Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 740 of Hueding Crack System

I saw that I suddenly raised a hand, and the air in front of the eyes became a light sky blue ripple.

A huge unparalleled three} corner cone defensive array, the sky blue juncture with unable to shake the defense, directly covering the moment they are the entire Break Dawn, all of them are all in it.

Bang !!!

Just in the moment of opening a ghost defense

Suddenly, it seems that the entire land of everyone is swaying.

I saw that countless crushing building inclusions, the number of huge thick steels, directly bombarded the knife of the Break Dynasty, and slammed a wave of waves.

"Is anyone attacking our guild ?!"

Seeing the huge vibration of the ground, Brandi's original lazy eyes, suddenly cooled.

"It seems that the goal is not us ..."

The left eye and blue gods penetrated all the obstacles in front of them, and I saw 7 at this moment. At this moment, I was confusing. "It is Ai Laha where there is a" "" "" "" "" "" "" Do you have any accidents? "" When I heard the moment, although I joined the Iron Dawn Congress in the same way. "

But after a period of time, Lucy is still a good friend with Ai Lusha Milajie.

So I heard the tail of the goblin is suffering from attacking. The kind and live little girl in Lucy is still anxious. "Ai Laha and Mirajer them ._ __We don't want to help" "" "" Let's talk ... "The moment is not anxious, gradually slamming from the center of the pool, reaching out, building a black gorgeous coat, gently putting on your own body.


At this time, the guild suddenly came again, a continuous dramatic vibration.

"what happened?!"

Feeling that the water in the entire swimming pool of yours is constantly changing, producing a piece of corrugated, Lucy and Zhuhong all lifted his eyes.

I hope that the direction of dramatic vibration, I found a huge castle guild on the sea in Marginola.

At the top of the building, insert a huge guild banner, the underground of huge buildings is six as the spider's steel giant foot, supporting the Castle Association to continue the direction of the moment.

More accurately, it is the location of the tail deficiency of the fairy, but only a street is only a street between the tail of the fairy, so it will be taken to the draft.

I saw this huge castle guild in the distance. Every time I move in Margnoria, I broke out the violent movement, and the waves agitated in the sea, shocked the buildings around all the seaside.

"It turned out to be them" The eyesight of the ultra-normal people, clearly saw the banner of the great castle guilds above the great castle, and gently muttered in the mouth, "Ghost's dominance "The mouth said softly, the name of this Agricultural Sciences, the name of the Iron and Steel Association, and the memory of the brain suddenly flooded with the tide.

The ghost's dominance of the Diha, one of the most famous magical guidelines, one of the most famous magical guides (additional fairy tail), and the co-gathering association of the magist guide.

(New World, begging for a wave of rewards and monthly tickets)

Chapter 99 Holy Tenthill (seeking rewards and automatic)

For a long time, the relationship between the "Ghost Administrator" guild and the "demon tail" guild is not very ranked.

The surface looks because of six years ago, the president of the guild, the session of the ghost, the president of Joseph Polola and the fairy, the two people are saying that their guild is the best. The strongest, the two parties, such as such a big hand, the result of Makarov, since then, Joseph did not attend at the party.

But in fact, the establishment of the guild's dominant, the establishment of the guild is to oppose the tail of the ghost, because the Ghost's founder and the prime minister of the demon tail have a festival.

"Interesting ... Since we involved us in the" Made in the mind, all the information about the guillers of the ghosts in an instant ", and the mouth of the mouth is gentle. "Let's take a look ..."

Fairy Tail.

At this time, the entire guild has been bombarded by thousands of holes, which are covered with countless huge iron columns.

Not far from the door, the Ghost Signier Association This can be moved, the entire demon tail, all of the magic tidels are all immersed in a bleak atmosphere.

President Makarov, with the President of the Ghost, the president of the Tenth Magicair, is divided into Joseph Palasses.

However, it is not understood that the dangerous design is ambush, and the "big empty" Alica, who is "four elements" ", is fully exhausted to the danger of danger.

The three strongest reusstal repairs of the guild, the strongest Gildarus in the distant local implementation guild mission is not possible for a short time, and the mysterious Michgang where the mysterious Trich is not connected.

"Laxas! Come back! Now the guild is suffering from the ghost!"

I saw Mirajie using the magic contact to sleep, finally contacted the grandson of Makarov, Laksas.

"What? Let me come back to protect the public meeting?"

In the contact crystal, Laxas is still a look that is unbelievable with heavy metal headphones.

"Yeah, the president is seriously injured, Gildar is not back to Mistang, and now the fairy tail encounters the crisis ...

For the attitude of Laxas so unrelenting, although Mirajie is anger, but because of the safety of the guild, Mirajie's tone is still can't help but bring a pleading, listening to no one is not moving

"You can only rely on you! Please let you! Let's come back! Laxas!"

"Hahaha, the harsh old man is really living" However, the Laxas in the crystal has raised his head, and the angular face reveals a bad smile. "But this is coming with me again." What is the relationship? This is the war that you launched! And I have long, let the old man give me the guild, he doesn't listen !! "

"You this bastard!"

I heard the worst words in Laxas. At this time, Miraji can't help but raise their fists. "This is your grandfather's guild!"

Zou Wei is fed! Are you seeking people's attitude? And you tell the old man! Call him early. ". ...

I saw that Laxas in the crystal is still smiling, and the golden hair in the genetic from Makarov seems to be like this.


Finally, I don't even endure the words, Mirajie is still can't help, and I combined with the crystal.

I think of the situation that the guild is now facing, and I think that Laxas is indifferent to the companion. Mirajie can't help but cry. The crystal tears can't live from her big eyes.

I slept on the ground, I have always been Mirajie, a laughter, like a flower, and suddenly the pear flower is crying, and the picture is moving.

"Mira ..." saw Mirajaya sad, Kaa next to it didn't know how to comfort her.

"Yes!" It seems that there is a sudden thinking, Kana Eye is bright, "" Mr. Mr. is next to you! With your relationship with Ai Lusha! He will be willing to help us! "

"Mr. Mr.!" Wen Mirajard stopped his cry, brown-blue eyes were bright but immediately faintly, "But this is the war that our guild he accepts.

"In this case, for the guild, I will also participate in the war!" "

The mind is in the heart, Mirajie's eyes have begun to become firm "" Mira! No! "Wen Yan Na's heart was shocked.

She knows that although Mirajay is a guild's S-class magazine, it has the same combat power as Ai Lusha, but the stimulation of Lisa Nap

Miraj Jie is now just a magical general person.

"Now you will only hinder the foot, even if you have been the S-class magic guide ... I saw Ka Na urgently advised her.

Ben !!