Nozomanu Fushi no Boukensha

Lesson 1 Prologue

- Shit, I'm dying.

That's what I thought, that's when I made sure the crimson mouth of a giant demon approaching my eyes opened all over me and ran towards me.

A small city malt at the edge of the Yarlan kingdom, a peripheral state located at the edge of the continent.

Me, the bronze junior adventurer, Lent Fina, who was making money hunting for a soggy demon at the Low-Level Labyrinth "The Labyrinth of the Water Moon" near it, was collecting material and small demon stone pieces, even, as usual, in the shallow layers of the Labyrinth.

That's the daily routine, and when it's about evening again today as usual, I go back to the city and get enough wages to pay materials to the Adventurers Union to live for a few days.

I was going to.


He appeared abruptly.

It's a labyrinth that I walk in every day, so first of all, I never got lost in this labyrinth, but somehow that day I discovered that there was an unusual passage in the passage that I always walk in.

This was bad luck.

Yes, I'm sorry.

If you're meant to be, you should ignore that.

The adventurer refers to the one who does the adventure, but it is not the one who pushes recklessly without any planning.

But in reality, there are more people who go in without thinking, and I was also a fool who wouldn't leak into that example.

Anyway, if a new passage or room is found in the Labyrinth of the Water Moon, a labyrinth that was said to have been discovered and explored quite some time ago, this is a great discovery.

Maybe there's some kind of high-end demon guidance or demon martial arts, and even if not again, you can earn a fortune if you explore and map it to some extent.

With such a common silly idea, I set foot in the aisle.

As a result, we were to relate to a giant demon in a square-like space where we had been walking for a while.

It was a dragon, if not a mistake on my part.

Dragon, that is the highest ranking of demons, a monster that is generally said to be no match for even a few divine silver (Mithrill) class adventurers on top of the platinum (Platinum) class.

They look varied, some of the types that made the common dragon giant, others like the elongated snake-like form, and others like the frog giant.

Apparently, those who encounter it cannot survive if they are not so lucky, and rarely show up in public again, so the encounter itself is rare, so there are only enough things in history that can be clearly ascertained and confirmed.

Its strength is comparable to that of the Demon King, who is said to have only four bodies in the world, and it is even a monster whose existence is said to be rather closer to God than creatures.

This means that where a 10,000-year-old copper adventurer like me has gone on, he's definitely the opponent to defeat without even a single pinkie being used.

There's no way I wouldn't be surprised if something like that showed up in front of me.

Also, there was no reason to even think about fighting properly.

So I immediately tried to escape, or I would die, and move my legs.

- But.

The opponent was a monster in a boulder, should I say?

I noticed where I was trying to escape.

I've noticed.

- My leg, I can't move.

No, you don't move anywhere in your body.

What do you mean, the average person would think.

But I remember this phenomenon.

Because I have learned that when those with too many differences in strength confront each other, they will be in this state.

Powerful magic makes physical freedom completely unfavourable due to intimidation.

Very rarely does that happen.

This was exactly it.

I couldn't stand the pressure of a dragon and couldn't move at all.

When I understood that, from the bottom of my mind, I thought, give me a break, but I just couldn't help thinking about that.

All I could do then was ask in my heart not to eat about me, staring at the demon in front of me.

But reality wasn't sweet.

The dragon opened his mouth wide when he checked me, and he kept moving.

- Oh, you're going to eat.

While my life was in danger, I relaxed and thought about it.

Shit, I thought I was gonna die, but either way, I can't do anything about this anymore.

Anyway, I can't move.

When I was fifteen, I became an adventurer, ten years.

At some point I have gone on to be an adventurer dreaming of crossing the platinum (platinum) class and climbing to the divine silver (misril) class, which I only have enough to count.

I still haven't stopped dreaming as I earned my day off on a soggy request, and after every day off, I've continued my training.

And yet this is where it ends?

That's a shame.

It's filled my heart with both terrible regrets and liberated feelings about whether it's going to end here.

And my body fit in the dragon's mouth.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Then a while later, oddly enough, I woke up (...).

Yes, I woke up (...).

I woke up even though the dragon ate me and definitely recognized me as dead.

And I noticed.

- No, no, no. This is impossible, isn't it?

Shortly after I woke up, I checked the situation and thought so from the bottom of my heart.

What can't be.

It's about my body.

I'll take a look at my hands.

Then there is no meat there and there should have been.

I don't have skin.

Only white and thin skeletons are there.

That's all.

And that wasn't just my hand, the whole body was.

The legs, bones without flesh or skin.

Thighs, as well.

Both arms, paperwork.

The face... I don't know the face, but it's probably the same at this rate.

I mean, I, the Bronze Lower Adventurer, Rent Fina, was changing classes from Adventurer to Bone Man at some point.

- Impossible, right?

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Still, what are we going to do about it?

That was the first thing I should have thought about.

In the meantime, I'm pretty sure the dragon ate you, but you're still just living like this, and you'll survive.

No, he's alive?

Speaking of bonemen (skeletons), they are a kind of immortal demon, but one that is already said to be dead.

It is a very weak demon, said to be the easiest to extinguish with the bishop of the Church or some sort of purifying magic of a cleric.

It is supposedly made to disappear in purifying magic because the bone man (Skeleton) is an evil demon that defies the management of God, and the management of that God is that “what is dead must not exist in this world”.

It seems to be a one-off rationale that it can be extinguished by purifying magic because it is still in this world in defiance of its management.

I don't know if this is right or not. I'm not a cleric or a bishop, but for once, it would be an important fact to me that in this logic, boners (skeletons) are supposedly dead.

I'm dead.

It's dead, and it exists in this world.

This is very, very bad.

Because, as I said earlier, it seems contrary to God's stewardship that it exists in this world even though it is dead.

If you keep going back to the city, no matter how much you talk about it and claim I'm Lent Fina, it'll mean purifying for now.

Then my existence will be completely extinguished.

I absolutely didn't like that.

I'm still alive, not to mention a bone condition.

Even if I'm a skeleton, if I'm defined as dead, in my consciousness, I'm alive.

So you can't go back to the city to get missouri killed.

But what do we do?

That was the problem.

Will you continue to live here forever?

But this is a labyrinth.

Adventurers come to crusade demons, and no matter how much the labyrinth on the border is, guys stronger than me get into it.

If I wander, I'm normally exorcised.

How do I......

And I was just thinking, speaking of which, I sometimes thought,

I'm a monster now.

Demons are strange in nature, and demons after years and experiences gradually evolve into superior beings.

I don't know for sure if I'm a demon or not, but it looks exactly like the demon boner (Skeleton).

Then I guess I can do it too?

Existential evolution.

And I thought so.

I've read quite a few demonic research books, but in them, I've read statements that bone men (skeletons) become corpse-eating ghosts (ghouls) when they evolve into beings.

Of course, corpse eaters (ghouls) are also immortal demons, so-called undead monsters, but they look closer to humans than boners (skeletons).

It's got meat on it, and, well, if I hide it with a robe or a mask or something, I guess I can't even manage to make a strong argument with humans.

That way, you could go to the city, and maybe get a chance to explain things to someone you know.

I know it's a pretty absurd thought, but that's all I could do right now.

So I thought, okay.

In the meantime, let's go for existential evolution.

In this labyrinth, I wanted to be a corpse-eating ghost (ghoul).