One Piece Infinity Gloves

Chapter 1: Infinity Gloves Understand 1?

Luo Qing was sitting on the beach staring at the endless turquoise sea in front of him, hoping that a ship would find the island and bring him back to human civilization, away from this damned 'prehistoric forest'!

Seven days have passed since he somehow crossed here.

Thinking back to seven days ago, he was an inconspicuous second-generation rich rice worm among the multitudes of people on Earth.

Well... Just the kind whose family had a little money and assets of over 100 million.

His goal in life was to survive these decades peacefully and smoothly, and then succeed in inheriting those 'all evil' legacies from his old man!

And then strive to take these 'sources of all evil' and use them for the people, and at the most, finally leave a little 'source of fire' to pass on to their own descendants.

Every time Luo Qing thought about his plans for his future life, he felt that he was really too 'conscious'!

To be able to raise the word 'loser' to such heights, to self-hypnotize even himself into believing it, in a sense, he is indeed a 'genius'!

So when he finished watching the premiere of 'Women's Union III' with his Nth gold-worshipping girlfriend, he listened to the cute looking lady with the sweet voice selling the peripheral: "Do you want to know about the same style of infinite glove of the exterminator?".

Luo Qing resolutely took out his cell phone in the slightly hot eyes of his female companion and the lady across the street.

Scan the QR code, fingerprint to pay successfully, pack up and go!

An 'identical' infinite glove that sells for only a few hundred dollars on a certain treasure, Luo Qing, the unjust victim, spent 9,999!

Can't their eyes get any hotter than that!

The first thing you need to do is to get to know the person you're talking to, and the second thing you need to do is to get to know the person you're talking to.

As for the surrounding small lovers and good friends who are watching the fun, the eyes and expressions of those 'look two fools' are all automatically understood by him as envy and jealousy.

After returning to the hotel, the gold-worshipping female student went to take a shower.

Luo Qing, on the other hand, was curious to open the package and took out the 'infinite glove made by the real person of the extermination hegemony one to one'.

When I took it out, there was a small piece of paper that fell on the floor.

Luo Qing opened it and saw that it was really the mysterious code left by the lady selling the peripheral, and if he still had some energy left, he wouldn't mind doing justice again.

But when he was weighing this nearly ten thousand 'big toy', he always felt that there seemed to be something wrong.

French motherfucking grams!

Just as Luo Qing was about to try it on, he finally realized what was wrong!

The same fucking style as the Gods!

The Infinity Glove is worn on the left hand!

How is he right-handed!

That's embarrassing!

As a qualified and low-key rich second generation, Luo Qing has been cheated not once or twice, but who let his old man be rich!

But it's still depressing to him that something so stupid is happening!

"Never mind, the right hand is the right hand, maybe this is the one from Odin?"

Luo Qing comforted himself with this, only because he seemed to vaguely remember an egg in Thor III where Hammer Brother and Sister found a 'right-handed version' of the Infinity Glove in their father's treasure trove, and it was still jeweled, but it was probably just a model.

He simply accepted this setting, and then took advantage of the interval when the goblin inside, who might come out at any time to suck his life essence, was still washing the fragrance in white, he solemnly put his right hand in....


When he opened his eyes again, he was stranded on an island full of unnamed trees and all sorts of genetically mutated beasts.

What's even more incredible is that the golden 'right hand version' of the Infinity Glove is still intact on his right hand.

At first he wondered if he had been kidnapped, or if it was a prank of his friends and foxes.

But when he found a 10-meter-tall tiger, a 20-meter gorilla, and all sorts of genetic mutations that pale in comparison, he was more or less certain that he was no longer on that familiar Earth.

Luo Qing, who was nervous and optimistic by nature, soon came to the mood.

But then he was struck by the natural disparity between the species and no longer dared to go within a hundred meters of the forest!

Have you ever seen a 100 meter long python?

Luo Qing, who was nearly swallowed by it, is still terrified in retrospect, and if it weren't for the fact that the python's target wasn't his 'little worm', but a 5-meter-long cheetah that was about to sneak up on him, then his legendary journey might have ended in the first chapter!

So after that, Luo Qing, who still didn't know where he was, had to hide on the desolate beach by the sea, and the beasts in the forest didn't seem to have any interest in this little insect. uU reads

So the question is, how can a rice worm, who has lived for more than 20 years without any survival skills or knowledge of the wild, be left alone on an island infested with giant beasts?

Catching fish?

Let alone whether he could catch it or not, the smallest and most 'kindest' fish he had seen in the past few days hiding on the beach were two to three meters long, and had mouths full of sharp teeth.

Are you sure it was him that caught the fish and not the fish that ate him?

So the road of relying on the sea to eat the sea is definitely not feasible.

But the good thing is that after his observation in the past few days, he found that generally the outermost ones are relatively 'weak' and less aggressive creatures.

So he limited his activities to a distance of 20 meters inside the forest, where he was able to harvest some fruit that fell on the ground, but he couldn't climb the trees.

The good thing is that there seems to be a tribe of monkeys living around here, and most of the fruits Luo Qing picked up were just thrown down by them.

Bravo, my monkey brother!

If a monkey can eat it, there's no reason why he can't. In a primitive forest like this, it's unlikely that there are any pesticides or anything like that.

So after making sure there was no poison, Luo Qing was lucky enough to survive.

In the evening, he returned to his temporary nest, which was barely sheltered from the wind and rain, in order not to be eaten at night by any beast that came out on a whim for a walk.