ... "(New World, begging a wave of rewards and monthly tickets)

Chapter 95's Inhabible Intervention (seeking rewards and automatic)

Magic Review House, Fira Kingdom Division.

Unlike headquarters, the Magic Review of the Magic Audition appeared to be extravague in the Diore Kingdom.

I saw a huge building in the chaos beach, and there were two huge magnificent buildings to float in the air using the principles of magic.

Under the way of the Magic Comments Mecessor, Airewa hands symbolizes, two people walk in a long corridor.

Just at this time.

Ai Laha suddenly became a changing, and suddenly stopped his footsteps, under the huge pillars of the emperor's corridor, it was in the face of her very nervous.

"Zik Reein!" After seeing this young appearance in front of you, the expression on the face of Aiu has an unprecedented nervous.

When I was a child, I was bonded by the Black Magic Team, and Gerald's experience in the Tower of Paradise, her dreams that she never forgetful.

"I haven't seen you for a long time, Ai Laha." "

Blue fragments, handsome face, black tattoo is Zeckrein, one of the holy ten and magic speakers.

I saw that Qikre smiled from the mouth of the mouth, "I don't have to be so nervous, this is just my thoughts."

"The old men behind this door, all are also a thoughts."

Ignore the Magic Compass of the Best of the Body of the Ai Lusha, Zikre's heart is slightly forth, "" We can't come over for such a small thing. " "

"It turns out that it is a boring trick. All this is your ghost!" Then, Ai Laha has reacted it, and his eyesight looked at Ziksore in front of him.

"You are too hurting my heart, but I have said a lot of good words for your fairy tail." "

At all, I didn't have a glimpse of the enemy, Zikre smiled. "" However, those old man fear responsibility problems will pursue themselves, so they have to find a replacement of lambs to put all the responsibility. It is you. ""

"Shut up." Ai Laha is cool and cold.

"It doesn't matter, it will see you before the trial." Faced with Lushafulness, I saw Qi Kle shrugged because it doesn't matter, "" "That is to remind you, don't tell" that thing "to tell those old men. This is for us to everyone. "


I heard Zik Reehen's threat, Airewa's mind couldn't help but remember the time of the paradise, it couldn't help but not natural tremble.

"That thing? What is it?" "

At this time, suddenly a calm voice passed into their ears, "I am also very interest to think about it, Zikre is the reviewer."

Suddenly heard this voice, Zikre suddenly changed to the face of the evil smile, it began to get extra ugly.

The death ... how this guy is here "even if it is a musical body, Zik Reehen's body still can't help it gently, the supersound

Tight the fists in your hands. It's hard to go to this step ... I hope he will not affect my plan "" ?! "and Qi Krectone, heard the familiar voice, Ei Lisa suddenly lit up, turbulent in the heart suddenly Stabilized.

Everyone went back, I saw the other huge pillar next to it. I didn't know when I had a slender figure, and a black coat fell on a white long hair.

Under the light of the sunset, Jun Xiu's face is dotted with a pair of blue blood, and the whole person seems to be like a beautiful poem. Who is it?

"How come you here?" "" "Seeing the moment, it will suddenly appear at this time, and the original nervous look of the original nervous look at this time.

"I am also one of the magic president, have you forgot?" Seeing the feelings of Ai Laha's face, it couldn't help it, "and this is just my thoughts, my body is dawning. In the guild. "

"Exercise, the speech of others, is not polite behavior."

At this time, Zikha next to Lusha is deeply looked at the sudden appearance of the sudden appearance. In the entire magic review house, only this guy is the only avoided "existence.

"Ai Lusha is my friend, no one in this world can make my friend a replacement of lambs."

In the face of Qikre's taboo, the mouth of the moment gradually raised a disdainful radians, "The trial will begin immediately. If you don't leave, I don't mind using this thoughts to teach you how to be people. "


I have heard the moment that the naked threat is so naked, and I have never felt that someone reveals such a disdainful attitude, and the deep evil eyes flashed.

But soon by his reason, he was strong, because his heart was very clear, the monster of this monster was absolutely not a simple "Holy Ten" name.

It is possible to destroy the capital of the Albarez Empire of the West Turnd, and the "rule of the country" Brandish P, which is definitely not what he can fight now.

"Hey ..."

"The trial will be immediately started ... I think you can be ready to go in ..."

There is no skeptical in the moment, and the ability to kill their own ability. After Qikre, after the throwing sentence, it entered the trial court.

"Don't worry, Xiao Musa."

In the face of the trial of the Magic Review, it can be seen from the inner heart of Ai Laha.

At the moment, I smiled and smiled and took her me. I took my hand directly to the shackles in her hand. The mouth showed gentleness, confident and smile. "" I won't let anyone hurt you, even if it is A hair. "

"Well." Seeing the gentle smile on the flash, the Ai Laha heart is warm, I nodded hard, and the door of this trial court seems to be found.

Not so terrible.

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Chapter 96 Suspension (seeking rewards and automatic)