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At the age of 31, Li Jincheng graduated from the school from abroad.

Although it is a bit dissatisfied with the inexplicable professional behavior of him to read comparative literature, but through Song Li Bai, Li Jincheng finally returned to his alma mater to continue to teach.

But he has gone a lot of changes in life. You don't have to stay with Song. If you have to go abroad, you don't have to worry about whether your students are not dead.

He only needs to prepare lessons, class, and remember their test paper at the end of the period, then give it a credibility.

The school seems to be a place that will never be caught by time. Ten years ago it is like this. Ten years later, it still keeps the same.

Or just, just because it is full of vigorous student.

Li Jin Cheng's mentality is due to such a environment.

However, everyone will be happy for this matter. Although I have been happy in Li Jincheng, I've seen simple white, I went to a day, I learned that he was very popular in school, and saw him being hocked by a large number of students. The grand occasion of the school gate, He Zhenxuan will soon be controlled by his inner negative emotions.

He doesn't know if you love a person, and you will put yourself in a vicative slight position.

In his heart, Li Jincheng is outstanding, the temperament is dusty, although there is no love, spending the point of flowering, but it is really easy to make people feel good.

In addition, college students are most enthusiastic, when someone in them wants to die, then take the initiative to attack ... Once you want to open, you will roll the snowball, the more it is, so when Li Jincheng When you open the door, he feels a clear, low atmosphere in the car.

He Zhenxuan rarely wrote his heart on his face, so Li Jincheng was not very intended.

But gradually, he all observed some end from other places.

For example, it is clear that He Zhenxuan is still holding him home, and after sending him to the home, he drives to the company.

For example, in this time, He Zhenxuan will always put it inadvertently, say you have been so tired to work, in fact, staying at home, or have a position for your company.

All in all, either stay at home, don't go out, or live in his monitoring.

This man's horrible occupation is like a woman's big aunt, and it will appear on time after a while.

Li Jincheng is cold, waiting until he can't bear it. He has a big pile of gossip magazine to He Zhenxuan, saying: "What is this?"

Thinking of the origin of this pile of magazines, Li Jincheng's face is also a crying expression.

At that time, he just learned to be returned, in the gathering of the book, Xiao Pei Ting pulled him to a lobby, followed by the backspace with a colorful stone sound and He Quan Xuan.

Just when Li Jincheng was confused, Xiao Ping took out this pile of magazines, and then said with a long time: "Jin Cheng, we all know that Zhen Xuan loves you very much, but he is also a businessman, usually have more entertainment ... plus him If you are status, some unscrupulous reporters want to use him to stimulate the sales volume of magazines, but these ... "

After saying that she patted the pile of magazines on the table, said: "They are all fake. If you have finished reading, don't be twisted with Zhenxuan.

The top of the table is the most famous gossip magazine in Hong Kong Island. It usually likes the little star who will not enter the stream into the King's superstar, then take them with the so-called giants or commercial giants on both sides of the strait.

Li Jincheng is passionate about gossip, knowing the relationship between mutual benefit, sometimes even because of the needs, these artists will also have some embarrassing movements to make the dog.

Although it is so thinking, I also know that Xiao Pei Ting is because of worrying about himself, but waiting until Li Jincheng saw the opposite woman solemnly, he had only collapsed in his heart.

He thinks that I am not a woman, and I don't have the gentleness that you think, and you can use your thinking mode to me? "Jin Cheng ..."

Seeing Li Jincheng's look and seeing himself, He Zhenxuan is like a big enemy.


"These are fake, I ..."

During the speech, he nervously swallowed the mouth.

He Zhenxuan has a typical characteristics of all engineering men. It faces work, and they have more time, but once they involve their feelings, they will be stupid, and they seem to be slow in half.

"Should I believe you?"

"It should be.

"The answer is like this, He Zhenxuan, I have said to you, but what do you say?"

He Zhenxuan's expression is full of confusion, knowing that he must have forgotten, Li Jincheng bruises, one word said: "When Zhang Liangyu took me shoulders, when Xu Tingting hit my phone to my mobile phone, let alone ... they are still mine student……"

"Jin Cheng, I ..."

A pair didn't know how to explain, Li Jincheng did not discontinue with him, looked at the double bed next to the eyes, he said: "Go to the top.

There is a comparison to know that you are really excessive. He Zhenxuan has always changed, plus the embarrassment of your heart, so Li Jincheng has just fallen, and he immediately ran to bed.

At this time, it is already in winter, Li Jincheng is not coming to the neck, thinking about it, he solves the buddle of the tie in the bed.

When I moved at my own to solve the tie, I was already very sexy. Unfortunately, He Zhenxuan had just moved unconsciously. Li Jincheng has led his hands to pressed his hands.

"He Zhenxuan, I can move you, otherwise ... Next month, I think we are still sleeping.

The light in the room was not related, talking, Li Jincheng has already revealed a smile mixed with the monster and pure.

Li Jincheng, this night, taking advantage of it.

If you can make things, He Zhenxuan has not moved, and finally he has bred red, and it is constantly changing on the forehead.

Although he finally hugged Li Jincheng, Li Jincheng did not see his photos in this type of magazine.

Deliberately let people deduct those photos, or how far is it from those artists, but in any case, Li Jincheng reached the wish.

How many women who always pay attention to He Zhenxuan's trends, so next party, they immediately ask him.

Which of them will be announced.

I heard what I declared myself, Li Jin became a brids and said, "If you can't make it, you will come hard.


Li Jincheng was smirked by his own saliva and smiled two, and he did his next sentence: "Kneeling button.

He is just right, but when he finished, Xiao Pei Ting immediately asked him with a worship of the eyes.

Li Jincheng ... The original Li Jincheng thought that this is already over, but afterwards, He Qi is holding his hand, saying seriously: "How can I grab a man's heart?"

He Qi Xuan's marriage last year, although her husband declared a painter, Li Jincheng felt that he was more like a small white face with a soft meal.

However, Shi Yin said, the most important thing is to have a happy life, and the people they live at home, so Li Jincheng and He Zhenxuan do not say much.

He asked Li Jincheng, there was no way to get close, heard her asked himself, Li Jincheng thought about it, only said: "It is necessary to express greatly confident in front of him, and there is always a woman's charm.

"Female charm? That Jin Cheng, can you accompany me to buy underwear tomorrow?"

Li Jincheng's three views of He family have shocked again and again, and said that the clerk will think that I am a metamorphosis. After you look for your friends, he hurriedly wants to break away from the hand.

"Jin Cheng, what happened?"

He Declare He Zhenxuan's fear has never disappeared, and he saw that he took Li Jincheng 's

On the way back, Li Jincheng hit the beginning and end of the matter, He Zhenxuan thoughtful, and finally couldn't help but laugh.

This is the first time for the two, and He Zhenxuan laughed. The first time I laughed, Li Jincheng was anxious, and he grabbed it in He Zhenxuan's thigh. Waiting until he painted, he bite his teeth: "You think this is Who is wrong? "

The smile of her face has been strong, see Li Jincheng, I still want to do it, He Zhenxuan immediately holds his hand and says: "Oiss, I am driving, there are things we go back.

He family is rich in freak, this is Li Jincheng hate what can be thought of with He Zhenxuan.

Every year, Li Jincheng will go to see Liao Changyuan.

It may be because his original behavior brings it to himself too much, so today, Li Jincheng still has no way to forget him.

When you go, you usually have a clearance standard.

A person who opened the shadow in the shape of a single, recently, and he began to show a little boy around him.

Liao Changyuan, the sixty-seven years old, the five senses and the young age is very similar.

Later, Li Jincheng said, it is indeed the son of Liao Changyuan, but now is currently recovered by the clearance.

Guan Ziqi is intimate with him. When Li Jincheng saw him, he had a smile on his face, and he pointed at the tombstone on the tombstone to let the little boy called his mother, and Li Jincheng in the time was abnormal.

"Still not planning to find another?"

Guan Zi laughed, pointed to his heart: "There is him in this, it has already installed others.

"not lonely?"

"When you think about him, he is with me.

From the cemetery, the sun is abnormally glaring, watching the Guan Zi launched the son of Liao Changyuan to walk to his own sedan, and put him on the children's special seat, Li Jincheng quickly felt the nose The coming is coming.

At that time, he was thinking, Liao Changyuan, I really hope that you can meet again in your next life.

When I went back, I said this thing, He Zhenxuan is also a feeling, and finally he just holds Li Jincheng said: "Our luck is better than them.

Yes, people who met a favorite person were originally not a simple matter, let alone them can still stay.

The next day is the weekend, and Li Jincheng was woken up by his mobile phone ringtone. He heard Xiao Pei Ting's voice. He didn't wake up, and he hanged a few words in his hand.

He Zhenxuan accompanied him at home this day, he was accompanied by his life because of the biological clock and habits. It was no longer asleep. However, because of those things happened, it made him feel grateful to Li Jincheng. Therefore, even if he stares at Li Jincheng for more than one or two, he will not feel tired.

It's hard to wait until he has a sleepy, and Li Jincheng's ringtone is again sound.

This time, He Ningran came, heard him asked himself, Li Jincheng answered and said: "Pei Ting sister went to Lan Hui.

The hang up the phone was lying quietly in bed for two seconds, Li Jin became a jumped, and he kept called death, which is dead.

"what's happenin?"

Tong Xiao Pei Ting finished the phone, Li Jincheng was explained with him.

Recently, He Ningran consciously got old, and didn't play, so I started to keep Xiao Ping every day.

Xiao Ping is also a person who is used to it. He is treated like this, and she will only make her feel pain.

He Ningran did not believe in her group of friends. The only person who had trusted people was Li Jincheng, so Li Jincheng promised to make her cover.

"But now ..."

See Li Jincheng's appearance of the sky, He Zhenxuan is laughing, holding him in bed, saying: "Don't worry, I will cover it for three times.

"Is the question she dare?"

Unfortunately, Li Jincheng didn't finish it, I have been kiss him.

It's like Li Jincheng expects us, Xiao Pei Ting did not dare to make He Zhenxuan to cover her, at the same time, He Ningran often uses a smileless expression to see him.

Li Jincheng couldn't live such a pressure, and finally had to find an excuse to participate in the family gatherings.

Later, this thing was known that he storned the two, and a group of people continued to call Li Jincheng, this thing was screwed.

When Li Jincheng was 37 years old, He Zhenxuan accompanied him to the ultimate movement of all he wanted to challenge, this year's summer vacation, two people went to the European small country where Li Yaozu and Song Yu Ru is now.

Li Yaozu is not low, plus smart, so when several people meet, he can fluently speaking the language of that country.

He and Song Yu Ru opened a hood in a small town near the nursing housing. The first floor was used to open the store. The second floor used to live people, the balcony has a lot of colorful flowers, the business of the hood is not bad.

Song Yu Ru seems to have nothing to do with normal people, but the body is not good, and when I just wipe it with Li Jin Cheng and He Zhenxuan, then Li Yaozu took them to drink coffee outdoors. Coffee.

It is probably because I haven't seen it for a long time, the other party said that it is also known in my ear, so until late at night, the three talents have been a long time.


The opposite Li Yazu is solemn, Li Jincheng is not good, followed, he heard Li Yaozu asked him and said: "Don't tell me by the truth, is it a thing?"

Li Jincheng also wants how to answer his question, Li Yaozu misady, he shook his head, he said: "I recognize the handwriting of Jiajun, in the past few years, his postcard from all over the world, in fact, you find you People send it? "

Li Jincheng never knew that something like this, heard he said, his side, He Zhenxuan, at this time, showing a apologetic smile.

It is obvious that Li Jincheng clears his hand for himself, and explains with Li Yaozu.

"This child, how can you do so?"

One read heaven, I have a hell, but others are dead, and more than one.

"Is this Song Yanru know?"

"Her eyes are not good, always I am thinking about the content on the postcard.

"When are you going to hover?"

"If you can ... for a lifetime.

Li Jincheng nodded, is preparing to leave with He Zhenxuan, Li Yaozu called him again, saying: "If you have time, you will come here to see me, I am going to be aged, probably a few years.

His tone is calm, but it is full of sadness, thinking that he and the body's bad Song Yu Ruyi live, Li Jincheng nodded.

There is a saying that the world is impermanent, Li Jin Cheng and He Zhenxuan have returned to Hong Kong Island.

Her death belongs to nature and death. The organs of the organs have gradually failure. That morning, Li Jincheng went to her room, and thought she was only accidentally slept.

On the day of Fang Sister, Li Jincheng passed his book, He Zhenxuan was worried about the door of the study because of worrying.

Until the early morning, He Zhenxuan once again tried to twisted the door handle, and found that the door has been opened from Li Jincheng.

This is what he finally will speak with his own manifestation.

"Jin Cheng?"

Li Jincheng squatted on the desk, like a child who didn't sleep enough in the class, but He Zhenxuan knew that it was because he cried, and he didn't want to see his wolf, so it would be like this.

He Zhenxuan walked quietly, waited until he put his hand on the shoulders of Li Jincheng, Li Jin Cheng has already hugged his waist and embed his face there.

"He Zhenxuan, you can't die early in the future.

He Zhenxuan became soft because of his sentence, and he was smile and said: "Be sure.

When He Zhenxuan really retired, he is almost 50 years old, although he said to travel around the world, but the two people just boarded the Cruise bolets in the Pacific sailing in less than a week, abandoning the ship to buy tickets and hurriedly returning to the port.

Li Jincheng explained this is that he is old, running, now in his home repair is positive.

Although he said, but the two maintained properly, plus wearing dress, so many people can see their true age.

Now that the two stood together, in the eyes of the outsiders, it is still two strange middle-aged uncle.

He Zhenxuan has always taken Li Jincheng's head, Li Jincheng to be touched, he took people to move into a place suitable for cultivation.

The new home is located in the shallow waters, only a layer of building high, the front of the front, the blue pool and garden after the building, is not very small, it is suitable for home, but also invite friends to come here.

But gradually, the lawn in front of Li Jincheng has nothing to do.

Because you want to eat fresh eggs, it will make a cock there, and because of the equal or equal, the cock has 10.

The smell of the chicken cockroach couldn't open his eyes. Although I thought about letting the maid came here, Li Jincheng did not like to be bothered by strangers, and everything made He Zhenxuan relative.

He Zhenxuan wore a mask ink and washed the faucet, and I couldn't help but think about it. It is probably because I have time to accompany the time, so he will think of such a novel way to rectify himself.

Li Jincheng's sleep quality is not high, and later he is a noisy, let people send those chicken away.

Not long, Li Jincheng is envious of Tang Bohu's sprinkle and began people in the yard.

Later, he changed the worship of Tao Yuanming, so it made people pulling the peach tree in the yard.

That time, Li Jincheng revered repeatedly, let He Zhenxuan almost thought he had already arrived in advance.

However, as always, he waited until his fresh past, he would calm down again.

This day, two people gave He Zhenxuan's eyebrows, Li Jincheng raised the turtle, goldfish, and a golden hairsheated by the two people, and heard the engine sound of an exaggerated sports car outside the gate.

According to the identification system on the door, don't use the two people to open the door, inadequate, with the year, Ren Yu Qi, a high, shape, taste, rush to run in, said: "Teacher!

You must help me this time!

Li Jincheng and He Zhenxuan are speechless, thinking again.

Ren Yussen is now a big star of Hong Kong Island, but unfortunately he is destined to be a quiet beauty like his brother.

If you say something wrong, he is equivalent to a gossip manufacturing machine.

Although I don't know the true and false of the gossip, Li Jincheng will always have a heartache.

He Yin's long phase brings together all the strengths of her parents, but she is not interested in being artists, otherwise she is lighted with her light and four shots. It is enough to make her fans.

It is more difficult to be expensive, she also knows the book, gentle, is Li Jincheng, I have seen the most excellent women since I have two people.

none of them.

"This time she really made my hand with me, but I am embarrassing!

"What are you?"

Ren Yuchen didn't talk, Li Jincheng couldn't help but laugh.

The two have been in love from the age of seventeen. During the period, Ren Yuc suddenly played missing, and was taken by the reporter to the sports car containing a generous little flower, all this, He Yin never said anything.

But now ... Li Jincheng looked at Ren Yussen, who was angry at the table, smile and bad: "Ren Yussen, you are really dead.

"He is really hard this time?"

When I went to Ren Yusen's head, He Zhenxuan did not help but have a small voice.

"No, you should say that you have been waiting for a long time.


"A little peer, and then hit when he didn't preparation.

See Li Jincheng's fierce look, He Zhenxuan is slightly speaking.

Then, Li Jincheng expects the difference, He Yin's representative of Rongsheng frequently attend all kinds of dinner, and it is frightened, and there are countless people fall down in her pomegranate skirt.

At first, Ren Yushan can still endure, wait until a day, He Yin was taken to take photos with another young man in the city, he was really anxious.

It is also a confession, it is proposing, but He Yin waited for so many years, and he was not urgent. Later, it was almost two years, and everyone waited until they were about to get married.

At this time, Ren Yisen has been completely a wife.

On the day of the phone, Li Jincheng smiled and said: "How? I didn't say anything at the time?"

"Yes, you are right.

After saying this, He Zhenxuan still couldn't help but kissed his mouth.

He used to see a very moving story in the book.

It is said that because of a certain one, he feels that he has no white live.

Another or because of a certain one, I will not regret that I have been here.

For him, Li Jinjun represents this meaning.