This guy heard that he called his tears in Ulu, and the heart of Urudia was inexplicably moved, and then she was soaked in the past.

"You said, moment." "

I saw the witch Uridia looked at the moment, such as baby, such as a snake, "Although I don't know how you know this, I have no half of the relationship with the woman who abandoning my child." "

Women who abandon their children? "Listening to the words of Uridia, I remembered the master of Gray, the powerful woman, I couldn't help but sigh.

"Do you have anything?" "The moment is flashing, watching this brunette red lips in front of us Uridia.

" (AIDC)" /> I saw the Warm Uridian suddenly smiled, and the black eyes were sinking. "Our president Hades, saying that you want to see you," Some cooperation things want to talk to you. "

"Oh? Hades? Want to cooperate with me?"

I heard the witch in front of the Warm Uridia completely regardless of the Ai Laha and said that she said her own purpose, I can't help but gently play my brow.

The President of the "Devil's Heart" of the "Devil's Heart" in the One, the original name of Plesto, the second generation of the demon, the second generation of the fairy, the founder, the strength of the founder Even on the four days of Wing Yingr, Ward Cinden.

"Yes, Mr. Hades, the president of Hades is looking forward to working with you."

Woman Uridia gently owed the unsatisfied face, looking at the handsome face in front of him.

Then I thought I just crushed the court in the Magic Trial Court, and the audience was treated with a lot of people, and the Uridian black sheared, they couldn't help but flash a inexplicable streamer. color.

Can be protected by such a strong man "must be very happy ... _ ,, Urudia's heart actually produced a inexplicable embarrassment.

"No, I am not interested."

I know that the Bosa is not interested in the invitation of Urudia. "" I don't need to work with anyone. ""

Although Hades is the strongest dark public conference "Devil's heart is afraid of spoon president, diamonds countless magic for nearly a hundred years, and has also developed like Liguo Xinghui so much on the three magic of the fairy, let Gielf have some Jogetic secret big magic

It is known as a man who is closest to the devil abyss outside of Genje, but there is no interest in his invitation and cooperation. It doesn't think there is a guy who is killed by Gielf's death magic spike. Cooperation.

"But I am going to you ... Ulu's tears ..."

Reject Uridia's invitation from the most powerful Dark Clear "Devil's Heart" President Hades.

I saw the face of the elegant face of the flash generous and picked up, and they stretched out their hands on the wall of Uridia.

Form a warm wall posture, the deep evil eyes are in front of the Uridian demon, ". It is very interested ... If there is a chance ... How is my guild break? ""

At the beginning, it was one of the original intentions of this guild. It was in the moment to build a genius magic talents who fell into the dark in front of Uridia.


In the face of the sudden warming posture that suddenly made in front of the moment, in the face of the innocence of the moment, it is fully able to feel the breath of each other.

Uridia, the deceased of the demon, actually feeling that his heart seems to be a sho, and the white patterns L Yan's pretty face is stronger and squeezed out of the smile of the calm charm. "" Well ... Have a chance I will consider it.

"Interesting" "" The top-level "is a clear capture to catch the madness of the Warm Uridian heart.

Looking at her smile in stimulating calm, I couldn't help with my fingers and gently pulled her white Zhe powder L tender face.

"Hahahaha _"

The Uridia, which has not yet been placed back, and I only have a smile and long laugh and long laughing. I only left a slender back, disappeared in the end of the long walkway. .

This disgusting guy ...

The witch of the sloppy red, Uridia, looking at the back of the moment that has long been going to grow in the distance.

It is a bit of a panic to organize your black hair, and the heart of the ancient wells in the abyss seems to have a kind.

The waves and ripples.

It's really hard to resist.

"But the heart has already sorted into the dark witch ..."

After robbing the ripples in his heart, the Uridian demon burning beauty} Yan's pretty face is light, "" Will it have feelings "

(New World, begging for a wave of rewards and monthly tickets)

Chapter 98, the ghost attack (seeking rewards and automatic)


A lunct boiling in the demon tailpark.


"Ai Laha, you finally come back!"

Seeing that Ai Lusha returned to the tail guild of the fairy, everyone was excited and ecstatic.

"I know that there will be a way to make AUUA back! That is too handsome 7 !!"

After listening to Airewa explained this time after all things happened in the Magic Review.

Yao Magou's trial of the Magic Comments will appear all the magical reviewers, all the people in the demon tail, all all people can't help but go.

"No! I also want to be a holy top ten magist guide! I have to be a magic speaker !!" "

In particular, Naz This bloody teenager, heard that the spleen in the magic review will let the Sale of the Spleen Sale, let the Ai Laha have been unnowlved, and suddenly excitedly called.

"Idiki! You still think about how to pass the S-class magicile assessment !!" The Gerigh side is not ignorant to the Naz.

"What is it! You should be eaten by Ai Laha!" "" "" "Natton, was angry when I was hit by Gray.

"You are the guy who should be eaten by Ai Laha to become a stool!" "" Two natural water is not allowed to start.

"The two guys apparently tragic Naz and Gray two people did not detect, next to Ai Lusa listened to their two conversations have long been full of terrible murder," "" should be black, "" " Such a guild "" "I like" I'm looking at the Ai Laha, I started to learn from the two live treasures of Naz and Gray, and Mirajay, who is watching on the side of the bar, brightly. The eyes bend into a crescent. It is a calm day.

"This day" "You is really comfortable." The big breakfast is in the middle of the public, and the Brandish, Lucy, and the four people are lying in the huge swimming pool.

Sakura} is small! The mouth is gently tasted the ice drink next to himself, and the blonde girl Lucy is lazy and has a lazy waist.


At this time, I originally lying in the swimming pool's inflatable kayaking. At this moment, at this moment, I suddenly opened my eyes.

"What happened? ?"

The Brandi, who was lying next to him, felt a slight reaction, and some doubts looked at him.

Badded seventy-three, reverse mountain crystal!!!

I didn't answer her.