Construction of "Giant Gorgeous Smart" proceeds at a steep pitch throughout the night.

Anyway, as it stands, the share of Gorgeous Smart just keeps coming out like a hollow barrel.

But if this giant can make it, things will change.

Because this store is what we call a "dam."

On a scale not comparable to tiny things like barrels, absolutely giants who can't possibly leak water...!

Exactly what I could call the Savior of "Gorgeous Smart"....!

And the messiah came unto the land not more than a month.

Then, there was concern about hands-on construction, but there was "no touching stone bridge" in that regard, so don't worry.

For him, who has worked in many stores, this is the first huge store he has ever owned.

I built this shop firmly to make it an assembly of my work and a monument to myself that will remain a hundred years later.

The layout of the interior remained as it was from "Noranouya", but the design and exterior were original and luxurious.

Yes, the heroes went after the "luxury route" with a high profit margin.

However, this decision was not wrong.

In any case, it is the prime location of the King's City and, by analogy, the equivalent of "Ginza".

There are so many celebrities around who can't help it.

Swimming like a fish in a barrel...!

I built a shop there, but in the end, the catch was like a promise.

Not only is it gorgeous and smart, but it is also a place where there is no shadow of a personal shop...


Yes, no matter who looked at it this time, it was impeccable.

It's only natural that most of them are "Nora-nouya."

However, the unacceptable deputy director Combi, who was no longer defeated, was not pleased to let go.

They made an attempt to increase the success rate of the project from 100% to 120%.

It's "Pre-Open"....!

We started by inviting only a very small number of customers, and then opened our own shop.

It is okay to open the shop largely from the beginning and call a lot of customers, but if something fails, it will be a big deal.

For example, it is an unexpected element such as direct sunlight from a previous store.

The damage of failure is immeasurable when it comes to this large shop.

After this period, it is no exaggeration to say that the country's gorgeous smart is over.

That's why we limited our customers to finding out just a few minor mistakes.

This minimizes damage and is not difficult to follow afterwards.

Deputy Director Combi rented the hotel near "Giant Gorgeous Smart" and went there every day to observe the guests on site.

Then improve the errors found and repeat the tests.

As we increased our service in this way, "Giant Gorgeous Smart" was sublimated to one of the world's top adventurers...!

Just like a flea that just tramples through, such as "Nora-i-nuya" anymore...!

The full deputy manager Combi finally decides on the "Grand Opening".

On that day, we invited the kings and other top celebrities of the country to have a big opening party.

Whoo (ah)...

All they have to do is be so thoughtful and diligent...

Perhaps you've never been able to interact with "Noranouya" like this before...

... and so on, it would be the type of dog that sucks his bones.

The project was no longer as small as the hole in the needle, it was perfect.

But when I unwrap and open the example notebook...

Deathstroke Note



Sur Bonkos



New: Banglapsy

New: No Touch

New: Bits of Rabbits

What, the names of two deputy directors Combi and the king of this country...!?


Why on earth...!?

What do you want to do, develop into a big incident that involves the king from here on out...!?

Let's see how Giant Gorgeous Smart opens.

The opening party was held on a spacious rooftop.

After all, the deputy manager combination was the first person to take the stage.

"Thank you for coming to Giant Gorgeous Smart today.

This shop has been built as much as possible to show the greatness of our Lord Godsmile. "

And now, to crush those who are doing evil in this country!


Yes, this store could be called "The Fury of the Brave".

Stores like this giant move with the help of your righteousness and crush evil.

The name of the "wild dog" that is making trouble in this country right now is absolutely evil...!

... gogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogo!

"Ladies and gentlemen, please listen. This store is also responding.

I am grieving and angry at the evil that is spreading in this country...!

It was like a little bit of a surprise, arranged for an opening party.

It was meant to make a little noise and excite the participants a little....

The earthquake never stopped, but instead, the area began to shake.

Participants panic

"Ha...!? Yu, are you shaking!?

"Ji, earthquake!? Earthquake!?

"Hey, what was this all about!?

"Everyone, please calm down.

It was supposed to be a little surprise, but it looks like a real earthquake has arrived.

But don't worry, this building has the latest seismic magic.

No earthquake will ever fall. "

Yes, even if an earthquake with a seismic intensity of 8 classes arrives, the building can minimize the shaking by working on the earth's spirits.

Even if an earthquake of global extinction were to strike, only this building would remain.

But it's only against the shaking of the earthquake.

Other disasters, fires, lightning, etc., can be helpless.

Of course, it's equipped with state-of-the-art fire extinguishing equipment, so even in the event of a fire...

Even so, there was only one thing I could do.

Yes, that's...

The ground is sinking...!

... * giggle *!


With the roar, the giant is swallowed up by the earth.

The humans on that giant's head...!


"Giant Gorgeous Smart" went down like a building that would be blown up with many screams.