It's a shop called "Nora Inuya" one day.

When Blitzboy, a gladiator employed as a clerk, was working to close the store, Osan called out.

"Good work, Blitzboy.

Could you spare me some time?

I need to talk to you for a second.... "

Speaking of Ron Wolf, he appeared in the colloquium like a comet, leaving many legendary anecdotes for gladiators.

It was a longing for the Blitzboy.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Lone Wolf.

But there's a game that's important to me tomorrow, and I'm going to have to make some final adjustments. "

"Can I accompany you to the final adjustment?

What is the story of tomorrow's game? "

"What, about my game?

I thought the Blitz Boy was an invitation to drink, but Lone Wolf's unexpected suggestion confused me.

However, as long as it was about the game, I agreed to Ron Wolf's invitation.

Then they leave the shop and move to the colloquium practice area.

"Mr. Blitzboy, tomorrow's opponent is Saturus, the warrior of the Shinsengumi, right?

"Yes, Saturus looks good and has sword arms.

Now that the colloquium has more female visitors, he is the most popular brave man.

So if you win, my name will come up all at once.

More than that, Saturus is a catamarine of desire, and the worst he can see when he's a woman.

Even if he was a fan of mine, he was trying to reach out...

That's why we can't lose tomorrow!

"What is a weapon?

"It's his weapon of choice, the knife.

He never lost a game with a knife...

But I'll try!

"Now, let me give you one piece of advice.

Saturus's skill is to shake the knife in the opposite hand and attack it down....

It's commonly referred to as the 'Ice Pick Blade', but when it comes... "

"I know, why don't you just back off?

Isn't that the basics? "

"No, that move will come after you when you run back.

So please stick it towards the knife. "

"Eh!? How dare you poke me into a swinging knife...!?

Well, shall we actually do it?

On that day, they practiced Saturday's 'Ice Pick Blade' countermeasures until late at night.

And the next day.

Fighting in the cheer of female guests, Saturus throws a special 'Ice Pick Blade', which has buried many gladiators so far.

The opponent's Blitz Boy pulled back, but he was delusionally struck by a huge step in pursuit...

But the Blitz Boy broke into his body against expectations.

Grab the arm with the knife, not the knife, with crossed hands, diving under the shaken knife.

Saturus said, "What!? Soon,

... Zdhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

A powerful knee kick was buried in the groin.

"Ugh... ugyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!?!?

The knife was dropped with the scream of the Terminator, and Saturus was wandering around.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

After that, all the brave men of the colloquium continued to lose a series of fights.

In line with the heroes' skill, they set up a powerful counter with a set stone removed, and they are beaten with a single blow.

While a large number of guests were watching, it collapsed pitifully, and even those who cried out in pain appeared.

Until now, the hero of the colloquium was treated differently, and the gladiator was proud of the strength of the iron plate.

Because gladiators have to fight with the cheap gear given to them by the industrialists, but the brave side is free to choose the gear.

For this reason, the odds could not have been achieved in the brave versus gladiator game, anyway.

In the match between the brave and gladiator, the gladiator side had a bet on how many seconds.

But at last, the era of the brave one was broken.

It was exclusively because the gladiators' skills had improved, but no one knew there was an Osan trainer there.

And what happens when the brave men of the colloquium can't win...

The cockroaches attacked the transient gorgeous smart...!

"Oh, come on, Saturus!

"You've turned my fortune into a scarecrow!

"And you lost in one shot! What a colloquium brave man!

"Come on, we can beat the weak ones!

The cockroaches stopped listening, even if the brave men blamed the evil.

Naturally, female customers are no longer able to catch the tide.

"Did you see Saturus in today's game?

"Yeah, I lost in one shot and it was so cool!

"And I was crying with my groin pressed!

"The opponent's Blitzboy was cool compared to that!

"Yeah, I was surprised when I broke into that knife attack without fear!

"It was really like lightning!

"Hey hey, that Blitzboy has a store where he works as a clerk!

"Really!? Let's go!

The Gladiators' "Hunt for the Brave" at the colloquium.

As a result, the position of Gorgeous Smart and Nora Inouya stores is once again reversed.

Besides, something unexpected happened.

In Seven Lux, the sales of stores that were the top earners of "Gorgeous Smart" fell to less than half.

The name of the store is...

"Gorgeous Smart Coliseum Store"...!