Naruto Star Shadow World

Narrow Star Shadow World Chapter 1161

Grid Jiu Chuan first proceeds, can't say that he did not bring pressure, but did not let him give up, but more motivated him.

"Three thousand years later, I will open the sky, let Moiro become the emperor, you still have three thousand years ..." Too many stood, looking at Yun Yi, said: "In this period, I hope you can rely alone I am breaking up! "

"I can do it, my father!" Yunyi's eyes were firm and confident.

"Let us cross? Your Majesty, isn't you intend to entertaire?" Jun Mun was a little surprised.

The rest of the people also looked too excited to Tai -, entered the fairy, they have been waiting for this day.

"Now, most of them can't enter the fairy domain, because there is a problem, at least three red dust cents can open to open the channel, but in advance, enter that can make your long-lived singular world are not a problem, so, you It can also be cultivated there, slowly become strong, but don't have to be self-defeated! "


"Yun Yi, may be the east of the emperor ..."

This day, a message came out, let the eight parties vibrate, countless people move.

"What !?" Numerous strong people took a breath, and some couldn't believe it.

"Some people have seen him to enter the mountain, calculate the age, almost different!"

"It turns out that it is no wonder that it is so rebounded ..."

As everyone knows, when the Emperor is born, the world has given a blessing to the avenue, but it is scattered by the Emperor Emperor. It can be seen in the sky.

Recalling carefully, the road to the rise of Yunyi is a legend, and this age seems to have just been consistent with the child born in the year.

"I didn't expect, he was the son of the Emperor's Majesty ..." The universe is on the air island. Here is the headquarters of the heaven, the Holy Ye Fan shakes.

When he just entered the Quandi, he used Yunyi, because it was not a big enemy, both sides were only until there were no points.

The impression of the other party left him is too deep. If it is not a few hundred years later, Ye Fan does not definitely be able to regulate it.

Everyone knows that if it is a hundred years of early birth, it is now not necessarily covered with nine, but the Emperor Yunyi.

"This person, when I was in the big holy realm, I used to confront him, very terrible, his strength is too fast ..." The Emperor sighed.

On the side of the Black Emperor, I don't forget to Tucao: "That is a enchanting, the only one known as the immortal, the talents, unless the congenital holy body is in the world, otherwise, I am afraid that there are few people. His cultivation speed! "


The time is long, and the blink is another hundred years.

On the fairy stars, the central seal four-striped, there are all kinds of flying flying light, and the Ruixia reflects the world, and there is a big weather in the fairy.

"The mizec of the seal of myths, will it be an opportunity of Chengxian?"

"Legend, there was a fairy on Fei Xianxing, and the suppression of several major magic, this time I have to go to it?"

Flying Xianxing has turned a changing, which has pushed the attention of major star intensive, and the penalty area is not quiet.

The world is looking forward to, this world, except that it has been outside the emperor of Xianxian, I really have to enter the fairyna.

On the flying fairy, there are a lot of deads, the birds are in the sky, the original old forest, the mountain is magnificent, the waterfall is hanging.

This is a magnificent world.

However, recently, but all the strong people are uneasy. All the alcoholic fires are in the screaming and growing, the topmost is more and more scary, directly heard the sound, ancient releared, magic and foam Common transpiration.

The most important thing is that there is supreme, come here, prepare for a long time.

Because this time, you can really enter the fairyna, will explode the most tragic battle.

Even, it is possible that it is more than ten times more than the year.

Not only the supreme, there are some alternatives from ancient seal to this day, and there are also the nine emperors of the World Movement. These people are unknown. They can fight into Xian Road and compete for the limited two and three. Number.