Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 738 of Hueding Crack System

Magic Review.

"The magic guide trial is about to open."

The solemn and solemn Magic Trial Court trial court, with a black high hat, the messenger of the black high hat stood in front of all the magic speakers, and the high-ascensic book Xuka, "The defendant Ai Lusha Shukaro, the endorsement table. "

Airewa gently embarked on a prominent station, and the nine magic speakers sitting on the upper side of the trial seats and the eyes of a magical reviewer were in the heart.

But after a glance, I saw the Yunxiu Youth of the Silver Bai, the Silver Diagnosis of the Gao Taiwan Trial Pan, and the inner heart of Ai Lusha finally relaxed.

"The defendant Ai Laha Shukaro, in the first few guild mission, you have part of the O'Nebas Auto Show, destroying the iron bridge of the Wuxi Canyon, destroying all the rooms in Cromba ... The suspicion of these destroyed behaviors above. ""

Magic Commercial Crawford Him, sitting on the highest seat, quietly announced all the crimes of Airewa.

"According to the witness ... The prisoner is a female magician who is wearing a helmet ..." Although this some of them is indeed the destruction of the Ai Laha to perform the defect of the tail, but more still is still the magic review of the House in order to get rid of Responsibility and symbolic application of the crime of her body.

Standing on the promise station silently listening to all the so-called crimes of the Magic Review House, although this is just a form and the extension, the inner heart of Ai Laha still has some waves.

"Let's go here."

At this time, a calm voice suddenly broke all the crimes in front of the frog people, and it appeared in this empty trial court.

"? ?!"

For a while, all the eyes of all the people in the whole trial are all surprised to the moment of the judge next to the judge.

"I announced all the above about the crime of Ai Lusha Schulura ... Heart" ... ",

In the eyes of all people surprised, I saw that the face was calm and continued. "All is not established."

The sound of the moment, suddenly a stone aroused a thousand waves, and immediately pushed the atmosphere of the entire magic review of the Audition in the same height.


"Mr. you in the moment ?!"

Even the highest seats on the magic reviewer Crawford Him, also excitedly trembled with his white beard, and looked very surprised to see him.

"Ai Laha Schuculato is my friend ..."

In the face of everyone's amazing eyes, the face is often, calmly telling an indiscriminate fact, "I can prove that these crimes, all all all unrelated to her."

"Hehe ..."

I saw Zikrein, who was sitting next to the seat, couldn't help but laugh, ". ,, you shouldn't be a joke, or say that you think that you can only rely on you. · Shukkalo so much crime? "

"Yeah, Mr. I'm."

Seeing an instant to ignore all of their trial officers, I would like to directly let Ai Lusha suddenly. At this time, I can't help but persuade these Mikaro and Ou Ge in the next seat.

"Although you are unfoubted, this is not too much to be too abhorrent.!",

"The same, I don't want to repeat the second time." "

In the face of all the surrounding programs, the moment is unfained to be gently pulled. "I announced that Ai Lusha Shukkaro is not guilty. If anyone else has any objection, now you can mention it on the spot. "

While talking about this sentence, the air fields of the shocking pounds that came with the stubborn in the moment were directly coming, and the sharpness of the sword is like a sword, and I suddenly swept the cheeks of all the magic reputants present.

If these are only in the old things that have indented, they don't give themselves, so there is no tolerance, and they will play this game called "Magic Comments".

"I saw the frog people who were standing before the seat of the seats. Directly turned directly to the unsightly domineering shock of the moment.

This monster ...

Among the trial courts of the entire magic review, everyone was immersed in the moment of shocking talents in the moment.

The eyes are turned out to be crazy, only feeling at this moment, and they will not be able to control themselves.

It seems that as long as you are in front of the whole elegant and quiet sitting on the judge, just gently move his fingers, you can immediately put all the people in place to land.

This is that after the three seconds of the world, the unstead of unsteady, the air field created, and the vertical and horizontal eyes are unable to resist.

"""and so"

Seeing all the magic speakers in their own tartles trembled under their talents, the untestable mouth is awkward. "" Do you have any opinions? "

"Suspension! Ai Lusha Schuculato is not guilty in court!"

I saw the magic reviewer of the highest trial population Crawford Him and heard the moment.

Suddenly, I immediately touched the electricity. The conditions reflected in the same hand, and the big (Zhao Qian) announced the unnowlvered release of Airewa.

Seeing the peerless power of the moment, he will not have the strongest battle of the Iraqi Yingr continent for a magician of a demon tail public.


This guy "saw that Ai Lisa was directly released by the court, and felt the unparalleled pressure out of the moment of thoughts, Zikray took the fist under his judge because of death.

This is the absolute suppression of strength, facing a magician who can sweep the twelve shields of the Arbarez Empire of the West Turnd, no one dares to say what he said.

Even if you even have a quicklein, you don't dare to speak in this time, you will go to the mildew in this time (the new world, beg for a wave of rewards and monthly tickets)

Chapter 97 Hades' invitation (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Let's go, Xiao Musa." "

The trial of the Magic Commentation will have a spread.

At the moment, I took a shocking Ai Laha, and the two passed through long solemn and walked to the promenade, and the Qik Reese of the noodles that had been colored.


All the way to the moment, secretly looked up a lot of perfect sides.

Ai Laha found that his inner heart was suddenly filled with an unprecedented inexplicable happiness, and the heroic cheeks actually started a strange red lotus.

"At the moment, do you mind talk to me two?"

In the moment, the two of the two people walked to the front of the promenade, but suddenly sounded a demon lucid.

At the moment, the two of the two people went back, I saw a black long hair coated with blood red and reddish white and clothes, who was on the wall next to it, and called the brakes.

It is one of the speakers of the Magic Review. The real identity is the Dark Congress of the Palam League "" Devil's, Heart "780 Purgatory Seven Wizards of the Supreme Warm Uridia.

"It is you……"

"Ulu's tears"

Warm Uridia, who saw the next to call himself, and the smile of the mouth of the mouth.