The two deputy directors received a report from their subordinates who jumped in and reported that there were no stores to leave.

The result is that they fired a state-of-the-art bomb at the opponent's capital, but failed to kill a single soldier.

The capital city was home to the gods, and they must have felt that weapons with human characteristics were nothing more than raindrops.

It was such a fairy-tale report.

Bank Crappy banged the bed mat and laughed.

'Whoo-hoo-hoo! Not a single breakaway store! That's a masterpiece!

A little joke is always good for business!

That was such a good result that it jumped out at me!

"No, no! This is not a joke!

It's really, really zero! I'm annihilated!

"Uh-oh! Again!

The subordinate slammed a stack of documents to Bank Crapsey, who would not believe them no matter how much he said.

It's a report from each of the Gorgeous Mart stores in this Seven Lux Kingdom.

It's a report from each of the Gorgeous Mart stores in the Seven Lux Kingdom, which made me investigate the situation of the neighboring Noraineuya member stores.

It's hard to believe.

"We conducted a survey of nearby Norainuya member stores and found that there were no withdrawals.

I was wary of pretending that some of the stores had left and become 'hidden raiinuya': .......

Instead, they started decorating their stores as if to say, "I am the one! ......!

As soon as he saw the mockup attached to the document, which showed the exterior of the store, Bankruptcy could not help but rub his eyes.

It's not just a matter of time before you're able to get your hands on some of these products.

You can find an assortment of strange puppy character goods at .......

It's been completely transformed into a "Norainu" ......!

It's exactly what I am: ......!

"Oh ......, come on, no way, ......!

Are you kidding? ...... lie, lie, lie, lie, lie!

Bank Crappy flips through document after document.

Scattered around the area like a blizzard are the words "Zero Withdrawal Store" and a true copy that has been turned into a nursery.

'Lies, lies, lies, lies ......!

I'm lying!

With an exclamation, open your arms and look up to the heavens, Bankruptcy.

This was an 'unbelievable' failure and humiliation for him.

A wholesaler's stop is such an outrage that even if the brave man wielded his authority to the fullest extent, he would still be frustrated.

I was even planning to make up for the discontent with another strategy afterwards.

This notice was not only passed on to the wholesalers, but also to the individual stores that were members of Norainuya.

For the individual merchants, stopping a wholesaler was like a farmer having his water supply cut off.

So why are you trying to provoke them to do the opposite: ......?

"My! A hand with all of my "crushers" on it!

I've put everything I've accumulated over the years into the most powerful strategy!

Why, why doesn't it work?


Bank Crapsey rampages through the hospital room.

He scratches his hair and nails his face, blows flowers and fruit, stabs his subordinates with a fruit knife, flips the bed over, and tears off the curtains.

Notacci, who was lying on the bed in front, saw his changed colleague with the same cold stare in his eyes as usual.

Bank Crappy ended up almost jumping out of the hospital room window.

But on the verge of doing so, he finally opens his mouth.

"Calm down, Mr. Van Crapsie,

With tattered hair and a bloody face, Bank Crappy turns around with a snap.

'Calm down, you say?

Whoo-hoo-hoo! Wheeze, wheeze, wheeze, wheeze!

You don't know how I feel!

Come on! Even if the mission fails and we lose everything, we still have that thing!

"What is that thing?

"It's the site of the 'Intercontinental Railroad'! You bought all the land around it, didn't you?

Soon we will have the official announcement of the proposed construction site from the dude from BitzRabbits!

Then the price of the land you bought for two or three bucks will jump up a notch!

At that moment, you're a millionaire!

I've got nothing left to lose!

Gorgeousmart has no more 10% left and all the "connections" are falling apart!

I'll soon be stripped of my remaining heroic status, and I'll be naked!

Thanks to that stray dog, I've lost everything!

"Now is not the time to talk about it.

What do you want me to talk about, then?

When I'm homeless, you want me to tell you which alleyway to live in?

No, it's not.

This is the strategy of Norainuya.

"What does ...... say?

This time we found out that Bankruptcy has the power to stop wholesalers.

"This is a great threat to private stores, because if he wanted to, he could always make private stores dry up.

This is a great threat to independent retailers, because if they wanted to, they could always make bankrupts dry up their stores.

What's the big deal?

"Don't know yet?

It's clear that if they leave Norainuya with this demand, the individual store will continue to be forced to do something unreasonable in the future.

They are afraid of that, and they are making a 'sham resistance', aren't they?

"Just a sham, resistance?

Yes, it's a performance that says, "We don't care if they stop wholesalers. We're putting on a performance that we won't be troubled if the wholesalers are stopped.

It's like a castle surrounded by enemy soldiers to let them know they have a large stockpile of food and give up their siege.

"Nah ...... I see. ......! So, he's now on the edge of ......!

That's what I mean. They have become even more 'Noranuuya' oriented, which is an 'appeal for equanimity'.

They think that if they do that, Mr. Bankruptcy will give up and lift the wholesaler's stop.

"Ugh ...... yuck yuck yuck!

Oh, I see! So that's what it was all about!

I thought it was strange that they all became "Norainuya"!

As they say, if you wait, there will be silkworm silk! Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

Van Crappy is back to his usual form.

I'm so glad to have you as a partner, No Touch!

If it were anyone else, we'd have jumped out the window together by now!

...... That day was the last time I saw him smile.

I thought that if I waited for a while, the private stores would collectively sound off and leave "Noraineuya".

But no matter how long they waited, the white flag never flew over their castle.

Rather, they have increased revenues and profits. ......!

Weapons branded with the "Noranuuya" mark have begun to be sold in the Noranuuya stores and are very popular.

Rumors of their cheapness and effectiveness spread, and adventurers rush in to buy them.

Moreover, the character of "Konorun" was also very popular with female customers.

The store, which had gained popularity due to the popularity of gladiators, made a further leap forward. ......!

All of the private stores surveyed by Gogersmart were so busy that there was no end to the lines.

By that time, there were so many GorgeousMart stores in the country that the survey was not even close to being complete.

GorgeousMart 0: The Federation of Independent Shops 100

At last, Gorgeous Smart loses market share beyond measure: ......!

Blanked out in his hospital room, Bank Crapsey has only one mimeograph of a line at a private store.

His last subordinate, the last of his men, threw the mockup at his former boss and then spat at him as he left.


...... doggone it, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Van Crappy finally dove through the window of the hospital room.

But there was no one to stop him, he said.