Raid with Greenwing is scheduled for a week, including travel dates to and from the airport.

Today is the third day.

At first, it was the first raid, and I was a little worried that something might go wrong.

However, when I opened the lid, I was able to collect the magic crystals smoothly.

We've been mining a lot more for the first party than we thought.

The second party is less than ours, but we have succeeded in collecting a satisfactory amount.

As a result of the above, I was able to say that the results were good.

After the first day of searching, we create a temporary camp and we take a break.

There were fewer sentinels assigned to a larger number of people, and everyone was able to rest more than usual.

All Raid members prepare a meal, and eat it while interacting freely.

I held the plate with the food in my hands and approached Alice and the others.

Leon had dinner with his friend Elena and was still at the first party.

"Good job! Was there a problem?"

“No, I didn't have any problems.”

It's too easy, you'll yawn.

Lindbergh answers the question, and Dan, sitting next to him, gives a spare expression.

"Dan! If you lick it and hang it, it will stomp your feet"

"I mean, there's Alice Nee and Lindbergh over here."I had nothing to do at all... "

Dan's mouth was sharpened.

Looks like Alice went too far and took Dan's job.

Indeed, at the time of S-Class Adventurer Alice's presence, the power of the second party might be higher than ours.

When I looked at Alice while thinking about it, for some reason the atmosphere was different than usual.

"Alice, is there a problem?"

"Nothing... nothing happened"

An impudent reply comes back.

No matter what I think, it's not the usual Alice.

That's fine, but why don't you keep quiet about your poor health?

"Oh dear, Mr. Label is persistent!"You said nothing!! "

Alice was unusual and her voice was rough.

The other members of the group were surprised at the appearance they did not normally show.

But what surprised me the most was Alice herself, who shouted out loud.

"I'm sorry! Looks like I'm a little tired today."It's a little early, but I'll let you rest until my watch time. "

"Ahhhh... take your time."

Adventurers risk their lives to challenge the dungeons.

I feel various kinds of stress under the state of being close to the limit.

As a result, some adventurers explode during their Dungeon Attacks.

In that case, it is best not to inspire the parties.

The only way to solve the problem is to have a way to control the stress yourself.

After Alice left, I turned my attention to Lindbergh.

What's wrong with Alice?

"You've been like that since morning today.I don't know why, but if we talk here, it'll be more complicated, so I'll talk to you later. ”

”It's getting confusing... what the hell is going on?”

"It's okay. It's a little rough, but Alice-san is strong."The monsters that appear in this dungeon will not stumble on you. "

"That's true, though." You can't even tell me why... "

Lindbergh, who was loyal to me, says he can't tell me.

It was too much of a shock, and I was as shocked as Dan.

That day, I didn't speak a word with Alice.

◇ ◇ ◇

The next morning, I decided to change the search point and start the search.

Yesterday's location was collecting magic crystals until Sumizumi, so it was a waste of time to search any further.

However, the next point moved becomes an empty gesture.

I'm sorry.

"What are you talking about!?"It was only thanks to Franca that we were able to collect it yesterday.Switch to the next point. ”

Concerned that the search point was empty, Franca lowered her head to me.

While cheering Franca up, I was aiming for the next point.

"Uuu, there's nothing here either..."

Franca and the others searched for the Magic Crystal desperately, but even at the point where they moved, they could not find the Magic Crystal.

When I turn my attention, Franca is about to cry.

"It's okay! Take it back and go!"We still have time!! "

To comfort Franca, who was shaking her shoulders and was about to cry, I put my hand on her back.

"When this happens, it's the last resort."I didn't mean to go this time, but I'm going to that point!! "

"That point? I didn't mean to go?"

"Yes, actually, there are other places where magic crystals are likely to occur."However, the location is a bit special, so I removed it from the list of candidates.Let me go there next time. "

“What's so special about it? Where is it?”

I'll spread out the map and tell Mr. Franca where to go.

It was definitely a dangerous place to get injured if we didn't squeeze in.

But from my point of view, I will judge that the current members can deal with it adequately.

"Okay, let's go."

“Yes! Thank you.”

I gave you my consent, and now we're going to that place.

When they arrive, gather them all and let me tell them what to look out for.

Guys, listen up. Next time, we're gonna search the back of the house.


"As you can see, this is a dangerous place with countless large cracks in the ground."If you step off the cliff, you'll be dropped to the bottom of the cliff. "

In front of me, there were countless large cracks in the ground in a place as spacious as a floor.

A huge maze of cracks is easy to understand.

When I throw a rock at a nearby rift, it falls as it hits a cliff too many times.

A few seconds later, the sound of a stone bursting.

It is a cliff of considerable depth, even if it is calculated from the time it reaches the bottom.

The members understood the danger and turned to a serious look.

"The solution is to always act with awareness at your feet.But naturally, the monsters are coming, and the cliffs can easily collapse, so be careful. "


"For that reason, ranged attacks will be important in battles in this location."I need someone who can attack each team from a distance to lead the fight. ”


We did it, we can finally fight.

I didn't miss Dan's pleasant voice mixed in with countless "yes" responses.

(Dan's guy couldn't fight, so he was stressed.)

Then two birds by one stone.

We started a search.

This place is hard to see with the light of the light crystal alone, so the leading adventurer is holding the lamp of the magic tool in his hand.

It seemed that the leading person would proceed while sharing the information at his feet with his peers.

Elina-chan, a monster will appear from there.

"Really? What a lie. How do you know that!?Leon-chan is amazing. "

Elena threw an arrow at Leon's place, and the monsters were gently wiped out.

"That girl's ability to spot enemies is really high."You're teaching me almost at the same time as you showed up!? "

Franca was stunned to see Leon.

"I teach a lot, so I'm used to it."So please feel free to search for Franca as well. "

"That's what it looks like." I'll concentrate on the search. "

I kept Leon's preview skill to myself.

We searched well after that.

After a while, Alice and the others, who were on a different route, turned their attention to their worries.

We were close to Alice, but blocked by a labyrinth of cracks.

The width of the crack was said to be 3 meters, and it was difficult to jump over it.

On the other hand, the walkway is about 2 meters wide, and it feels narrow for adventurers who are equipped with gear.

There's no better place for us than this.

"Lindbergh, are you okay?"

"Yes, it's okay. I found the demon crystal earlier."It looks like there are magic crystals around here. "

Well, don't push yourself.

I'll take care of it.

I change my gaze from Lindbergh to Dan.

Dan-kun, the rat has appeared!

Hannel, Elena's twin brother, finds the monster and informs her companions.

The attackers were led by Hannel, a wizard, and Archer's Dan.

"Leave it to me! The weakness was definitely between my brows." Quick Shot! "

Me too! Fireball!!

A rat is a monster with a bigger mouse. It has a smaller size and moves faster.

They came to us in these small places in a coordinated way.

Hannel couldn't hit the moving rat quickly, but Dan's arrow never removed the rat.

All three arrows fired with skill hit, and three rats were defeated with a single hit.

Dan-kun, that's amazing!

"Hehehe! I told you to leave it to me, didn't I?"

Now Dan was as vivid as a fish that got water.

(Dan is fine, isn't he?)

Finally, I turned my attention to Alice.

It looks like Alice noticed my gaze immediately.

Are you okay?

It's okay.

“If anything happens to you, I'm counting on you. Please.”

"Mr. Label, yesterday..."

Apparently, Alice was worried about yesterday, and she wanted to apologize for what she said.

"I don't care."


I felt that Alice's expression had brightened up.

"I found it, Mr. Label." It's a magic crystal!Can you come here? "

At that time, I heard the voice behind me that I had found Franca's magic crystal.

It was dangerous to mine a magic crystal without an escort.

I turn around and call out to Alice.

"Sorry, it looks like they called me. I'll take care of you."


Alice reached out to me, but on the way, she stopped.

"Yes, I understand. I'll take care of it."

As soon as she swallowed her words, Alice told me so.

I nodded and started escorting Franca and the others in the harvest.

Then, some time later, I heard Dan screaming.

"Alice, you're in my way!" Please don't get on the beam!! "

“What are you talking about? In this case, I'll take it down faster!!"

I could hear Alice's voice.

(Fighting!? What are they doing?)

I turn my attention to the two of you.

Despite Dan holding the bow, Alice rushed into the two rats.


Alice slipped between the rats and at the same time slashed their necks.

The two rats that appeared were destroyed in an instant.

Alice stops at the edge of the cliff and elegantly holds her sword in her sheath.

Then, as soon as I turned around and tried to return, the ground near my feet collapsed.


Alice lost her balance and was sucked right into the cliff.

"That's why I told you! You idiot!"

At the same time that Alice fell to the cliff, I pulled a knife from her waist to help Alice, swallowed the magic stone, and jumped towards the cliff where Alice had fallen.

"Mr. Label!?"

From behind, I heard Franca screaming.