Naruto Super Farm

Chapter 1 Farmer Master

You can search "Naruto Super Farm Search Novels (" in Baidu to find the latest chapters!The residence of the Uchiha family.

"Hey, God is unfair to our Uchiha family. A family that has been passed down for hundreds of years now has a young farmer. Could it be said that God has abandoned Uchiha?"

The members of the Uchiha family looked at the lonely teenagers, all with disgusted faces, extremely disgusted with the teenagers, and even cursed secretly, lest they evade and leave.

The boy was called Uchiha Gin, the second son of the former patriarch, and the younger brother of the current patriarch Uchiha Tomitake. Gin’s sister-in-law was named Uchiha Mikoto, and his young nephew was named Uchiha Itachi.

"That's enough."

Yin carried two food plastic bags, which were filled with boxes of instant noodles and the like.

At the time of the Third Ninja World War, Konoha was in short supply of all kinds of supplies. It was several times harder than usual to buy some good things. All resources were used for war.

Yin is a lonely family member, and he parted ways with his elder brother Uchiha Tomitake in the early years, and his life would be left at will.


Pushing open the door of the small courtyard, what is greeted is a field where various vegetable crops are grown, as well as many medicinal plants.


Yin Chang sighed. The title of "Farmer Young Master" was derived from planting these things. However, even if all the people were accused of rebellion, Yin didn't care, even if his brother treated him indifferently, and he did not ask, Yin never regretted it.

Even because of these things, he even looked beyond the clouds in the practice of ninjutsu.

"Today, it will finally bloom."

Suddenly, Yin pursed his lips, revealing a sunny and cheerful smile, and hurriedly ran into his cabin.

Putting the food bag on the table, Yin calmly put it on the mattress, quietly closing his eyes.

As if the soul was unsheathed, Silver came to an unfamiliar world. The world in front of him was very single, with only a green field and a wooden hut.

It is worth mentioning that Silver also has an identity. It belongs to the three-dimensional element. It is an out-and-out traverser, and there is no golden finger, but an inexplicable farm in his mind.

The seeds needed for farming are extremely scary, but they are human bones!Bury it in the soil and wait until it blooms and bear fruit after a certain period of time, then you can acquire any ability of the opponent.

"Master 007, are you here?"

The girl with pink jade carvings walked out of the simple hut, watching Yin's appearance, Lianbu moved lightly, and after turning, she came to Yin's side with a smile in her eyes.

"Remove number 007 to me."

Rolling his eyes, Yin was extremely speechless, and the numbers before him were all killed.Tianya Tiny Talk

The girl's name is Le Xin, and she is the spirit brewing in this land.

"Shaolunyan... Has it bloomed yet?"

Looking at the field in the distance, Yin shook his head, feeling a burst of fantasy, when will the writing wheel eyes bloom?

But the situation today is indeed so.

In the distance, the fiery red independent rhizome is very bright and conspicuous, the color is strange, and the deep red flower bud is filled with a strong fragrance.

Of course, the most noticeable thing is the special logo at the center. The color is jet black, exactly the same as the Uchiha family's writing wheel eye Gouyu.

"The Ergou jade writing wheel eye bones, which I tried so hard to get at the beginning, have finally blossomed. Now it seems that the five years of time have finally been wasted."

Yin said with a smile, and the heart that had been hanging for a long time finally landed safely.

This is where the farmland is against the sky in Yin's mind. As long as the other party's bones are buried in the soil, the future blossom will be able to obtain all the other party's abilities.

Once the bones bloom, everything of the original owner will go to silver.

"Huh? This smell... can it mean..."

At this moment, a pungent scent poured into Silver's mouth and nose, and his eyes suddenly glowed with bright colors. Silver said in surprise, "Could it be that the fruit of Shaanxi is blooming?"

Looking very hard, it turned out that the beautiful blood-red flowers bloomed from the fruit of Shaolamyan as expected by Silver.

Yin Daxi was about to open and ask Le Xin when he could open Ergouyu's writing wheel eyes. A warm luster suddenly flowed in the eye sockets, stimulating nerve endings, and the line of sight in the silver eyes unexpectedly changed.

The distant scene was unobstructed, as if the film that had previously blocked the eyes was suddenly removed, and the whole world was much clearer.

Yin hurriedly by the side of the pond near the runway, followed by the light and shadow of the clear water, could see that his eyes changed dramatically, and the two deep gouyu jade exudes mysterious light, like gems.


After a while, the silver regained his senses and sighed: "Unfortunately, it turns out that the owner of the bones is only Ergoyu's writing wheel eyes. If you change to absolute figures like Uchiha Madara, Senjujuma, and the six immortals, then I Can..."

"My little master, please stop dreaming. It is undeniable that by burying Uchiha Madara's bones in the soil, you will get his reincarnation eyes, eternal kaleidoscope and all abilities after blooming in the future. But do you think it is possible? ? Uchiha Madara's bones may definitely be left to you."

Lexin relentlessly attacked and said that he couldn't laugh or cry for the silver with saliva. The stronger the person, the more value his corpse. Wanting to get Uchiha Madara's bones is tantamount to a dream.


Yin Suoran nodded boringly, and then suddenly took out a bag of white powder. This kind of thing is called quality fertilizer. As long as one bag is poured down, the Ergou jade writing wheel will instantly get a dimensional improvement, and it will instantly become a Sangou jade writing. Round eyes!..