In the Kingdom of Seven Lux, the newspaper "Daily Seven Lux" boasts the largest number of copies.

In the corner is an article inscribed "Noi-nuya Dai Feature."

There is a smile from the owner of the shop who has signed a contract with Nora Nunya and the adventurers who are guests.

Thanks to Noranuya-san, I learned about the pleasure of business!

If you manage according to Noranouya-san's advice, more and more customers will come!

I've come a long way, but I want to dream of so much more revenue and profit!

No-no-ya-san helped me hang myself!

Thanks to Nora Inuya-san, I was able to open the No. 2 store! We're doing great too!

Originally, there would have been an article here about beating a wild dog caught in leftovers with a stick.

But if you open the lid, it's like welcoming a wild dog into the house.


There is not a single thing like this on the national paper.

Rumors called the rumors, and the owners of individual shops across the country arrived at the office of "NoraIuya".

"Let me make a deal with you!" Don't push it, don't push it...!

Until now, Noranouya was in a position to ask the shop owner for a contract with his head down, but the position was completely reversed.

That's right, even though Loan Wolf can't see all the individual shops in this big country right away.

In the first place, there are stores that can't be helped by putting in tekos, and there is an overwhelming shortage of agents.

Lornwolf had to choose the contract store in the form of a review

"Now, please instruct the owners and subordinates to select the contracted store.

Priority conditions are.... "

"Yes, I know!" Stores where management is more pressing ", right?

"That's right. You can open an office nearby if you need to."

Normally, from the consulting side, "stores that are more likely to increase revenue" should be selected.

But Lone Wolf prioritized the level of bankruptcy crisis.

If you compare this to a battlefield medic, the former is like treating a good soldier in turn.

The latter is like treating a dying soldier anyway, regardless of ability.

Yes, Ron Wolf prioritized keeping the "number of soldiers".

Although there are some humane reasons for this, for "Noranouya", who cannot develop stores on his own, personal stores are exactly the same as "soldiers fighting in the area."

If the soldiers were gone, the area would have been captured by Gorgeous Smart.

This is because in Nora Inouya, a medic with no combat capability, there are no hands or feet in the area.

And when "Nora no Ya" was becoming Jeanne d 'Arc for Seven Lux...

At the same time, a certain person was appointed in this country.

Yes, Shakir.

He published an example article in Daily Seven Lux and then lost sight of it.

Of course it was Banglapsy who arranged the nomination.

He was screaming while crushing the newspaper.

"I've never been alone with a reporter who betrayed me before...!

This country can't leave even though it's a reporter right now, so he should be hiding in this country forever....!

For the future, I'm gonna have to let him have a good time...!


At that time, the border of the Kingdom of Seven Lux.

Two soldiers on the border guard were looking for a wagon.

"Hey, stop! Looks like a barrel, but what's in it!?

"Yes, this is a coffin, so what's inside is a body."

"It's a corpse!? What are you trying to do with that!?

"Yes, I am Lone Wolf, who is doing the" Listen to Us "of Eight at the gendarmerie station.

There was a victim whose cause of death was unknown, apparently killed by a spell.

There is a famous magician in the neighboring country, so I wanted to ask him for an autopsy..... "

Listening to the name "Eight", one soldier frowned.

"'Razor Eight'... I've stopped his stuff for a long time. All right, let's go!

But the other soldier stopped.

"No, wait! No matter how much Razor Eight you use, the rules are the rules! Let me show you inside!

"... are you sure? Inside is the one who died of a fairly powerful spell.

The body caused by the spell is said to cause misfortune just by looking at it. If you touch it, it will be a terrible thing.

Even if we were only near the coffin now, the curse might be accumulating in the soldiers.

I'm wearing an amulet against the curse, so I'm fine, but you two.... "

"Gu...!? Okay, okay, that's enough! Get out of here!"

... so Ron Wolf let Shakir flee the country, as promised.

The carriage continues on its way to London Crow in the Dog Leg countries.

A Lone Wolf parked a carriage in a fountain square in King Rondcrowe's capital.

And Shakir came out of the coffin, and said,

"Shakir, do you see a woman with glasses sitting on a bench in front of a fountain?

"Oh, what a beauty."

"She is a reporter for the newspaper Daily London in this London Crow.

I'll leave everything to her.

I've been talking about hiring Shakir as a reporter for Daily London, and I've found a place to stay.

So from here on out, go alone. "

"Oh, okay.

I'm sorry, from what? "

"No, Mr. Shakir kept his promise, so I did the same."

"Really... Um, thank you, but I appreciate everything.

I didn't feel comfortable writing the article "Nora Nunya" at first, but while I was writing it, I remembered when I was young.

Until now, I've been writing stories that tail brave men, twist the truth, and grieve everyone.

It's been a long time since I've written anything as it is without changing what I've covered.

I can't believe it was so fun.... "

Really? If you remember that feeling, this Rondcrow will definitely work. "

"Ah, I'm sorry about the brave drums anymore.

No matter who you're dealing with, I'll tell you the truth. "

"I'm looking forward to your newborn Shakir article."

Shakir walks toward the fountain after being escorted by Lone Wolf.

The stretched spine and firm footsteps no longer made me feel lost.

It goes without saying that his name, written in "Death's Edge Notebook," was pretty and disappeared here.