"Hey, old man. You are in exile. Get out of the guild now!!

I was summoned to the Guildmaster's office, and I was abruptly told to deport.

It was Hans, a party member, who swept back into a fancy chair and was laughing thinly.

There are also three remaining companions lined up on both sides of Hans.

I was confused because I had no idea what was going on.

"Hey. Hans, what's going on? Is this some kind of joke? Suddenly he told me to get out of the guild..."

"Old man, I didn't like you from the beginning. When it comes to baggage carrying (porters), which is of no use other than carrying luggage, it seems like we're giving instructions to adventurers all the time, and they're too vulgar. If you weren't here, our party would be SS class."

"Yes, Hans is right. When you can't activate any of the simple magic, you can use the magic that suits the situation against me, called the magical genius!? I'm pissed to remember now."

Hans and the wizard Remilia, who were close enough for their skin to come into contact, curse.

(Someone to defend me... isn't there?)

I also saw my buddies on both sides snorting silently at Hans' words.

At that moment, I only understood that I had no side.

"If you didn't like it, I apologize. But the only reason I was talking was because the Alliance Master asked me to. You know that, don't you?

"Oh, that's why I've put up with it till today. But now I'm acting Alliance Master!! The Alliance's HR is up to me. So old man, I will banish you from the guild!!

Hans says it off again as he hoists the corner of his mouth.

Hans' gaze at me was grinning.

I thought back to why this happened.

The Alliance Master of the Alliance [All Grand] to which we belong is currently traveling to attend a joint Alliance meeting in a neighboring country.

It was this Hans who let me go and told me that he was deported when the master was absent.

Me and the members in the office are from the same party.

And my profession is luggage carrying.

Luggage Holder (Porter) is the name of a person who carries out support work such as transporting items required during a dungeon attack, storing acquired items, distributing timely items, mapping, etc., and is a non-combatant position.

I don't have the ability to fight demons because I'm non-combatant, but I'm the longest in the Alliance just to say how many years I've dived into a dungeon.

By the way, my age is almost 38.

I was expected to have that experience, and the Guildmaster asked me to raise them because I have promising young people, which was the hang-up I partied with them.

Then for a year, Hans and I joined the party as a baggage man (porter).

I didn't really want to be a baggage man (porter), I wanted to be an adventurer.

I've admired adventurers since I was a boy, and I've worked desperately to this day, but I still can't be an adventurer.

The reason for this is simple, because I couldn't remember a single skill in combat.

There's no way ordinary people who don't have combat skills can fight the vicious demons that live in the dungeons and win.

So once I tried to give up being an adventurer.

But I couldn't abandon my dreams, and I became a luggage man (porter) and chose to dive into a dungeon with an adventurer.

The reason I chose the luggage holder (porter) was also because I decided it was necessary to become an adventurer in order to learn how to fight active adventurers.

Being a porter and beginning to dive into the dungeon, I've slammed the adventurers' way into my head desperately.

There were plenty of things to remember about positioning, collaborating, and how to choose the magic to use in battle.

I've encountered many occasions where adventurers die in front of me, and I've been dying myself.

No matter how dangerous my eyes were, I couldn't give up being an adventurer.

The day I come and the day I come, I've been diving into the dungeons to my samurai.

One day, as I waited in the Guild Hall for adventurers, a familiar party called out.

The party was a party of young men who have hired me many times.

The leader says Cain, he's about seven years older than me.

It would be the most momentous party of the young.

"Hey label, do you have time? Actually, I need to talk to you?

"Cain, what's going on? So it's wage negotiations, huh? I'm looking out for you... so I can negotiate for a little while..."

"No, I'm not. I'm not. Actually, I made a new guild. So I was wondering if you could join my guild."

"You said you made guild!? Is that true? And you want me to join the guild? Are you insane? I'm a baggage man!!

"Don't be modest. A lot of people know you're capable. I've dived into a dungeon once with you, and every adventurer can't help but want you. But the guild masters of every guild are all stiff heads, and they only look at the porter like a disposable tool. But I'm not. Good porters greatly increase party survival. I need you."

I was told I needed it, and on the other hand I was happy, a little depressed.

I'm glad they say I'm good, but I wanted to be an adventurer, not a porter.

But this is also an opportunity.

If you belong to an Alliance, you may also have an increased chance of acquiring skills.

I took the hand I was offered and decided to join the Alliance.

And we've been watching the Alliance grow with Cain, raising [All-Grand] to be called one of the top ten Alliances.

While the Alliance grew so far, I was begged many times to become an executive.

But I never shook my head vertically and chose to keep diving into the dungeon as a porter.

It was all about being an adventurer.

(Ha... Here's the result... here we go)

I sigh loudly.

Hans is one of the few S-class party adventurers in [All Grand].

When I joined Hans' party, they were A-level parties.

I realized when I joined, all the party members were chunks of qualities.

So even if I wasn't at the party, it would have been only a matter of time before I was in S grade.

But for strength, there was no good collaboration within the party members.

Each stand play stands out, has a lot of futile moves, chooses a flashy overattack without hesitation, and uses too much futile magic.

No matter how strong an individual is, there are demons that sometimes attack him in numbers.

Sometimes a trivial trigger can crush you in an instant.

I've seen the status quo so many times.

As we go down to the lower level of the dungeon again, the demons become basically stronger, there's no way we can work together properly and win when fighting demons stronger than ourselves.

I've tried to tell them that many times, but it seems that Porter's opinions about me and the people I've been expected from around him didn't really matter.

There was also the stare of the Alliance Master, and Hans and the others listened to my instructions and cautions even as they looked disgusted, so I didn't realize they hated me as much as they wanted to banish the Alliance.

This time, Hans was entrusted to represent the Alliance Master because he had the kindness to ask Hans, who would stand with the future on his back, to gain the experience of those who stand above him...

Knowing the master's intentions beforehand, I sighed loudly again.

"I'm in trouble too if all of a sudden they tell me to leave the guild. I'm not going to obey you unless Cain the Master tells me directly."

If Cain returns, he will surely admonish Hans and the others.

Until then, I decided I should keep my distance without making things rough.

"Chip. You're the same old man who touches you shiatsu. Now you're telling me I'm the Alliance Master. If I tell you I'm in exile, I'm in exile."

"There's no way I can follow such tyranny, even though I know the real master will be back in a week"

"Then fuck it, but as a guild, you don't shake any job on the old man. Cook. You can't fight. You can't do anything about how much Porter scratched his feet. You're done, old man."

Without objection, I left the Alliance Master's room.

Then Hans notified me of my discretionary disposition in the Alliance.

As an ancient shrine, I was well known, so there was a little commotion going on.

Looks like a few adventurers I've been familiar with have gone to Hans to protest, but Hans never got along.

"Label. Never mind!! As soon as the master returns, he'll be able to dive into the dungeon. Think it's a good time to get some rest."

"Right. Let me do that."

The near-mature adventurer knew my relationship with the Alliance Master well enough to inspire me.

I also thought that if Cain returned, this ridiculous situation would converge immediately.

But a few days later, some startling news pops in on me.

"He said that someone attacked the Alliance meeting Cain is attending!!!

"Yeah, we don't know the details, but it looks like we're in a big mess."

"So what about the master? What happened to Cain?

"Life and death are unknown. 'Cause it looks like my escort's executive got injured, too. I hear there's an emergency meeting coming up on that one."

I left confused and headed to the emergency meeting place with the guild adventurer who came to tell me.