Having been featured in Seven Lux's newspapers, Nora Inuya rapidly increased the number of contractors and expanded Navarri one after the other.

Finally, it became a famous company that became a national district.

At the same time, the market share has expanded.

Gorgeous Smart 40: Individual Shop Federation 60

To finally beat the stores of the brave who were the top companies.....!

Incidentally, there are still more "gorgeous smart" stores in Japan.

The shop was taken away by the wild dogs and the unprofitable shop continued, but none of the shops were destroyed.

Even if it is a store that has only been negative since the newly renovated store opened, it is no exception.

Of course, this is due to the judgment of the deputy manager combination.

Besides being crushed by the hero of the "crusher"....!

If we don't close the store, we won't be crushed...!

For the hero of "Absolute Success", there is nothing but failure...!

If we don't crush the new store we worked on, we won't fail...!

Yes, the boredom and pride of the two brave men led Gorgeous Smart to even more trouble...!

They were stressed by the clerks who stood idly in the shop without customers, as well as the struggle of the middle management, who were guilty of declining sales.

All they see is wild dogs running around in the wilderness...!

Despite the fact that the neighbors have welcomed it as a 'regional dog'....

Anyway, it was like those who would kill me....!

They held the net in one hand and challenged the wild dog many times, but the result was always the same.

The wild dog just laughs at you when you're tangled in your web and struggling.

But they can't be left alone in the same pattern.

One day, in Gorgeous Smart's deputy director's office, Bankruptcy showed a drawing to no-touch.

"This looks like... a drawing of a new store.

Moreover, it is 10 floors, and the sales floor area is unbelievable...

Isn't it more than the largest "colloquium shop" in the country?

Where did you get this drawing?


You listened to me! It came from a mischievous architect!


"Yes! 'Crusher' isn't just about crushing a store that's built.

Sometimes it's easier to crush it before you can!

"You can rent or buy a store at a real estate store, but if you buy from land and build a new store, the real estate store is no-touch.

But I can't believe I'm opening this huge store in a private shop... "

"That's right! It's 'Nora-nouya'!

It's a drawing that Nora Ionuya commissioned from the architect!

I didn't even know you were going to lay flat on me like this, uhhhhh!

"Don't tell me that Mr. Banglapsy is trying to steal the new store that Nora Ionuya is working on....?

"No-touch is as good as ever!

The shop was built on a vacant spot in King's Land, but the owner, who had always been a gangster, never sold it because he wanted it to be a playground for children!

But recently, when the owner died and his heirloom was about to sell, it seemed like "Noraguya" jumped first!

But I don't know! I already talked to the owner of the inheritance!

I told them not to sell it to the contract store of "Nora Nunya", but to turn it around to Kochi!

"I see... If you take over the land that Nora-Izuya has found, and you take over all the store designs that Nora-Izuya has in mind...."

"I'm sure it's a great success! Uh-huh!

Let's say the gambling god showed up at the casino.

Let's say God stood on the wheel platform and did 100 shots and 100 predictions.

As soon as that god put all his chips on the last big game....

It is equivalent to teaming up with the owner of the casino and taking each chip as it is.

Never miss, a big profit is a sure gamble....!

Exactly, an act that does not fear God...!

No-touch exhales at bold ideas you can't imagine.

"Hmm, this location is so prime that we don't have to verify the data anymore.

Besides, the design is perfect...! Exactly the best store that was promised a great success....!

"That's right, that's right, uhhhhh!

They were already laughing as if they had succeeded.

There is no more dust, such as blame for stealing.

That's all there is to the evidence of admitting the magnitude of "Noranouya"....

Even so, it's too prideful...!

Then, the deputy manager Combi starts a new big project with unprofitable products from existing stores.

It's also called "Giant Gorgeous Smart"....!

In Seven Lux, this name was given to outperform the "colloquium shop", which was the largest shop until then.

However, when it comes to such a big story, we can't just proceed with the vice director's judgment.

Then I had the nerve to talk to Boncrano, but Boncrano seemed troubled with "Osan...", and it didn't seem like it was a conversation.

Although the line of thought was clear, Vice Director Combi also reported to Butaphtotta as a precaution.

But Butaphtotta didn't say "Pi Tam..." in Butaphtotta.

Either way, the go-sign came out, and the deputy manager Combi finally made a real move.

This is where the great counterattack of the heroes who borrowed the power of the wild dog began...!