Lone Wolf Salty Dog, an employee of "Nora Nuya"....

I was the president of "Slam Dog Mart", Gordwolf Slam Dog...!

Banglapsy heard about the shock from no touch.

Inside his head was a melody of the piano keyboard being violently squealed.

... gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

"Nah... what is it...? Is that for real?

A quiet nod to the trembling banclapsy.

But the next time I let go of my stupid voice, I suddenly dropped a no-touch.

"I mean, who is that? Have you heard of it anywhere...?

"Don't you remember!? Civilian chosen in" Giving Neck "!

That's not all! That's who we used to be when we were new!

For no touch, that was the fact of shock.

In his head there was an explosion like a lightning bolt.

... Zugaaaaaaaaaaa!!

"Nah... what is it...? Is that for real?

The trembling voice was now real.

No-touch shrugs shoulders.

"Oh dear, did you finally remember? It's as forgotten as ever.

In order to tackle "Noranouya," I asked everyone, including the president, to examine the characteristics.

I was surprised to learn about this report. "

Banglapsy grabs the water bottle on the bed table and pours it into the glass.

When I wiped my mouth with the sleeves of a gown, a hospital outfit for the brave, I regained my usual luxury.

"Uh-huh! I see, I see!

That's why all the hands we've been hitting are so scary!

"That's right. That (● ●) man doesn't seem strange knowing how we do it."

"That's right. They were watching us jump right in front of them."

"Yes, and now we know why Slam Dog Mart jumped in small Evantailles.

That man was imitating our way. "

This deputy manager, Combi, learned his know-how in store development and operation from Gordwolf during his rookie days.

These are the so-called "Gold Wolf Childrens".

With the knowledge they gained at that time, they grew up...

All of that work was in their own hands, and Gordon Wolf's presence was flying beyond memory.

That's why they assumed that Osan had slammed their way.

The truth is, the other way around...!

But when I pointed that out, they...

No, many brave men will never admit it.

Because a dog with a bloodline shouldn't teach wild dogs how to play tricks...!

Banglapsy remembers a lot of things and says, "Is that it?" he said.

"Speaking of which, when you visited the new store, Notouchi said that you had met the president of Norai-no-Ya."

"Yeah, what's that?

"If so, I think I also met Osan at that time?

Why didn't you realize at that time that Osan was a goldwolf man?

Perhaps you've forgotten how beautiful that Othan is.

Then you can't tell me, can you?

"No, when I met the president of Noranouya, he wasn't there."

No-touch cheated and lied.

He was a small man who felt pride in triviality.

"Really?" and change the subject to avoid further penetrating Banglapsy.

"I still have a story to tell.

There were more amazing things in Nora than goldwolf. "

"What? Is there someone more unexpected than that guy?

Uh-huh! Uh-huh! That's not true!

"No, don't be surprised.

What is the identity of the president of "Nora-nouya"...?!

... Dozgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

"Nh... what is it?!?!?

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The ward was wrapped in silence as if the storm had passed.

Rather, it was a tranquil silence, as if a storm were coming.

"I see, that's what this is all about...!

Now everything is connected...!

"That's right. We finally realized their (● ●) ambitions.

And at the same time..... "

"I can't believe we're finally on the edge of a cliff...!

That's the real one...!

"Yes, Gordo Wolf is not pure blood, but a brave man of the 'Shiten-class'.

Even if it's obvious that you're incompetent, you can't hide the fact that you're incompetent.

We're dealing with our incompetent boss. "

This perception is strictly false.

Gordwolf has not received the "necklace", a symbol of bravery.

So I'm not (● ●) brave yet.

But there is no one in the Brave Organization who knows this fact.

This is because Goodbud, who was entrusted with the award, did not report failure.

That's why almost all humans thought so.

"Gordo Wolf has become a hero of the heavens"....!

It's not impossible.

All humans in this world admire the brave.

It was thought that there was no one in the world who refused to give a necklace so that no one would decline knowing that the first prize in the lottery had been won.

And this misperception accelerates many human misfortunes...!

Banglapsy hit Pong.

"Yes! Then you can tell Butaphtotta about it!

If you tell him that Osan is the president of Slam Dog Mart who hates "Gorgeous Smart", he will also cancel the necklace award....!

"No, it appears that Butaphtotta decided to award the necklace to that Osan.

So you might think that the top of the organization already knows that. "

"What!? That means....."

"That's right....! We're being made into a" bitch dog "by that guy...!

They're accelerating...!

What awaits you is doom, Death Road of Hell...!