At present, almost all of the shopkeepers who operate their own adventurers' shops in Seven Lux are members of Nora-Inouya.

And the choice was simple.

Continue or not to become a member of Nora Nunya.

But as a result, it was a choice that was too heavy to wait for "death".

If you continue to participate in Noranouya, you will not be able to purchase any products from the Inquirer.

It was a big problem, but it was more difficult than that.

Continuing to be a member of Noranouya is a clear act of hostility towards the brave.

Individual shops have beaten the neighborhood's Gorgeous Smart with advice from Nora Nunya.

This is not a hostile act, but until now, it has been a capitalist, ostensibly sound commercial struggle.

Until now, in a crowded bargain venue, a sweater with coincidental eyes was enough to rip off the neighboring boss mom.

The boss mom herself is not hostile, and she only wants a sweater, so she just pretends and pulls it.

But suppose that boss mom said:

Get your hands off that sweater.


In this example, continuing to have a relationship with "Nanouya" is still equivalent to continuing to pull the sweater.

On the contrary, the opponent swings the position of boss mom, and if they ignore it, it also involves boss mom's tickets.

Boss, it's like spitting on Mom's face...!

The owners suffer from this ultimate choice.

But the courageous actions of one shopkeeper changed the atmosphere.

... Gah!

and grabbed the Wild Dog Mark sword in the wooden box and scratched it...

I once purchased too many expensive products with a consumer deadline, so the store owner was about to go bankrupt...

Yes, he was the owner of the "hanging shop"....!

"I once held too much expensive herbal stock and tried to hang myself without judging.

But on the verge of kicking his footsteps, Mr. Lone Wolf helped me.

And Mr. Lone Wolf taught me.

Gorgeous Smart set me up to buy expensive herbs...!

Damn it....! and the surrounding shopkeepers groan.

"Speaking of which, we did too...

I was harassed by a gorgeous smart guy, and he put dicks around the shop.... "

"I almost got buried in an empty nest during the night!

And thanks to Gorgeous Smart, Mr. Lone Wolf was able to prevent it!

"Neither do we!

The only reason I found out that someone who had been harassed was because of Mr. Lone Wolf's advice!

"The braves aren't cotton...! They were messing with our bodies with iron bars....!

The shopkeepers pick up the weapons in the crates one after another.

"They've been using their dirty hands a lot, and if they can't win, they're like wielding the brave's authority!

"Yes! Even if they say so here, harassment will continue!

"Then let's believe it! For the first time, Mr. Lone Wolf taught me to beat a brave man...!

"The formation of an army of" Nora-nouya "! We will fight the braves thoroughly!

"Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!!

The shopkeepers in the warehouse were united in their hearts.

He looks like a wild dog and waves his fist with a howling voice.

There, the owner came with a lot of goods.

"Well then, how about we all use this store kit of" NoraIuya "!?

"Owner, I'm going to suggest that at the next stage...."

"That's enough, Mr. Lone Wolf! Ladies and gentlemen, we are united!

Use this kit to quickly turn your store into a "Nouranoya"!

If you want it, take it!

"Oops, that's good! Unite yourself, just like Gorgeous Smart has the same sign on it!

"Yes! That's why it's called the" Nora-nouya "Legion!

"Noraku or Store Kit" consists of a large sticker on the store sign, a small sticker on the window glass, and character goods such as climbing and staff aprons, stuffed toys and costumes.

Until now, "Noranouya" was known only to the people involved and never touched the customer's eyes.

However, with the advent of this kit, you can see at a glance that it is a "NoraIuya" merchant store.

It was the moment when the wild dog that had been hiding in the alley all along debuted as everyone's wild dog...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Bankrapsey, who had sent a suspension order to the investigator, was laughing in the hospital bed.


I'm sure by now, the owners of the merchant cancellation shop will be panicking!

"But you did an unexpected thing, stopping the distribution of inquiry stores...

Isn't your relationship with the Inquisitor the worst?

Besides, the current royal family is giving preferential tax breaks to the brave.

If they were to attack their personal shop, which is their tax revenues, wouldn't the gendarmerie be silent...?

"That's why it was a 'last resort', it was hard to keep everyone quiet!

But I can cover the revenue reduction for the Inquisitors with Nortouch-chan's operation!?

So I figured I'd do something about it!

"I see, that's why you were able to go to the 'last resort'.

So, how many stores did you actually withdraw from?

"Uh-huh! Don't panic!

If that happens, I'm sure they'll be here soon!

I can bet, but I don't think there's a single store left in "Nora-nouya"!?

One of my men jumps into the ward.

"Tah... oh, my God! Master Banglapsy!

The number of exit stores for "Nora Nunya" turned out to be incredible....!

"Uh-huh! You're in such a hurry!

You already know the consequences, don't you?

"Yes, it was all destroyed...!

None of these stores has left Nora Inuya...!