The owner of Nora Inuya learned about the collapse of Giant Gorgeous Smart in an evening magazine.

There was also the shopkeeper who was supposed to open the store at the place.

The owner and the shopkeeper seemed to have seen the prophecy of God.

"Ma... no way... I can't believe it's Mr. Lone Wolf's fake..."

"Hmm, how did you know Giant Gorgeous Smart would collapse!?

"The ground underneath that land used to be a dungeon, it was landfilled and now it's a new land.

Twenty years after it was sealed, I don't think there are any monsters, but it's not a place that can bear the weight in the first place. "

"And that happened twenty years ago!? I thought it wouldn't come out if I checked it out!

"Why did Mr. Lone Wolf know that there was no record anymore!?

"I remember being trapped in that dungeon a long time ago.

Thank you for your cooperation, Master. "

"No, that's fine.

Mr. Lone Wolf has been taking care of me a lot so far, so I'll pay him back.

But I can't believe I came up with a penis store to crush "gorgeous smart"....

Besides, I can't believe you're crushing it by sinking it to the ground.... "

That's right... this time the property will be a complete 'petty property'...!

To let Vice Director Combi steal, throw a lot of money, and fail...!

"But, Mr. Lone Wolf, how much more gorgeous and smart are you going to do?!

If only the brave ones would get involved with royalty and aristocrats....!

"I'm fine with that.

Looking forward to the opening party on the rooftop,

We designed the lower floors to fall apart and become cushions. "

"Is such a design possible!? But that kind of accident doesn't kill anybody....!

The owner grabs the newspaper while saying to blame.

I checked the casualties column, but there were no casualties.

"Eh, heh, really, nobody's dead...!?

The owner felt so excited that the blood boiled and so frightened that the blood froze.

A strange feeling as if you had met an angel and a demon at the same time.

It's as if you've met something different, like "If you care about it, you're free to live and kill humans"....

It was an amazing miracle experience for her...!

But there was only one unexpected event for this angel and the devilish Osan.

No, for Osan, there was only one thing that seemed to have happened.


I was "avoided" even if I did.

If you open your current Death Square Notes,

Deathstroke Note



Sur Bonkos




No Touch

The name of Bitz-Rabitz, which was newly entered before, has disappeared...!?

Yes, Bits Rabits was invited to the opening party of "Giant Gorgeous Smart"....

I was in the middle of something...!

To tell the truth, for Lone Wolf, Deputy Manager Combi was no longer in my sight.

He was after the King and his faction, the royal family.

It was going to be dragged to the opening party and wiped out by the sinking of the ground.

Even if I didn't kill him, I thought if I was hospitalized in a serious way, I wouldn't have to be anti-brave to the royal family, but I would be able to send as many neutrals as I could...

However, only the king, Bitz-Rabits, escaped the canine siege...!

Depending on your own crisis detection ability....!

Wild dog... I'll let the King escape the rabbit...!

But anyway, Seven Lux's gorgeous smart is no longer a bug.

The giant, who was the courageous man of this country, fell lightly, and Deputy Director Combi was hospitalized.

The market was no longer showing how to deal with defeat.

Gorgeous Smart 10: Individual Shop Federation 90

But... their eyes on the hospital bed weren't dead yet.

Rather, I was worried about how to take this responsibility.

"I didn't want Mr Bankrapsey to bring me some really bad drawings."

"I just brought the drawings!? It is the job of the pioneer to conduct the site survey!?

"Gu, speaking of which, Mr Bankrapsey missed his job as an operator!

With proper management guidance, I wouldn't have gotten caught by a wild dog!

"If that's the case, let me tell you, but so is Nortouchi, who missed work!?

You haven't opened a new store in years, you've been skipping it!

"I wasn't skipping it! I'm not allowed to fail, so I've been careful!

"I knew I didn't want to fail, so I skipped it!

"No! Just like Mr Banglapsy, it's not bullshit!

"What the hell!

"Oh, I can't believe I'm throwing a sympathetic fruit...! Eh!"

"Yikes!? What the hell!

Finally, like a couple quarrel, the two of them gradually throw each other an allowance or something nearby.

The pineapple stung my head and finally grew old.

"Hah, hah, hah... let's not fight at this time..."

"Hah, hah, hah... that's right...

Having a fight doesn't solve the current situation..... "

"Uhh... uhhhhhhh!

Oh, my God!

"It's time to do the last resort I told you about."

"I was just thinking the same thing!

But there's one over there, right? "Last resort"...!

"... well, I don't have to..."

"I knew it! That's No-touch!

Now, what's that like?

"Originally, I was going to do it confidentially...

Now I know I can't beat wild dogs even if I act on my own, so let me tell you something. "

"Uh-huh! That's what I need! So, what's it like? What kind of stuff?

"Before you do that, there's something I need to tell you."

"What do you want? Don't wear it. Come on, tell me!

"Lone Wolf Salty Dog, an employee of Nora Nunya...

I'm Gordwolf Slumdog, president of Slumdog Mart...!