One Sword Reigns Supreme

Chapter 3 Three Thousands of Spirit Twenty -seven: Fairy Tao!

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Ye Xuan frowned!

When will I have friendship with you? The cold sweat of the universe flows down!

Oh shit!

He really wanted to draw his two palms at this moment. Why can't he find this guy for this little thing? Ye Xuan didn't speak, and seemed to be thinking.

Seeing this scene, the spirit of the universe smiled bitterly, "Ye Xiaoyou, don't believe what he said, if I fall, I will indeed feed this universe, but if I have detonated, honestly, this universe will definitely collapse 1 Ye Xuan thought for a while, and then laughed: "The predecessor thought more!

I have no other meanings 1 The Spirit of the Universe glances at Ye Xuan, Damn, Lao Tzu believes you a ghost!

Not to mention, he was really afraid of Ye Xuan!

If Ye Xuan is chaotic, then there is really no solution!

The owner of the Avenue once said to him that treating Ye Xuan can only make sense with him, and don't let Ye Xuan rot!

Once Ye Xuan is rotten, it is no solution!

The most unsolved person!

No one can stop!

The king of the mountain is not terrible, the terrible thing is the rotten king!

The spirit of the universe sighs!

I knew that I had been sleeping and dying at first!

Why do you want to come out to provoke this bastard? Ye Xuan glanced at the spirit of the universe, smiled, and didn't say anything!

Kill the Spirit of the Universe? He really thought about it just now, but that is, think about it!

There are too many uncertain factors!

Moreover, his main enemies are those spirits in the real world, and they must first solve those gods!

As for the Spirit of the Universe, it really doesn't work, let's hand it to my son to deal with it!

Someone: ".

Seeing Ye Xuan's dangerous and perverted thoughts, the Spirit of the Universe was also relieved!

If this guy is really messy, he is really afraid!

After all, that sister is too capable of fighting!

Lao Chu on the side glanced at Ye Xuan and the Spirit of the Universe, his expression was a little weird!

He found that the spirit of the universe seemed to be a bit afraid of Ye Xuan.


Actually make the Spirit of the Universe!

At this time, Ye Xuan suddenly looked at Lao Chi and laughed: "Lao Chi, don't you have to bring people? Let's bring 1 Lao Chi nodded," Okay!

Waiting for a moment 1, he turned and disappeared in place.

Ye Xuan glanced at the spirit of the universe not far away, and then said: "Senior, I am particularly curious, can you tell me?"

The Spirit of the Universe nodded, "You ask 1 Ye Xuan's frown slightly," You are the spirit of this universe, which is equivalent to the first life of this universe, right? "

The spirit of the universe nodded, "It was 1 Ye Xuan asked," Who created the universe? "

Hearing the words, the spirit of the universe frowned!

Ye Xuanshen said: "You won't you know, right?"

The Spirit of the Universe shook his head, "You asked this question, I don't know how to answer you 1 Ye Xuan," Why? "

The spirit of the universe said, "I know, you and many people are curious. How the root of everything in this universe comes, is there any super horror strong, such as the God's creation of God before!

Is it right? "

Ye Xuan nodded, "It is the spirit of the universe shook his head and smiled." In fact, there is no so -called God in this world. It is nothing more than a powerful person or spirit, or something else!

As for this kind of creation god you said, I think there is no 1 Ye Xuan asked, "How did the universe appear?"

The Spirit of the Universe: "Who knows? Anyway, I don't worry about it. 1 Ye Xuan was a little disappointed!

He did not expect that the Spirit of the Universe didn't know!

The Spirit of the Universe suddenly said: "If you are really curious, you can ask your sister in the future. She may know 1 to say, he paused, and said," Don't say, if you say that if there is such an existence I think this person may be your sister 1 Qinger!

Ye Xuan suddenly stunned!

The spirit of the universe smiled bitterly, "You might not be able to feel that she was so strong to to what extent. Ye Xuan thought about it, and then said," For example? "

The Spirit of the Universe looked at Ye Xuan, "If I want to kill you, it should be easy to do.

And she was going to kill me, and it was also easy to think of Ye Xuan, and then said, "In other words, the gap between me and Qinger is just a spirit of the universe, right?"

After a moment of silence of the universe, he said, "God understands 1 Ye Xuan.

At this time, the old man appeared in the field, and beside him, he followed a little girl. The little girl was about twelve or three years old. She was wearing a simple cloth skirt, but she was very clean. At this moment, she was curious to stare at Ye Xuan and the Spirit of the Universe!

"It is your 1 universe's spirit to see the little girl, and immediately wished the little girl laughed:" Xiao Yu, you also nodded in the spirit of the universe, "Su Xiaomei, are you sure you want to go with him? I can tell you, After going out, you will embark on a brand new path.

Su Xiaomei thought about it, and then said, "I want to go out and see the spirit of the universe whispered," Alright, he spread it out, and an ancient cheats slowly floated in front of Su Xiaomei. "This gives this. You, you should help you 1 Sister Su did not refuse. She picked up the ancient book, and then said, "Xiaoyu, thank you for laughing the spirit of the universe:" No need to be polite, you were the only bun that year. I gave me a 1 Sister Su pouting and smiling, "You are so powerful, you don't look at the spirit of a bun. He glanced at Ye Xuan, and then said, "After you go out, you must stay away from some people, don't be broken!

do you know? "

Ye Xuan's face was suddenly dark. "You can smile at the spirit of the 1 universe that I read out of my name.

After the spirit of the universe left, Ye Xuan looked at the little sister Su, and Su Xiaomei looked at Ye Xuan and smiled slightly.

Ye Xuan looked at Su Xiaomei. Soon, he frowned. He found that Su Xiaomei's physique seemed very special!

At this time, Lao Yan suddenly laughed: "Ye Gongzi, I tell you that she was the first body of our time, called Xiandao body. She practiced it and was definitely invincible!

In the Holy City before, I dare not teach her cultivation, but now.

Having said, he paused and said, "Ye Gongzi, is it better to teach her to cultivate?"

Ye Xuan stunned, "Why?"

Lao Zi said with a deep voice: "She followed you to cultivate, and she can avoid many cause and effect 1 Ye Xuandao:" Are you worried about the Spirit of the Universe? "

Lao Chi nodded, "Yes!

That war that year threatened to the Spirit of the Universe was the owner of the fairy body of the year, so

Ye Xuan nodded slightly, "I understand 1, he looked at Su Xiaomei and laughed:" Are you willing to follow me? "

Xiao Su blinked, "Do you learn swords?"

Ye Xuan smiled: "As long as you like it, you can salute 1 Sister Su." Master is good at Ye Xuan and glanced at Su Xiaomei and smiled slightly. I have to say that this little girl is quiet, it is true!

At this time, Ye Xuan's brain suddenly rose a thought, would you like to cultivate a dozen daughter -in -law for his son? Then, then, then