National Beer

Chapter 1 Where Did the Beer Go?

In the midsummer, the heat waves hit people.

The hot sun was about to roast the entire city. Qin Dong looked at the low, messy and narrow shantytown behind him, stepped on the bicycle expertly, and the old Big Golden Deer bicycle groaned painfully under him.

The streets are particularly spacious, and most of the cars passing by are buses and trams with braids. The green light is on, and groups of bicycles are rushing forward like a tide.

Black, white, and blue. In the monotonous clothes, one or two red flowers occasionally drift by, which is very conspicuous in the rolling bicycle tide.

At this time, it was time to leave work at noon, and in front of the smoke hotel on the corner of the street, a long and curved dragon stretched out again.

The young man sweating down his neck moved forward carrying a thermos and a military kettle, and the blushing girls carried aluminum pots and plastic buckets, looking anxiously into the store, the old people carrying empty wine bottles, He grumbled feebly.

"What's the matter, beer is getting less every year?"

"In Qinwan, don't there be three breweries in the city alone? It shouldn't be the case!"

A young man turned around and said, "You can't buy a bottle of beer, and you have to line up for this loose beer. When can I have a good drink!"

"Then you get a job in a brewery," a middle-aged man sneered. "Enough management there!"

When he turned to speak, the waiter in front shouted, "Who's turn? I said if you still want to buy, don't get in the way! It's almost sold out!"

Changlong immediately started a commotion, and everyone looked forward with their necks stretched.

"Buy, buy, buy, can I not buy after waiting for such a long time?" The middle-aged man accompanied the smiling face and quickly handed over his plastic bucket.

The golden beer flowed happily into the white barrel. The middle-aged man couldn't help licking his lips, staring at his barrel intently, "Slow down, slow down, faster and more frothy..."

Qin Dong smiled, so he can make more beer.Because, in these days, beer is a rarity!

In future generations, people will have as much beer as they want. As long as you have enough money in your pocket, your appetite will be big enough.

Now, beer is planned to be produced, and the output is surprisingly low. Every summer or holiday, people who are concerned buy a few bundles of beer with slivers, and those who don't have to wait in line.

Citizens line up to buy beer, shops line up for beer, and wholesale departments line up for beer. Sometimes, in order to take care of the customers drinking beer in the restaurant, some restaurants have to sell alcohol.

Just like the citizens of Qinwan, only during the National Day and Spring Festival, can they buy 5 bottles of Qinwan beer supplied by each household with the non-staple food certificate, and the consumption of bulk beer is not restricted, so use a large white bowl at this time. Drinking beer with canned bottles has become a trend in the city and even the whole country.


State-owned Rongya Brewery in Qinwan City, Shanhai Province.

Looking at the black-and-white sign hanging on the yellow tiled gate, Qin Dong hurried into the factory area.

This was originally a fertilizer factory, which was converted into a brewery only six years ago.

After passing a mountain of beer bottles, he couldn't help but frown. The bottles were supposed to be neatly stacked into a "wall of bottles" instead of being stacked like this.

Putting down his bicycle, Qin Dong rushed to the bottle washing workshop. The workers who went to the middle work together were arguing with each other, all of them were full of tendons.

"Xiao Qin, didn't you work the evening shift yesterday?" There are three shifts in the factory, the morning shift is from 8 am to 4 pm, and the middle shift is from 4 pm to 11 pm.

"I'll take the place of the shift." Qin Dong's voice was very loud, he quickly changed into his raincoat and water shoes, and waited for the time to go to work.

The changing room was very lively, but the bottle washing workshop was silent for a while.

Xiong Yongfu, the workshop director of Ren Gao Ma University, strode forward and stopped the machine with a single click. The "grumbling" sound of the bottle washer immediately disappeared, and the workshop fell into a rare silence.

"Stop, stop, why are all broken bottles coming out?!" At the machine outlet, the washed beer bottles were almost broken in half!

"Check for faults!" The weather is too hot and the heart is too irritable, and Xiong Yongfu can twist water on his face.

"Master Chen is home!" The old worker in charge of operating the machine turned on the machine, and while looking up at Xiong Yongfu, he laughed and said, "Old Xiong, isn't the Luzhou engineer here?"

"The engineers from Luzhou are waiting for us? They have gone to Qin Beer. Besides, they are here to solve the problem of unclean trademarks." Xiong Yongfu's voice suddenly increased, "Go, go, get Master Chen back!" "

"Will it be washed?" The old worker was not afraid of him, still asking with a smiley face.

"The washed out are all broken bottles. Whose damage is this bottle? The factory is not allowed to pump my tendons and peel my skin?" Xiong Yongfu said dissatisfied, "Don't just sit idle, use a brush, how much can you brush? How many, are there still waiting in the filling workshop."

But it was said that Cao Cao was here, Xiong Yongfu was getting angry, and the director of the filling workshop came to the door, and the other party’s anger was no less than him, "Old Xiong, what's the matter with your bottles? How come it's on the filling machine? Bottle burst?" He was angry and loud, "Whose wine is the damage?"

The beer bottle bursts while filling, and the beer produced is wasted, and it must not be sold out.

"Of course it's yours." The quality of the bottles has been tested, and there is definitely no problem, that is, there is a problem with the bottle washer. Although I know the reason, the voice of the old bear is not lower than the other party.

Today is really evil. Old Xiong feels his head is going up. Now it is the peak production season, and the truck waiting at the factory gate is discharged hundreds of meters away.Because the bottle washing workshop stopped production, the factory had to deal with him.

"The bottles we washed out are also broken a lot. I have sent someone to find Master Chen, Xiao Li, and I will urge you to see when he will come back?" The old Xiong was at a loss, his voice suddenly became octaves lower. .


After tidying up with a group of workers, Qin Dong pushed open the door of the bottle washing workshop. A rush of heat immediately rushed toward him. The sultry heat and the smell of caustic soda in the air made him breathless.

Well, the brewery is very beautiful, and drinking beer is also a very cool thing, but the beer bottle is not very cool, and the bottle worker is not beautiful.

Before he was reborn, he was the president of a million-ton beer company. During the epidemic, he watched a large amount of beer in Minnesota, the United States, poured into the sewer, and nearly 30,000 tons of high-quality beer in Britain was dumped for no one. Really hurts.

But when he woke up after the heartache, he was born again in this seaside city in the 1980s and became a bottle-scraper in this suburban brewery.

As the president of a million-ton beer company and the first graduate of the fermentation major of Shanhai Provincial Light Industry College, he became the deputy director of the factory after three years of graduation. Now he is working as a bottle brusher at the bottom, and still Temporary worker, Rebirth made a small joke to him.

Walking into the workshop, looking around, many people wearing raincoats and water shoes are busy by the big concrete pool, brushing wine bottles one by one with brushes.If you are unlucky, sharp glass stubble will cut your fingers immediately.

Qin Dong turned on the bottle washer, and the bottle washer hummed immediately.

The old-fashioned bottle washer could be thrown into the beer museum in Qin Dong's eyes.However, it is now a "baby bump" in the factory.

While talking and laughing with the workers, Qin Dong juggled the beer bottles up and down like a juggling, took 11 beer bottles, and simply "sprinkled them". The 11 bottles were immediately seated in the 11 holes of the beer bottle. The machine whirled around immediately.

The washed wine bottles were immediately sent to the filling workshop, and the filling workshop quickly reported back news. Xiong Yongfu, who was smoking with the director of the filling workshop at the entrance of the workshop, relaxed, "This must be Lao Chen's return. The machine is repaired."

"No," the old worker replied, "Old Chen's house is more than a dozen miles away from the factory, and he can't fly back with his wings on."

The two looked at each other and suddenly stopped talking, because they all heard the sound of the bottle washer, "Which rascal turned on the bottle washer?" Xiong Yongfu stood up, smoking a cigarette. Entering the workshop, I completely forgot the regulations on no smoking in the workshop.