National Beer

Chapter 1128

The staff is stunned, and the woman immediately said to the staff. "Now, replace the ticket for Shanghai, the earliest class, no matter how time, the earliest class." She emphasized. "I want to with Qin beer tomorrow." Qin Dong dinner together. "

Qin Ba is a big brand, but also the acquisition of Jia Bai Long's Yu Wei, the national beer brand in the whole country, if Chen Mingdao can give Qin Beer, it is good.

Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, the car, the car, the car, the lights are clear.

Zuo Xiaoyei has already got here, seeing the flower sister appeared in the crowd, she smiled and gotting up, the assistant had already taken the baggage of the flower sister, and he did not speak behind the two.

"Flower, early morning." Zuo Xiaoyan pulled the arms of the flower sister, just like a daughter saw his mother, although the face wearing a big mask, but the smile of his face couldn't help but spill from the eyebrows Come.

"I said, you don't have to pick me up, artists should keep their own image, you will have a dark circle on your eyes." The flower sister is warm, but the mouth is gently blamed, she Knowing that Left Xiaoqing will definitely waited here.

"Nothing, last night, I went to the morning, I couldn't sleep again," Zuo Xiaoyan smiled, "this endorsement, but also you have to go to the horse person?"

The flower sister laughed. "Of course, I want to go to the horse, you don't look at it, when did Chen Ming Road accompanied people to eat, this time, I have to fly to Shanghai ..."


The car quickly arrived at the hotel, looked at the flower sister, and left Xiaoqing gave her a bath water. "You have taken a bath and sleep, I will meet at eleven."

"I have slept on the plane, I'm bright, I can't sleep, squint, I will take a small party." Hua Sister took his own things from the suitcase, "Where is it meet?"

"peace restaurant."

"Well, a good place," Wangbei flowers into the bathroom, and there is a stun sound of a flow of water.

Soon, she came out from the bathroom, it was already made of light makeup, but she didn't really went for a while, but also played the phone, " Effect, the first look of people is not to see our Wen Xuan, watching the star himself ... "

She finished the phone and looked up, and several reporters wanted to interview Chen Mingdao, but she thought about it or pushed out.

"... Thank you for your attention to our work, but he is indeed in an opportunity to accept any interview, wait until there is a right opportunity, will be arranged ..."

Zuo Xiaoyan looked at her, similar to such a speech, every time I rejected reporter interview, whether it is a big brand, familiar with unfamiliar, she almost sent almost the same.

"Flower, you see, this time?" Zuo Xiaoyan asked with big eyes.

"As far as I know, there are football stars and sports stars are also in contact with Qin, so our pressure is quite big, but this Qin Dong is in Qin Yu, and he is basically can't change, you Call the Mingdao, let's go together. "


Today, Qin Dong woke up very late, last night, it was very late, and today is the weekend. He takes us to run, and buy onion and oil cake to return to the hotel.

The entertainment circle of the new millennium is still a barbaric growth. When the other is not perfect in the industry, the star artist is the only competitive resources, and the big-name artists on the hand, who will have absolute words.

With the artist in the hand, Wangbeihua successfully promoted the four major brokers in Beijing, the rest of the three are Hao Yi, Li Xiao, Chang Jihong, and the first artist brokerage company "Black Sea Red Day" is her masterpiece, Chen Mingdao is the first artist of her company's contract.

Last year, "returned Pearl" is full of fire, TV drama is in full swing, Wangbei Huaike discovers the opportunity, so she has signed the brokerage with Li Bingbing, Ren Quan, Hu Jun, Liu Wei, Fan Bing, Su Wei and other actors to sign the brokerage, I entered myself. A more vast broker field.

Later, Wang Beihua joined the Huayi Brothers, he first held two ice ice, and also took the post-shadow award, like a broken bamboo, Huayi also jumped into a number of brokerage companies in the circle.

Wangbeihua himself said, Taiwan has Chai Zhiping, Hong Kong has Hobh, and Wangbeihua is a more famous Chinese gold medal broker.

Under the prestigious, Guan Zhilin, Liu Jialing, Yang Ziqiong, Yuan Yuyi, Wu Junru, such as Hong Kong movie star, also signed the Baiyi Huayi, and it is Wangbei Flower to plan a unique vision of artist development, and the film and television resources behind her.

In 2005, with Huayi five years, she led her own Chen Daoming, Liu Jialing, Liang Jiahui, Xia Yu and other dozen artists and other dozens of artists, the media exclaimed that "Huayi was hollowed out", and he said calmly known as Wang Zhongjun has released less, "" For me, I have been almost, Huayi is missing! "

However, even if this is, the batch follows her artist to follow, don't leave, quite a little "with the flower sister, meat to eat". Looking at the entertainment circle, this kind of cohesiveness of the artist is superior, except for the kingbei flowers almost no other person.

"In the city's entertainment circle, Han Sanping was honored as' 'Sanmen', Wang Jinghua was also called the star of '' Flower '', today, we will spend a while." Qin Dong smiled, " However, it is on our site. "


Whether it is the last generation or this life, Qindong has a good sense of Taiping Hotel, and many times have seen it in the film and television drama. Here is the precipitation of time, it is the fragment of civilization. This piece of fragment is sentimental and orange. Ancient and nostalgic ...

The waiter pushed the seat of the Taiping Hotel, and the emperor and luxuriously moved the sky, and the white marble ground, elegant copper outflower chandelier, high-popular central lobby, the top of the sky The color glass between the powder, Ren Guang is clear from the air, stretching and bright.

Another waiter greeted the high-level housekeeper, here, Qindong's voice is not compromised by autonomy, "Go, let's take a look." He wrapped his waist and extended his hand like a gentleman.

After Xia Xiaoyong followed the body, the two came and right along the narrow staircase.

He is very emotional. When I was in Zhongjia, I had to break the head in the morning, and now I have to come to the east to go to such a place, psychedeline.

This is a "mini" museum, the museum is very small, only nearly 50 square meters, the objects can be collected are quite weight: "80 years old" carved silver spoon, "70 years old" old record, "50 years old "Bone porcelain cup ...

After visiting the "Museum", in front of the private room, the private room was opened at this time, Wangbeihua, Chen Ming Road and Zuo Xiaoliang greeted, her forty years old, a clean and neat short hair, that kind Smart and carefully swayed from the smile.

"Hello, Qin Dong."

"Hello, spell."

Qin Dong held her hand, spin is separated, and the big sister of such an entertainment circle, she is respectful, respecting her career, and her rivers and lake status.

"I didn't expect the chairman to be so young, if not someone introduced, I thought you were 30 years old." She passionately made Qin Dong and Zhong Xiaoyong. "Today is the weekend, delayed chairman."