Naruto Star Shadow World

Naruto Star Shadow World Chapter 1

Racating Star Shadow World Author: Tianchao City

Years are like a knife, and I am sighing in Changsheng Road! And see how Chen Xing is in this hunger Lin Li, Tianjiao Fei Lu's world, thorns, so that the top of Wan Dao, becoming a high-rise Purple Emperor! (This story is purely fictitious, if there is similarity, purely coincidence, do not imitate.)

Chapter 001

Chen Xing, a modern youth of the 21st century, twenty-two years old.

Not long after graduation, learning is very hard during the university, basically gets the school's scholarship, professional is an anime design, and is currently looking for work.

The words of the personality are: "A very straightforward person is a little too dead, thinking about things, even the eight cattle will not come back!"

There is currently no girlfriend, mainly the beautiful girl is mostly a bit of the home world, and he doesn't want it, so he has not been girlfriend.

The long phase belongs to a relatively resistant type, medium is medium, one meter seventh five, not high.

Parents belonging to a company's senior staff, and the husband and wife don't go to Sichuan to travel a few years ago. As a result, it hits the earthquake. The collapsed building is buried, double-doubles, left the Chen Xing, who was a high school, did not have anything Relatives in the past.

Chen Xing also saved 100,000 yuan in the bank during his death, and a house with a three-bedroom and one hall, and the 100,000 yuan left by the parents finished the high school and finished the province's ordinary undergraduate. the University.

At the beginning, he chose anime design professional because of his love, so he was extremely familiar with all kinds of anime, because Japan's animation industry was relatively developed, in order to better research and understand the characteristics of Japanese animation, he also specially understood the Japanese. .

Seeing that the million dollars who stayed with their parents have only 10,000, and the Chen Xing is actually anxious.

Of course, this is not to say that he can't find a job, but he is determined to be unless I can't find my satisfaction. Otherwise, he will not find the professional and half of his class. Mao money can't work. This is not a dislike that the occupation is too low, but he feels like a negative of the sweat from himself in these four years.

I looked at the file bag that saved the resume in my hand, Chen Xing was shook his head, he was going to interview, but for this interview, he feels that he wants to hope.

Because he heard that most of the students approved is the students of the famous universities. If he is just a technique such as anime design, he is still confident that this work is, after all, he has a four-year effort for his university. Still very confident. However, now looking for those companies that are mostly looking at your diploma first, the inspection of the capabilities is not so comprehensively careful.

So he wants to stand out from it, a word, difficult!

"Forget it, always try it, if I gave up, then I thoroughly gave up hope ..." Chen Xing took the resume file bag in his hand, looked at the bustling car, the eyes Flashing a firm color.

"Little baby, don't run everywhere!" There is a gentle discourse in the ear, so that Chen Xing returns to reality from meditation, some doubts look toward the direction of the voice.

A twenty-seven-year-old young woman is laughing and walking with her in front of her, behind the pink and tender little girl, the distance is about five or six meters.

"Mom, fast ... hurry up!" The pink is like a porcelain doll, while running around, smiling at the young woman, because the age is too small, there is still some clear.

Looking at the pink and cute little girl, Chen Xing's some heavy mood suddenly swept away, and smiled and looked at the little girl who ran to him more than one meter.

"Ah ... don't!" Suddenly the little girl's mother watched his eyes and looked at the little girl.

Chen Xing heard the words, and suddenly looked up his head. I saw a black chopping board appeared in the second or third floor of the little girl, quickly dropped.

At this time, the little girl was because he heard his mother's scream, and some doubtfully stopped, and some looked at her mother.

"Be careful!" I don't want to, Chen Xing has quickly ran the past, and the handsome little girl is going on the hands. It is going to go in front. At this time, the chopping board that is rapidly dropping is already smashed. His head ...

"Quickly call ambulance!" Instantly was smashed between the appearance of the pain in the brain, heard the cry of the young woman, but also a small girl crying ...

In a confused, Chen Xing felt that he was like a spirit, floating from the ground, and then felt it was wrapped up by a printed thing, flew away from the distance ...

During the period, I also heard a dramatic blank sound, , just like a glass fragmentation.

"Well? The host candidate is too weak, so I have to give him the body to find the body. If you count, the last nearest group is good ..."

In vaginal, Chen Xing seems to hear such a sentence, like a little girl, but with a little girl can't imitate the kind of vicissitudes.

!! !

In a quiet night, a very little village is not far away, a broken voice came from a space, if someone else, it should be scared, because at this time, the sky is high, there The space is like a mirror, and a crack is appearing in it, making a harsh , then the sound, broken, and people are shocked.

After the space was broken, there was a nearing black paint hole mouth, which droys a strange palm of the square, which is quiz.

After the square object is separated from the black hole, the black hole disappears slowly, and the space gradually restores the original shape, and there is no trace of just broken.

Take a closer look, the square is simple copper green, the shape is a square, but the mysterious threading is carved above, like the beast, like a flower, the overall look, very like a piece of jade.

"Call, let's find the body to the host ..." The voice of the little girl who is a little violated will come from printed, and then the square print is shorter, and it seems to have only one dice size.


The blank sound came, the square printed has disappeared, I don't know where to fly ...

Among an old Japanese architecture, in a broken dirty room, there is a bundle of firewood in a bundle of bundles, almost occupying the entire room, apparently here is a cottage.

The strange thing is a corner of the left side of the door house, a layer of hay mats.

That layer of hay is lying on a blister, a small boy who is tattered, the little boy does not move, and even the breathing is not, obviously has no life.

"Just he, haven't died, just suitable for the host ..."

Chapter 002

Chen Xing felt his body pain, like there is a kind of energy in his body, the pain is unbearable, but he wants to open his eyes, but I can't open the heavy eyelid.

I tried to open my eyes again and again, but it failed again.

In the darkness and loneliness, it will mix the pain coming up from time to time. I don't know how long I have been waiting. When I feel that I have to collapse it, I fierce my eyes ...

"Hey ..." After Zhang opened his eyes, Chen Xing suddenly felt that there were inexplicably pain in his body, and severe pain made him want to say anything, but he couldn't open his mouth, but he could only send a slap. Suddenly let him shocked.

Looking at the darkness in front of you, the model is very vaguely saw that the roof is a bit rim, Chen Xing is strange and calm.

"Well? I am not saving people to be killed by chopping board? How is it good, there is still a hospital? I can't I do it directly to this place?" Chen Xing's heart flashed Many doubts, fullness.

"But no matter what, the little girl is saved, I hope she can grow up happy!"

"But how can I be here? Even if it is dead, this is not like Yin Cao House?" Looking at the roof that is reluctant to see in the darkness, it is really a bit of a feeling.

"In addition to the small part of the country where the economy is very unusually developed, it is estimated that there is no place to have such a house?" Chen Xing was dark, but it happened.

"You haven't died!" Cold is not dead, suddenly took this sentence, let Chen Xing are shocked, and it is almost scared.

I want to speak, but I can't open it, I have to open my eyes, my eyes are turned, see people who can see talking.

"Your eyes are not in need, I am in your sea!" The voice came back to Chen Xing, it was a little girl's voice, but always feel a little old and autumn.

"Shiehai?" Chen Xing suddenly doubtful, as an anime fan, the novel he also had few less than some, what is the sea, he is not clear, it seems to be related to the spirit of spirit, but this Not the novel, isn't it called?

"If you want to say, you will do it directly in your mind!" The voice of the little girl continued.

"I think in my mind?" Chen Xing's heart, suddenly thought in his heart: "Who are you?" I want to see that I can communicate.

"I am a unique artifact of artifacts in the world. You are dead, I have brought you through!" The little girl is clear and pleasant.

"Artifact? The printed in the Yuan Dynasty?" Chen Xing suddenly became chaotic, and then because of the usual less than the life dissatisfaction, it was reluctant to calm down.