Online game doomsday: God pet fusion system

001. Earth game, god pet system

You can search for the latest chapters in Baidu for "Apocalypse of Online Games: Search Novels with God Pet Fusion System ("!At three o'clock in the afternoon, inside a small hotel.

Lin Sheng lit three cigarettes, bowed to the statue of Master Guan, then put on the incense, still chanting words:

"Guan Erye bless me, as soon as I get my soul, as long as I get it, I will give you incense every day in the future."

After a metaphysical operation, Lin Sheng sat down and solemnly looked at the lottery interface that appeared in front of him.

The lottery interface is extremely simple, just an ordinary large turntable, the turntable is divided into six areas, namely white, green, blue, purple and orange, and the area occupies a very small black.

It is obvious that the game is divided into rare level colors.

Lin Sheng now only hopes that he will be very lucky, and once he gets into the soul and gets black, then the survival probability of himself and his sister Lin Mo will be greatly improved on this world like the last days.

That's right, the earth as doomsday.

Half an hour ago, the global network was paralyzed, and all electronic equipment failed. The science and technology tree that mankind had built up one after another for thousands of years collapsed.

Then a system appeared in everyone's mind-the "Earth Game System".

The announcement of the system claims that the entire earth has been transformed into a game, every human being is a player, and the gameplay is to upgrade the monsters.

A large number of monsters are suddenly generated around the world, and the system also claims that the difficulty of the game will increase every other month, and the game operation time is: permanent.

Doomsday, the real doomsday, and not the doomsday that comes suddenly, but the doomsday that gradually deepens despair.

Lin Sheng tried to calm down after a brief panic. However, it didn't take long before he actually obtained another system, a system that belonged to him alone-the "God Favor Fusion System".

At that time, several reminders sounded in his mind:

"The system enables the forced activation scheme... the forced activation is successful... the current system is activated at 40%."

"An abnormal system has been detected, data is being read... the reading is successful."

"The data has been read, and the energy conversion formula is successfully generated..."

"The adjustment of the system is complete... the'God Pet Fusion System' is on."

"Automatically receive today's lottery, the number of draws +1"

Although surprised, Lin Sheng calmed down quickly and decided to use up the chance to draw once a day.


"The gods, gods, ancestors and ancestors, no matter who it is, let me, the poor man who has been unlucky for half my life, burst into luck!"

Lin Sheng no longer hesitated, with a movement of thought, the turntable in front of him immediately turned...

"Stop—" Lin Sheng called to stop immediately after closing his eyes, and after a silent count of three seconds, he opened his eyes to check the results of the lottery.

"Congratulations, we won the purple-quality smart pet-the nine-tailed fox."

Nine-tailed fox?Purple quality?

Lin Sheng was taken aback and immediately closed the lottery panel and opened the pet interface.

The pet interface is also very simple. There are three grids in front of him. One of the grids is the nine-tailed fox drawn just now. When he thought about it, the detailed data of the nine-tailed fox appeared in front of him.

PetNine-tailed Fox

LevelFirst order



[Fusion] none

[Ability] Charm bonus lv1, affinity bonus lv1

[Skills] Charm lv1, Foxfire lv1


"Congratulations on getting the first pet. After the pet is summoned, the host will gain the same abilities as the pet."

After reading the nine-tailed fox panel, Lin Sheng couldn't help being overjoyed. Although the nine-tailed fox only sounds like an offensive skill with fox fire, the practicality of the two charm bonus and affinity bonus is too high.

You must know that humans are social animals. Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes. Even if it is the same earth as the doomsday, human beings also exist as game players. With these two bonuses, at least some unnecessary troubles can be avoided. .

"In short, summon the nine-tailed fox first." Zilang Literature

As soon as he thought, a snow-white fox appeared on the floor in front of him.

"Well, seeing you are white, I'll call you Xiaoxue."

Lin Sheng touched Xiaoxue's hair, and Xiaoxue also rubbed it up spiritually.

Feeling the various data of Xiaoxue carefully, Lin Sheng was delighted, but when he thought of "Game of Earth", he calmed down immediately.

The difficulty of the earth game is increased once a month, which is undoubtedly forcing players to fight monsters and upgrades, avoiding people from salting fish and eating them.

I don’t know how many people will be left in the world in a month...As for the country’s rescue, although the country is strong, facing this unknown existence that can transform the entire planet into a game, I’m afraid it’s impossible to defy the rules of the game on Earth.

Settling down, Lin Sheng retracted his thoughts, stopped thinking, and opened the door.

In fact, this earth game does not have the concept of a "safe zone", which means that monsters can be spawned anywhere.

So when Lin Sheng opened the door, what he saw was a green-skinned, round-headed monster holding a mallet, no more than four feet tall, and it is worth mentioning that this monster and the "Goblin" in ordinary games Lin is very similar.

"The developers of this earth game must have played a lot of video games."

Lin Sheng murmured, but the action did not stop. Subconsciously, he threw a "Charm lv1" directly, and then...

Seeing the goblin standing by his side obediently, Lin Sheng held the nine-tailed fox in both hands and stroked its snow-white hair with his hands, lost in thought...

The "Charm" skill was so effective, it was far beyond Lin Sheng's expectation.

Lin Sheng carefully read the description of the system, only to discover that this "Charm lv1", which is a level 1 charm, has a higher probability of controlling all monsters below level 20.

The higher the opponent's level, the lower the success rate, and the shorter the control time. Level 1 Charm will also control level 19 at most, and this has to be luck.

The charm success rate for all monsters of level 20 and above is 0.

On the contrary, the lowest-end level 1 monster like the Goblin in front of you, the charm can be permanently controlled, and the success rate is 100%.

The only drawback is that the "Charm" skill can only control one target at the same time, which makes Lin Sheng's fanciful "Goblin Army" plan ruined.

After learning more about it, Lin Sheng couldn't help feeling that he had no idea about Taishan. Just now he thought that two bonuses were the most profitable.

You must know that the Earth game is only in its early stages, and there should be basically no monsters above level 20, which means that you can really walk sideways.

"It's really a purple pet, this wave is cool!"

Lin Sheng was overjoyed, but he didn't get complacent. He controlled the goblins and walked to the corridor.

Since there is a goblin here, there should be a group of goblins, which is also one of the rules of the "Earth Game"-ordinary mobs will not refresh individually.

When Lin Sheng controlled the goblins through charm, it was like separating a consciousness. There was no discomfort when using the body of the goblin. This made Lin Sheng once again admire the power of the "charm" skill, which is simply a god Technique.

The goblins walked all the way, until they got to the next floor, they found three goblins gathered together, knocking on a door.

Lin Sheng's eyes lit up and he was manipulating the goblins. A club went up and knocked one of the goblins to explode its head.


The goblin, together with the mallet it held, shattered into some fragments, and then dissipated.

That's right, these so-called goblins are after all monsters generated by the earth game. They have no thoughts, or even physical bodies.

Although a wound will shed green blood, once it is killed, it will become fragments and disappear.

Normally it was like this, but what was beyond Lin Sheng's expectation was that instead of dissipating, the fragments also poured into Lin Sheng's body.

"The player kills a goblin, experience +50"

"The host kills a goblin, the aura +50"

The "Earth Game System" calls itself the player, while the "God Pet Fusion System" calls itself the host.

Listening to the two system prompts, Lin Sheng ignored it.

At this time, the other two goblins had already rushed up, but Lin Sheng didn't panic. With a thought, the little snow in the pet pen appeared on the ground.

As Xiaoxue also used the "Charm" skill on one of the goblins to instigate it, the remaining goblin was caught off guard and was hit to death by a nearby "friend".

If this goblin has thoughts, his eyes must be full of anger, confusion, and a certain "green" feeling.

At this time, the prompt sound of the Earth Game System sounded again.

"The player's experience point is full, and it will automatically rise to level 2."

level 2?Lin Sheng is still very curious about the level of the Earth game system. I wonder if he will improve his attributes after the upgrade?