A gentle wind blows through the cracked window, shaking the curtains in the hospital room.

The bed face-to-face looks like someone who didn't go back there was asleep.

No-touch lost a colleague, or even a comrade, who had been working together for many years.

Finally, I'm alone.

But he seems to be a no-touch for a wet relationship...

It's like you've been here all by yourself since the beginning.

I was twisting my fingers under my chin and thinking about something.

--Did that (● ●) finally fail...?

Thanks to a wide range of connections, it was easy to use...

Well, that's fine.

The tube of the squeezed toothpaste is not untrained.

No matter how the plan fell, I was going to throw it away in the final stages.

Now, let's move on to the final stage.

"Last resort" that I drew in my no-touch head.

It was something he would never fail, like knocking on a stone bridge and not crossing it.

Even if the heavens and the earth do not turn over, he can defend his present position as a brave man.

Extremely low-risk instruments are generally less rewarding.

But his "last resort" is a stone-breaking thing called "low risk and bold".

And it was terrifying enough to make even that (● ●) osan roar...!

--No matter how much that (● ●) man imitates my way, I wouldn't expect this.

Because this is the boldest thing I've ever done.

That (● ●) operation was unexpected even by Osan, and it was the first time for him to touch nothing.

What a...!

"Gorgeous Smart" Shop Attack on "Dog Leg Countries"......!

"Dog Leg Countries"

Gankpuffle small country, the land of witches.

The Virgin's Country, the small country of Kiriland.

Harvary, the nation of the top soldiers.

A country of warriors, a small country of Rondcrow.

It consists of these four small countries.

Among them, "gorgeous smart" does not exist except in small Kiriland countries.

Because I was defeated in a commercial battle with Slam Dog Mart and retreated.

No Touch is the champion in charge of "pioneering" in the Kingdom of Seven Lux.

But this time, I jumped out of the country and "pioneered" other countries...!

In addition, it is the birthplace of wild dogs in "Harvary Kokuni"....!

This was a great revelation.

In the past, Notouchi was robbed of the "colloquium shop", the largest shop in the Kingdom of Seven Lux.

We lost a complete ambush operation in which we were robbed of our home while fighting on the front lines.

Now no touch was about to do it again.

--The man is currently busy attacking the Kingdom of Seven Lukes.

The "dogleg countries" with no enemies, especially Harvary, will be left to his subordinates.

It's attacked all at once with a store-opening offensive...!

At the time of the opening of the store, Northtouch was throwing away his personal belongings in addition to the money he had earned from Seven Lux's "Gorgeous Smart".

Boss Boncrano and Butaphtotta deserve a night out.

It is a complete breach of duty, but we have already lost even the share of the Kingdom of Seven Lux.

One way or the other, demotion was inevitable, so we came up with a bold attack.

--If we succeed in this ambush, a single reversal is not a dream.

That man will have to admit my arm.

If you let a Shiten-class hero blow a bubble, all the failures of the past will be chaotic...!

Had I been a brave man before, I would have had myself in my own operation and never thought about failing.

But he wasn't.

--I can't afford to fail any more than I'm serious about....

Insurance is required.

If this ambush fails, give the man the land of Intercontinental Railroad, the son of a tiger.

That way, I'll be the only one who can help you...!

No-touch's top priority was to 'stay brave' rather than leave behind property.

― ― The status of the brave cannot be restored once it is lowered.

That's why you have to protect yourself by throwing everything...

And if you can even defend this position, you can earn as much as you want with my brain...!

This operation seemed perfect at first glance.

If the ambush succeeds, you can survive the bribe and survive the winter even if you fail.

Until now, the heroic operation was based on the premise of "absolute success".

In his case, there was a two-stage system that said, "Even if you fail, you still have the next hand."

But he doesn't know that the premise is both wrong.

No, before that, a bigger premise, a bigger premise.

The perception that it's a big, big, and big premise is a slight glimpse...!

That's right...!

Osan is not a hero (● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●)....!

Not someone who will be the boss of the same organization, but someone else....!

It's not blue, yellow or green, it's red...!

If Osan is not a brave man, this operation will not be completed in the first place.

Regardless of the success of the ambush, bribery is useless.

If you bribe Osan, he's not brave, so you can't take advantage of him.

It's just taken away...!

He hasn't noticed it yet.

And... he was overlooking another big thing.


He's not the enemy of Osan anymore...!

Maybe Osan wasn't expecting an ambush to Harvard.

In Japan, it may have been poked by a gorgeous smart who lined up as if the ambushers represented who they were.

But that doesn't matter to Osan anymore.

Slam dog mart castles aren't sweet enough to be put in gorgeous smart now...!

And even more so if the evil done by the heroes of the past is not healed...!

One of my men jumps into the ward.

"Tah... oh, my God!No-touch-sama!

The comparison between the sales of new stores opened in Harvary and the first day of the enemy faction's Slam Dog Mart turned out to be incredible....!

"I know you don't have to hurry."Zero."

Nothing is easier than invading a home without an enemy general. "

"Yes, it was zero...!

Even though Gorgeous Smart had a massive opening sale, there was no sales of 1 yen (ender) since the first day!