Osan said to the shopkeepers who had gathered at the headquarters of "Norajinya" to cancel the contract.

"I don't mind withdrawing from Nora Nunya, but that doesn't mean the threat of the brave has left.

If that's the case, Mr Banglapsy can stop the inquisitor at any time and turn you into a food raid.

If it becomes obvious here, admitting the threat is the same.

I'm sure they'll stop the inquiry and make you suffer. "

However, disagreements erupt from the store owners.

"Mr. Lone Wolf, I know that! But we have to obey!

"Yes, yes! Stopping the Inquisitor means you can't buy what you sell!

"There's nothing to sell, there's business! If that happens, we'll have to hang ourselves next month!

"If you're going to hang yourself, I'd rather live with a cotton stranglehold!

"Fighting 'Gorgeous Smart' was a mistake in the first place!

"Yes, yes! There was no way we could win this world, brave man!

"Above all, we respect the interests of the brave, and we eat with only a small profit!

The owners of the shop finally burst into tears after being shown the strength of the brave.

"Uuuuu! I'm sure you're in a good position to make us feel better!

"Wow! That's right! Pretend you're on the consultation in person and just line it up!

"Ahhh! Or something!? You're going to give me the product instead of the inquirer!?

Yes, I meant it.

"Eh." "Eh." "Eh."

"It's only natural that if you stop inquiring, there will be no more items to sell.

So we have a product to sell. "

"Eh, there's something like that!

"Where the hell is that...!?

"Oh, hey, don't look up at the wall, just tell me!

Osan was staring up at the wall next to him.

The shopkeepers also look at the wall.

But it wasn't a wall.

It was a pile of wooden crates piled up high.

That's right...!

Inside the warehouse, there's a wooden box that Osan used to bypass and import...!

From the very beginning of the founding of "Nora-nouya", the wooden box that I've accumulated with the tricks...!

It was piled up like I was waiting for my turn...!

The headquarters of Nora Inuya was a large warehouse.

The offices were simplified, separated by partitions, but there were already more than 100 employees.

All employees, including those at each sales office, were already growing into large companies with a momentum of nearly 10,000.

Also used as a substitute for the headquarters insulation wall, division partitions, and sales office desk is a wooden box with the logo "Nora-Izuya".

Above the logo was a touchy image character called "This Rakun" that I had seen somewhere.

The secret story of the birth dates back to just before the founding of Nora Inoya.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"♪ Pumpkin Pumpkin, your uncle is flying ~

♪ Pudding floats around the pond, pudding pudding, uncle flies ~

... so, here we go!

"Mr. Primura, what did you draw?

"Hyah!? Uncle!? When did you get back!?

"About ten minutes ago. I called, but Primra didn't seem to have noticed that she was drawing with the lullaby."

"Oh, that's right...! I'm so sorry!

Tea now...!

"No, tea is fine. Rather, what were you drawing?

Illustrations of puppies with high levels of anthropomorphism came from a girl.

"It's called 'this rakun'.

Gordo and a certain girl, they're set to be children... "

"Well, that's why you're closer to humans than Gold."

"Ha, yes! The girl who became a mom is a saint, the second daughter of three sisters, and she loves to sing and pudding....!

"I don't need any more settings.

Rather, Primura-san, can I use this "this rakun"?

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The box depicting "this rakun" is the food for the "Nora Inuya."

That's right...!

Osan was looking forward to Bankruptcy stopping the Inquirer a long time ago...!

Osan opens a wooden box in front of the shopkeepers.

There were spectacular gems shining there.

"Oh... oh, this is amazing!

"Much better quality than what we're getting from the Inquirer!

"Not only that, but the design is also good!

"It would be nice to have the logo of" Nora-nouya "on it!

"But this is just the kind of luxury gear we're dealing with in Gorgeous Smart because of its quality and design!

It's too expensive for anyone to buy from us!

"No, these are for general adventurers. I will let you wholesale the purchase price at the same price as the dealer you usually deal with."

"Eh... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?

This was common sense for countries where Slam Dog Mart was popular.

But from the world standard, insanity...!

However, at a time when the price of pepper was the same as gold, it was an unlikely shock that pepper from the 100-yen shop was brought in from the future...!

Osan asks the owners of the shop with their fox-like expressions in a magnificent manner like a demonic fox.

"What do you want to do?

I'll surrender to the brave and keep strangling my neck with cotton forever...

Tear the cotton off your neck with your own power, and you'll be free... two. "