Nihonkoku Shoukan (WN)

The second half of the Alien Army's counter-attack.

Time goes back a little.

The staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs worked all night this day.

The Imperial Navy of Gra Varcas suffered an overwhelming defeat against the Holy Millennial Empire and the Allied Japanese forces. This fact is traveling the world, and the influence of the Gra Varcas Empire is diminishing.

The Empire Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Gra Varcas decided to strengthen its posture based on this Reykjavík because many of the subordinate countries would be troublesome if the flag was turned upside down.

As part of the strengthening of the system, the hardliners dispatched famous executives as "men who calmly bury barbarians".

Gesta, Director of the Department for Different Worlds in the Eastern Side of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The one who ordered Syria to execute uncooperative prisoners and take the lives of the Coast Guard's Shishima crew.

Despite protesting against the execution of the prisoner, Sierras ordered the execution without bending it.

His ruthlessness is not limited to the Japanese, and there are many cities in this other world that have been erased without being written.

However, the merits of expanding the area of control were enormous, and the reputation within the empire was high.

He was also tough on his subordinates, who worked till morning in preparation for institutional strengthening.

"Huh, it's time to smoke... hey, Sierras, come up to the rooftop for a minute, I need to talk to you."

"Ah, yes, I understand."

Sierras answered as he made a few bears under his eyes.

I slept four hours the day before yesterday, and I didn't sleep a wink. The workload is high and the number of people working is not high.

There weren't enough people at all.

For Gesta, Silea was special.

It is evidence that women are overwhelmingly excellent officials to reach this position in the current imperial system without using any connections, with such a straight heart that they are not facing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I didn't like the straightness.

Excellence came to my nose.

But I was attracted to beauty.

I don't know if she likes it or doesn't like it, but she has a presence.

That was Gesta's honest feeling.

The two of them talk on the roof.

"Have you read the Dallas report, Sierras?"

"... about the assimilation policy, it would be unacceptable to the locals.

There is a possibility that it will leave its roots in the future, and the opinions within the Empire will be broken. ”

An assimilation policy conceived by Dallas.

Roughly speaking.....

By swinging the genes of the Gra Vulcan Empire to their homeland and mass-producing mixed blood, it is difficult for the other side to take the annihilation operation against the Gra Vulcan Empire, and locally, the mixed blood is preferred to the local people and set up as the center of the homeland, making it a loyal dog of the Gra Vulcan Empire.

She also gives preferential treatment to women who have given birth to children of imperial subjects.

He instills in his constituency the idea that he stands above the subjects of the Empire, but above the locals, because of his status and the blood of the Empire.

It creates a substantial identity, stabilizes the country, and if the mixed population increases, it becomes a child of the local population, making it increasingly difficult to be attacked by Japan.

If the Empire retreats, they will win, but hybrids are not empires, because the country itself becomes its own.

Japan cannot beat out the half-breed who is a local.

It is a long-looking and time-consuming policy, but if the policy is defended for a certain period of time, the attack from Japan will be weakened and stabilized.

Although it was a solution that considered the nature of Japan well, the specific method was not instinctively accepted by the woman, Silea.

Just thinking about how to do it will cause vomiting.

“It doesn't matter what the locals think.

What do you mean, the Empire won't accept it? "

"My family can't accept what my husband or son did to the locals.

No matter how many stampede orders are laid, they will always leak. "

"What, I don't know... idiot"


"There is no way that a soldier who has laid down the Koukou order will come forward saying that he did it."

Because it hurts my honor.

I'm afraid there's somebody else out there who's doing it.

Such a thing can only be rumored to the extent of a city legend.

Although Dallas' plan feels too vigilant about Japan, it is also effective against countries in this world. If the system is firmly established, the state will be stabilized by using local power without cutting off the economic power of the empire.

It was a relief for the soldiers.

I have never heard of the feelings of locals.

We just need to stabilize our governance. "

The Gesta continued.

"You think too much about your feelings." Too much emotion.

If you get too emotional, they'll tell you this is why you're a woman.

Speaking of which, your report on Japan is too vigilant.

There's no way there's a difference in the level of civilization, is there?

The Navy was defeated, for sure, but it was an unlikely defeat.

Perhaps they were ambushed and overwhelmingly mutilated.

Perhaps the theory of local rebellion by the rebels is correct.

In fact... this is the information I got, but it seems that there was an order violation during the naval battle. "

"The Navy has admitted its defeat. Japan's ratings are not driven by emotions.”

"Well, if there was a rebellion, the Navy would definitely hide it..."

The Empire is strong. It is stronger than the Kane God Kingdom in the previous world.

Only the Holy Millennial Empire can compete in this world.

Japan and other countries have made some progress in technology, but the scale is small. We should be able to catch up and ravage them in overwhelming numbers.

Although the technology seems to be advancing, the Japanese ships and operations are best defended, and there is no way we can attack them.

There is no way we can break through the defensive empire.

Well, there is no country that can break through an empire that has turned to defense in earnest. "

The sky starts to brighten up slightly, illuminating the developed city of Rayford.

The smoke bursts from the local military factory, and the fortress-like military base, Lars Firmina, emanates an overwhelming presence.

Strong enough to convince you that no enemy in the world will ever lose.

Gesta inhaled the cigarette smoke while looking at the base.

"I... think it is possible to further expand the domain of control and rule this world."

And instead of being in such a dicky position, I'm aiming to go even higher.

It doesn't matter how many lives the locals and Japanese lose. "

The Gesta is full of greed for power.

He speaks as a symbol of masculinity, but Sierre didn't like this man who easily used the lives of locals for his own success.

The Gesta continued.

"Sierras, you're a brilliant woman."

You can say that you are truly excellent if you eliminate even the part that is driven by emotions.

Work hard for me, work hard for my career, and I'll raise you even higher when I go upstairs.

The more you get, the more money you get from the state, not just your dick, okay?

I can get an overwhelming amount of money from the local market.

Be cooler!!

Don't underestimate the power of the Empire!! Ignite Lars Filmina, a symbol of overwhelming power!!! "

Sielia has worked for the Empire's subjects.

I feel disgust in my heart at this man who is full of desire to enter the world.

She looked up.

"Huh? That's..."

A slightly visible point is moving at a high speed.

At a speed unimaginable on an Empire plane.

Silea's eyes are wide open.


A massive siren has been sounded from the Lars Filminer Integration Station.

"Hmm? What??"

Gesta looks at the base with a strange look on his face.

Bam... bam... bam... bam...

With the sound of something bursting, black smoke rose from the base.

"Did an accident happen?"

The explosion occurred shortly after she ordered Syria to move like a limb and burn the overwhelming Lars Filmina in her eyes.

What a badly timed accident, Gesta looks weird.

The next moment, there was a bursting sound overhead.

"Ah... ah... haa!!"

The Gesta noticed clearly.

A formation of friendly fighters running through the sky falls into a flaming rain of fire in an instant.

A lump of flame descends from the brightly lit sky.

"It's like the end of the world..."

"I... I... I... I can't believe it!!"

Anti-aircraft guns fired into the air make sure the enemy attacks.

I thought I was safe.

With an overwhelming concentration of power, this integrated base, Lars Filmina, says Layforia should be safe.

Fear of dying in a hurry.

I want to escape immediately, but my legs are stuck and I can't move.

I'm afraid of dying.

The barbarians have been buried under orders from a safe place, but if they were to die, would they feel so terrified of death?

Your face is covered in sweat and your legs are trembling.

Explosions from bases and military plants that occur one after another.

Why does the Empire not take down its enemies? The question turned into anger.

A series of violent explosions took place.

For a moment, emotionally.

In an instant, the base and the military factory begin to burn violently.

I understood that the Empire suffered an overwhelming defeat.

"The symbol of the Empire... the symbol of power burns!!"

The gesta even drips its nose.

Don...... GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Along with thunderbolts, enemy planes fly passes faster than Imperial planes.

The enemy fighter did not have a propeller and flew from the rear with two fires.

The JAXA F-15J modified fighter used an afterburner to fly over Reykjavík at speeds above sound.

Shock waves that feel like an explosion crack the city's glass.


The sound, speed, and forcefulness of the Gesta's asshole.

The familiar Empire's Antares fighter planes and the like can be felt even faster than children's toys.

The strength of the Empire was so overwhelming that I doubted it.


I can't win.

Even amateurs feel the difference in power that they can't win even if they redeem it.

The speed difference is too different.

Fear took control of him and ran into the building, screaming ugly.

Fierce flames and black smoke scorch the sky, and there is a thunderous roar of Japanese aircraft around.

Sierras looked around the perimeter.

"So... there was a difference..."

I understand that the Empire to be defended is in serious danger.

I have a sober self in a desperate situation.

"It's over..."

Even though he was ordered to do so, his face is known around the world as the main character who executed Japanese prisoners.

If you are caught in Japan, you will not be spared the death penalty.

Compared to the same period, the promotion was faster and said to be elite, but it was only one of the gears of society.

But the order was absolute and was not an event that could be prevented in my opinion.

The great wave of fate that could not be aroused, the absurdity of life was just sad.


When I noticed it, tears passed through my cheeks.

Sierras looked at the burning base in a daze.