Ore Dake Kaereru Kurasu Teni

class metastasis

"Whoa, whoa... neem..."

That day, I was yawning and going to school through the school path I was used to going to.

I don't know what to say, no different routine.

Simple days of wasting that routine and going as an adult...... I don't even think I like it, and I didn't want to be around middle school for some funny, complicated days, annoyances like wanting stimulation.

Of course, I don't think it's an act everyone experiences that is closed in their minds as black memories that wield the unique mental state of middle school students back and forth.

Well, my name is Yuba Hashi, and I went to a high school sophomore year.

He thinks his height is medium meat and his face is average.

Sometimes they say it's a little blurry, but what do you think?

I don't do club activities in particular.

I don't feel the point of doing it, and I don't want to.

I don't know if it would be a page of youth if I did anything at the club, but I'm not going to have the hatred, exercise, study, personality to say this in a crowd.

But... a friend says he can't grasp the main points, but he says he can count on me when he's in trouble.

Sit in your own seat in the classroom and yawn again.

"Hey! Hey! You're still weak in the morning. Happiness is."

He's been talking to me since elementary school my friend...... yeah.

He would be a little happy to call me a friend.

His name is Sakaa Branch (eh) Mao Shishi Shin (Nobu).

Sports all-purpose excellence, good personality and many friends.

Perfect Superman that is harder to find people who are not close to each other even within the class.

Should I describe him as tall and blessed in everything I say?

My face, too, should be my standard.

Sometimes I joke about it, and I can light it up to be humble.

I don't think I've ever had an unpleasant response from dating Maoshin.

"I'm sleepy."

"Were you even playing the game again? I know how you feel, but if we don't keep it on track, it's gonna sound like a test, okay?

He said, "I know."

Here's the thing... there's this strange fringe guy who's gonna be in the same class a lot more often, right?

A friend with enough connections to call it childhood taming for that kind of edge.

That's Mao Shin.

I think I'm blessed.

I've never been particularly isolated because Maoshin did the squad leader in class or anything, and invited me to do so naturally.

Are you lucky that you don't feel the hardship of forming factions in your class due to advancement or further education, but also due to Maoshin?

Conversely, where there is no Maoshin...... I can't say that it's very good luck to patrol if it's an online game or anything...... I also feel like it.

"Do you have any classes that tend to be late or something?

"Hmm... nothing in particular. Sleepy. I wonder if she's asleep until the morning ceremony."

"Ten minutes or so of sleep... well, that sounds like happiness"

Nah, we thought it was going to be the same today.

Would that have been the second limit since class started?

"So, there is, the formula here is -"

As I photograph the teacher's classes on my notebook, I see some sort of geometric pattern suddenly floating up on the blackboard.

What is that?

"Hey, what!?

Teachers also notice the anomaly of things and slide blackboard erasure to erase the geometry that floats on the blackboard.

"Yes, what the hell!?

"Someone's prank?

"What the fuck!?

However, the geometric pattern... something like the magic formation never disappeared... floated brightly and flashed.



"Mi, everybody, calm down! I don't know if there's anything there, but just in case..."

Before Mao Shin finished saying that, he hooked up... my consciousness broke off as if I had switched it off...


Something stinks of a plant that irritates my nose...... apparently it was falling.

I open my eyes with a frown and wake up my body.

I'm not sure what the situation is, but apparently he was put to sleep unconstitutionally in a pristine place.

Or... some campsite?

There are no tents or anything, but forests like square-like open spaces and surroundings... because it looks pretty deep.

"Hey, what!?

Turn your gaze toward the voice.

Then there was the moment when all the classmates got up swooping.

"What the hell happened?

Someone groans like that, and similar words continue.

"Hmm... where are we?

"Yes! Where are you? Here!

"Everybody calm down..."

A risen teacher answers as he looks around.

"How can you stay calm!

"If you notice, they're sending you to the back of the mountain!

Sure it is.

How the hell are we supposed to be here?

But the situation is the situation.

"I'll call you just in case -! From the top -"

So the teacher calls each student's name.

Uh, you need to sort things out first.

The outfit is student clothes as it was in the situation where I was taking classes, bags...... lunch boxes inside.

Wallets and student cards, and smartphones a year after parents bought them......

For once, are you going in during class?

Watch your smartphone screen while you think it's careless.

... out of range. The antenna is not standing.

"Hey... where are you?"

The guy who was mumbling his smartphone, just like me, squeaks.

Navigation's not working, either.

Today's smartphone also has GPS functionality, which can determine the current location.

But... I didn't know it even worked. Seeing as I was taken away by quite a few mountain backs... is that good?

"Group abduction!?

A woman in class speaks up.

Sure, it's hard to think so.

But if it's really abduction, it won't be established without the killer.

"Guys, calm down!

A teacher who finishes the students' call-ups slaps his hand and calls attention.

"My teacher doesn't even know what happened. But there's nothing good about panicking here. Everybody just calm down and deal with the situation."

Well, that's right.

That's what they say. My classmates regain their composure at once.

"Hmm? What is this?

That's where everyone turned their gaze. I turn my eyes, too.

In the middle of the square there is a black tablet like a monolith.

"Some piece of art or something?

"Uh... an art forest or something? TV or some kind of surprise and, like, dodgy."


What a gaze at the tablet with chatter.

Then I understood that the letters were engraved there.

"... hmm?

The tablet is engraved with the names of the classmates from above.

The first one is a little too far away to confirm, but the bottom one can confirm that it has a name on it.

Of course my classmates noticed.

And inside the tablet is engraved my name, too.

Hanabashi Fulfillment Capacity Transfer

... Metastasis? What the fuck?

Everyone leans their necks to see what the tablet is and goes.

So, I figured out what the letter said above.

List of abilities.

"List of abilities?

Speak to match Maoshin standing next to you.

What kind of ability is that?

At the same time I think the sound of a picon hits my head, in my sight… a mysterious window appears.

"Hey, what!?

"What's up!?

"Something sounded and into your sight... you don't look like Maoshin?

"Huh? Oh, I heard a noise. Wow! What?

Apparently, it's something that emerges when you're conscious, something that no one else can see... something that floats from one person to another.

In the meantime, during my classmates, I check the mysterious windows that have surfaced.

Hanabashi Kosei LV1

LV? What's an item like that game promise?

I mean... this window... isn't it a status icon that's perfectly common in games and stuff?

If checked closely, it even describes the detailed talent value.

Well... LV1 is the only one with a single-digit talent.

"Well done... how do you do that? I don't know how it works... but I'm not burning smoke."

"Hmm... isn't that different?

It doesn't seem like a scientific phenomenon at all.

To my significance, Maoshin immediately changes his mind.


"What the hell is this!

Students who are class commissioners speak differently.

I know how you feel, but you have a big voice.

"Come on......?

There's no point in explaining it when you tell me to go into detail.

I don't think I can explain it to anyone here.