I walked through the tunnel... and it was dark.

Famous dialogues I've heard somewhere disappeared head-on...... although they were a little different.

It's dark when you wake up.

I can't see anything even though I have my eyes firmly open.

Night? Or is it being pushed in somewhere?

Anyway, I have to figure out the situation.

Trying to lift my arm, I noticed something uncomfortable.

I can't move my arm well.

I have no choice, so I try to move my legs.

Turns out I can't move more than my arm.

I wonder what the hell this is about.

Anyway, I tried to move it aside from my arms and legs and noticed something more serious.

My neck is almost, no, I can't move it at all.

I can barely move my back either.

But it's not like there's pain, if you get hurt and you can't move because of it, there's gotta be pain or something... are you sedated?

The sensation is also strangely dull, it may be around sedative.

I was injured and put in charge of this by the hospital... why did I get hurt? An accident?

I'll try to trace my memory.

My last memory was that I got the light novel for the otherworldly reincarnation I was looking forward to, so I drove to work with a sleepy eye rub because I read it all night and it was time to go to work.

I could remember that far, but I couldn't remember any more.

He must have fallen asleep there and had an accident?

But then you mean you're in the hospital? But it doesn't even smell like a hospital specific drug, and what the hell is this...?


I heard a door knob spinning.

I can't confirm it because my neck can't move and I can't change my vision.

Well, still, if people came, you'd know the situation, let's just talk about it...

"ftgy fujiko lp; @:"

... Yes?

The sensation was strangely dull but the voice was clearly heard in my ear.

The problem was that I had no idea what you were talking about.

I see something white and thin in my vision that was inadvertently dark.

I couldn't move my neck, so I had to look at the ceiling, so I kind of stared at it until it was fixed round the ceiling.

The thought that had stopped there moved.

What is that, what is that sprout... it looks good like some kind of walnut... it didn't feel like it was flowing from the side of the wall, it was fixed round the ceiling and it doesn't move anymore... no, it's moving? It's like it's moving so fine. It's like it's not. I wonder what that is.

Think of it as something different this time than the white and round of the ceiling in your vision...... I can see the white of the sprouts like a distorted human form.

The moment I saw it, I almost screamed.

Blah, blah, blah. Pretty surprised.

Because I've lived 30 years and I've never seen anything so weird.

The shape of the person is getting closer and closer from the direction of his feet.

I thought the opposite was true.

The reason I didn't notice at all is that I couldn't face you at all.

"wxrtcy bo kl;":;: pp.

I'm talking in a language where I don't understand the human form of distorted sprouts.

Surprised at first, but the atmosphere I feel is somehow warm like I miss it, not fear...... that feeling like when I go home to my parents who don't go home much.

The warm, nostalgic feeling wraps itself up harder when it's being held up.

The feeling of wanting to safely keep everything.

And I realize that I'm "held up."

A few pieces were played in an instant in my own theater in the brain.

After seeing all the pieces, I scream at myself dressed like a judge in a trial.

Come on, choose!

The good work is "What is this nurse seriously suspicious?"

It was a super masterpiece with laughter and emotion, but it's a good stop because it's long anyway.

The grand prize was "If I Go Back to the Baby".

A story that everyone dreams of even though I'm going back to being a baby because I'm disgusted with my boring life and I activated the app with a magical smartphone.

I've had circumstantial evidence and dreams so far... okay? He won the grand prize for that reason.

Returns to me the moment I am lifted and held in my human chest.

There are 3 people with multiple and larger people and 2 people with smaller people.

I can't tell the expression at all because I'm a person of the Sprout.

I don't understand the language at all either.

But only the word "Lillianne", which can be directed at me, remains firmly in my ear.

Is this my name?

But Lillianne... that's... that's the name you give a girl, no matter what you ask, right?