No-touch was like a famous detective who found out the truth at once.

"What Osan was looking for wasn't the overthrow of Gorgeous Smart.

Rather than being a hero, Slam Dog Mart and Nora Nunya will all turn into Gorgeous Smart.

That means we're being made by that "cheese-dog" of Osan.

By subjugating the Evantailles, we are appealing to our strengths and looking for a new generation. "

"That's what this is all about...!

It was too ridiculous a thought, but it resonated greatly with the other party's Banglapsy.

Because he was also a brave man and had a problem.

One of the common concerns of the brave is...

There are no enemies outside ......!

There were not many resistance forces in the world that were the best of the brave, and they were unable to take advantage of defeating their enemies.

That's why the heroes are looking for enemies inside and pulling each other's feet.

If you think so, you can say that Osan is in the best position now.

With the power of Slam Dog Mart and Nora Inuya, you can give Gorgeous Smart to the Blood Festival...

I can prove the incompetence of the existing heroes.

All you have to do is paint the Evantailles, which are only breathtaking shops in Osan, all at once into "gorgeous smart"....

I can appeal to "competent" more than ever...

You can get promoted to the Shiten-class position early, so you can leave the job...!

This is like a newly appointed department manager failing his predecessor.

Yes, the deputy director Combi was about to be deceived.

Like kelp and bonito, thrown into a boiling pot...!

... well, if they were the existing braves here, why would they be here?

Konbu and bonito are designed to help you alone.

I would have put all the blame on the other person and pushed him into the pot, and I would have been the only one trying to save him.

However, these two distinguished themselves from the heroes of the past.

Banglapsy smiles.

"I see...

That's why I brought "last resort" from Nortouch-chan. "

"Yes, because there's only one way we can survive this."

Their thoughts were consistent.

The kelp and bonito were trying to join forces and turn the flag against humans.

There's only one way to do that...

Now it's time to seriously crush "Nora-nouya" and "Slam Dog Mart"....!

Osan is their boss, but in the present situation, there is also the cause of rebellion.

In return, Osan's ambitions will be crushed.

Besides, we might be able to pull it down from the brave seat.

Banglapsy held out his hand from above the bed, laughing in his usual mood.


Now then, are you serious?!

No-touch hands out of bed and respond.

"Yes, let's make them regret making us serious."

The two beds were separated, so they were out of reach.

But the invisible handshake was firmly interchanged.

Banglapsy and no-touch were the opposite in character.

Bold, delicate and cautious.

Each had different strengths.

Banglapsy is a "network" cultivated by crushers.

No-touch is "gold" obtained from land rolling, based on data cultivated through new development.

I was never compatible, but I recognized each other as colleagues with something I didn't have.

It may have been fortunate that Banglapsy was a heroic creator and that the person in charge was not the same as Natouchi.

Either way, the two shards finally got serious.

I did everything I could to face the dog.

This is what they thought.

Osan really thinks they're "cheating dogs."

I think I have achieved a 90% share in the Kingdom of Sevenlux, and I think I am alarmed.

The wild dog will not know.

What a sharp fang is hidden in the mouth of a cheeseburger dog....!

At last, that fang is on the neck of a wild dog....

Besides, it's attacking from both sides...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Deputy Director Combi's biggest counterattack.

Let us say that it was something no servant could have imagined.

But it took a lot of money and a lot of connections to do it.

The former was first in charge of no-touch.

No Touch brings out 'Gorgeous Smart' money at their discretion for this operation.

That wasn't enough, so I cut myself.

I borrowed money from the bank based on the savings I earned from the land rollover and the land I bought on the Intercontinental Railway.

And Bankruptcy lost all the savings of the slightest.

In addition, we will use the network we have cultivated so far.

"Gold" and "Networking".

How dare they throw everything away...

It was a massive attack on the Kingdom of Seven Lukes and the four dogleg countries....!

First of all, to the Kingdom of Seven Lux, Bankruptcy's "network" is fully utilized.

He sent such a one-sided notice to a domestic inquirer.

"In the future, it is forbidden to distribute any products to stores related to" Nora-i-nuya ""....!

Of course, this is just a declaration of the brave, so there is no compulsion.

For inquisitors, there are fewer business partners, so they will only suffer unilaterally.

However, for the inquisitors who knew the horrors of the "crusher", it was also an unavoidable announcement.

If you don't protect them, they'll crush you.

The inquisitors simultaneously cut off the circulation of "NoraIuya" like a shell-closed shell.

And if you can't get the goods from the shop, it's a matter of life and death for the adventurer's shop.

If there is no new product, no matter how much business thrives, it will slowly become a carapace in the shop, and there will be nothing to sell.

Moreover, imports from the dog leg countries are now severely restricted, so we cannot send supplies from the dog leg countries' "slum dog mart".

Normally speaking, it is in a "stuffed" state with one shot.

As soon as they realized that this was due to the money sent by Bankruptcy, the shopkeepers looked blue and arrived at the headquarters of "Norajinya", offering to cancel the contract.

Osan, my dog finally bit my hand...!?

… but hard-working readers will already be looking forward to it.