Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 741 of Hueding Crack System

Just at this time.

Several magical guides who saw the demon tailpark were directly flying.

"Hahaha ... I heard"

"Lucy Hatfia is right in your fairy tail ..."

The four elements of the ghost domain guild, and a man wearing a purple coat, a black hair wearing a magistrate hat appeared 3.2 in the door of the fairy tail.

"This ... this magic ...

I saw this man appeared with a ghost's magician, and all the demon tailpark magic tidelies in the scene felt a huge magic, which was the same level of Makarov.

"Josez Pola ..."

I saw the man who appeared in front of him, and the quiet face at the door of the demon tailpark, at this time, suddenly, suddenly recognized his identity.

It is the president of the ghost's dominant guild, like Makarov, far more than the Ordinary Guild's S-Class Demago, Ying Yingr's mainland, the Tenth Magistore (new world, squatting Ask a wave of rewards and monthly tickets)

Chapter 100 is playing a ghost (seeking reward and automatic)

"This kind of magic ..."

"It's really disgusting" "I saw Joseph Polo, the evil magic fluttered around the death of death, and some kindness of the demon tail talents in the scene felt a fancy nausea.

"It's this guy and his hand's magician to make the President Grandpa ...

I saw Joseph Polola's appearance, and the anger Naz helpless straight, "" Don't stop me! I want to die !! "

Tielong stick!!

Just Naz has not come to the side of Joseph Pora.

When he suddenly took out the role of the roent of the roots and avoided him.

"I heard that you are also a dragonfly talents _ ..."

I saw a black long hair, and the face was covered with a young man with a metal earrings. He wore a metal leather. "Your opponent is me" is "Iron" Gaji Lu! "At this time, some demon tail guilds have recognized his identity is the strongest candidate of the ghost, the iron dragon magist of the iron, from the tech" Tielong "Medalilea raised long The big magist guide can freely operate the iron to kill the dragon magic. You can turn your body into iron, and you can do weapons to attack the target.

"Why attack our guild ?!" "

Mirajie felt angrily, Joseph Pola, and the magician of all the ghosts.

"Benefiting from a man ... to take Lucy Hatfia to take away ..."

It seems that I am very enjoying the exfoliating demon tail guild. "The gorgeous eyes, I saw Joseph Polola's face with a smile," the water destroyed your fairy tail "" "Lucy ?! "In the anger, I heard the goal of Joseph Polo was Lucy, everyone suddenly shocked.

"Lucy did not join our guild!" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" I. Fluth did not speak, next to Ai Laha interrupted him.

"? ??" However, it is too late, Joseph Polola evil eyes suddenly narrow, revealing a trace of dangerous essence, holy guild. "It turns out ... _ is the new

"Since this is this", after Lucy's go, Joseph Polaon smiled, but suddenly, "" "launched Jupitt! After destroying the fairy tail, we will find Lucy again. Hatfia! "


I heard the order of Joseph Polo, and the magician of all the demon tail in the scene was shocked.

"Suddenly" The Ghost Administrators of the Yuanshan "suddenly appeared a huge magical fort.

In the air, the endless magic is flashing, and the power is enough to destroy the magic guide of the whole island "Jupitt" has been agglomerated.

"Worse! It is a magic guide !!"

Look at the distance

Suddenly launched, the huge magic beam of the huge magic attacked in the position of the guild, and everyone has changed his face.

"No way _" In this whole guild, the whole guild is in a hurry, and I saw that Ai La is standing in front of everyone, and the eyes are unprecedented. "Dressing, King Kong !!"

"Is it ?! Ai Lusa ?!"

I saw Ai Lusha in front of the plane, I plan to be a golden armor, I plan my first person to hard, the ghost's magic guide, the gun "Jupitt", Mirajie and the magician around all the demon tail are all scream Get up.

"Are you crazy ?! You will be dead !!"

Black virtual flash!!!

Seeing that Ai Lusha is going to use his body hard to resist the ghost's magic guide.

At this time, everyone stunned. I saw a black ray that suddenly came into an infinite horror in front of the air in front of everyone.

"what is this?!""

The horror black magic formed in the front air is seen.

Not only all everyone around, when Joseph Pola, one of the holy ten, is also shrinking the pupil


I saw a huge black magic light column, suddenly like a nuclear bomb was detonated.

There is no sharp sound in everyone's ear, and only the whole space is twisted by this black horror magic light.

After the black magic light cannon, the surrounding of the sound barrier, all the surroundings seem to be hidden, with the power of smashing all the power, directly hit the magic guide collection of the distance from the distance "Jupitt".


Dramatic scorpion directly shocked the entire land

In the pupils that all people are horrified, I saw the black huge magic light gun in front of the eyes, and even directly smashed the ghost's magic guide. "Jupitt".

Boom, I saw the black huge magic light 097 in front of the eyes, and smashed the ghost's magic guide to the gun "Jupitt", moved to the distance.

Yu Wei is not limited, I actually dikely through the huge castle guineers of the whole ghost!

"Zhu ... Jupitt was scattered - one

Until the huge ghost castle, the huge ghost castle in the distance shook the entire land, this time, all the stunned magic tidiers in the scene have finally turned over the gods, and they are shocked and angry. "Our guild ... was broken" " who are you?!""

The gloomy sound contains a heavy angry.

I saw the ghost's president of the President of the Ten Magist Joseph Polo, a pair of eyes like a ghost fire, staring at the original unmanned street next to it.

"Your goal is Lucy," calmly sounded, everyone looked back.

I saw the street, I have already fled the empty space, and the Yunxiu Youth of the Silver White Belt the three in the city of three in the city.

"In this case _. ..." I can't be used to hear my head, I'm gradually put down my index finger that I just released the black virtual flashes, and my eyes were thorny.