"Gorgeous Smart Coliseum Store" is a gorgeous smart store in the coliseum.

It is an ultra-large store with the largest sales floor area and assortment in Japan.

And sales were also dantons.

Because the equipment used by thousands of brave men and gladiators belonging to them was covered by this store.

At the same time, the colloquium shop was regarded as unstoppable.

The shop is located in the colloquium, where there is no space for other tenants.

Having a shop outside the colloquium is far less convenient.

In the first place, there was no personal shop that could strip fangs in gorgeous smart, but for those reasons, there was no Adventurer shop nearby.

This is the same principle as no one opens a shopping mall.

However, Ron Wolf dropped this Gorgeous Smart Castle, known as the Undefeated Castle, without deploying a base named the Formation.

In other words, modern weapons have slipped in time during the Sengoku era.

During the Sengoku Period, it was imperative to deploy positions in the vicinity to attack the castle.

The absence of the formation was a good time to say that the castle had not been attacked by anyone.

But suddenly I raided the guardian pavilion....!

The unknown, the iron bird...!

With so much surprise, the collapse of the colloquium shop was taken care of.

Now, specifically, how did Lone Wolf rob the store of its share of the largest store in Japan...


"Ah, Mr. Lone Wolf, I thought it was time to come! That's what this is about, right?

"Yes, how about the neck and tail?

"That's enough!

I can't believe you're really right!

How the hell did you get so many female customers to this guy's colloquium?

But thanks to that, the image of the colloquium has improved considerably!

Really? Then you can keep your promise, right?

"Oh, I thought it was impossible, I promised you, but if you do this well, you're doomed!

As promised, I will procure the weapons used by gladiators in the colloquium from Nora-Inuya's referral store!

Osan didn't hire gladiators just to get rid of cockroaches.

How dare you negotiate with the owner of the colloquium, and if you succeed in imaging the colloquium, you promise to let the gladiators handle your weapons...!

Rather, this is the real goal...!

In other words, it is like making a medicine to destroy a cockroach's nest from a cockroach slapped with a slipper.

It was precisely a drug.

This gorgeous smart castle, which is said to be irresistible, is melting to the ground....!

"Nora-nouya" ensures a sales route with the owner of the colloquium due to the effects of drugs.

This was to sell the stock in the contract store of "Noranouya" to the owner of the colloquium.

From this point on, Noranouya's contract stores will provide additional revenue and gains.

And finally...

Gorgeous Smart 50: Individual Shop Federation 50

You've earned shares up to each other (even)....!

For this, the vice director Combi was also pulled out.

After all, the two generals were supposed to be on the front lines themselves and dealing with wild dogs...

Even though the two generals were bumping into each other with all their might, the wild dog was actually just trying to fight each other...

The wild dog's destiny is the guardian pavilion, and when the two generals realized it, it was already in the hands of the wild dog.

"Hey, what is this, Mr. Banglapsy?! How could the sales of colloquium stores be down by less than half...!?

"Hey, the owner of the colloquium suddenly told me to get some equipment for the gladiators."

"No way, that's about...!?

"Yeah, it's like a shop where Nora Inuya consults!

"Gorgeous Smart only gave it to the owner of the colloquium at a special discount!?

If a personal store does business at that price, it will definitely be in deficit!

In that case, "Noranouya" will be sold at the normal price....!

How the hell did you get into the colloquium?

"Hey, I don't know at all, but if I get hit by a colloquium store, I'll have to laugh now! Uh-huh!

They still had plenty of room to laugh hard.

But there's one person here who's not funny at all....!

"Hey!? Master Banglapsy!? Not if you're laughing!?

Hurry up and hit me next!

"Well, don't panic so much, Shakir."

Yes, Shakir, a reporter for Daily Seven-Lux.

He was anxious to avoid the deadline for a month after the opening, a promise he made to Lone Wolf.

This is because you will have to write an article about "Noranouya."

But Shakir keeps that secret from Deputy Director Combi.

That is why there was a tremendous temperature difference between Shakir and Deputy Director Combi.

"When will my next hand be?! Tomorrow!? The day after tomorrow!?

"Uh-huh! You can't do it so soon!

Next time, I'm going to do a big one called Dokan, so I wonder if it'll take me another week just to draw up a plan!?

"Hmm... that's it!? Then we won't make it!

"What do you mean you can't make it?

"Nh... nothing! Giggle... excuse me for today!

... suppose there was something in this world that would have been "Death Square Notebook".

It is a mysterious notebook that comes to mind among those who may die soon.

Let's say that dying includes not only the real death of life, but also social annihilation.

If you open the notebook, his name must have been added to the first page.

Deathstroke Note



Sur Bonkos



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