The men who came to report were upset.

"I can't believe it, but it's true!

Before the opening of the store, we had a large-scale pearl and invited famous warriors (Senyusha) to the main shop for the opening event.....!

Not a single sword, not a single herb!What is it now...?

He... no, a lot of people in this world still misunderstand.

"Brave" is a world-class brand.

Harvard's Gorgeous Smart has retreated due to scandal, but it's been a long time, so the heat will be past his throat.

The crowd must regret evicting the brave man's shop.

You must be reflecting on what you've done when you've done something naughty.

Anyway, the lack of a brave shop is just as isolated from the world.

Have you repented?

Then I'll come back for you...!

Welcome, glorify, the shop of the brave...!

The crowd will surely struggle and push toward gorgeous smart, tearing at the world quality that will be available for the first time in a long time.

At least that's what all the gorgeous smart people involved in this opening thought.

But when I opened the lid, I ignored the guns so that I wouldn't even visit the idle birds...!

It's as if they're ghosts and can't be seen from around them...!

Walking in the cities of other countries, guests of the handsome brave surrounded by yellow cheers and galleries, guests of the veteran brave enough to bring down everyone of its prestige....

It's as if a local local talent appeared on TV in the National District and played a big game in the area....


The employee placed a bundle of sales report documents with a van on a no-touch bed table.

"Even more incredibly, some stores were temporarily closed due to opposition movements from local residents!

Even worse, riots broke out and stores were messed up!

Besides, I thought it was a theft, but none of the store's items were stolen...!

The real photograph attached at the top of the report reflected the messy gorgeous smart store as if it had been a big earthquake during the opening event.

Speaking of which, there were a lot of reports, but no-touch didn't even drop eyes on the documents.

Even the eyebrows were rough as usual.

Well then, please dispose of this document.

Also, you can report any sales in the future.

So please don't let anybody in this room anymore. "

"Hmm... what's wrong!?

Nortouch-sama, who always asks for data first, can't report anymore...!?

Besides, how dare you stay away from me...!?

"I'm busy.I don't want to be disturbed because I have to hit you next.

Now, get out of here!

He was told to whip him, and his men tried to leave the hospital room with a burning momentum on his butt.

"I forgot my paperwork!Suspended, he collected the sales report with a blue face and left.

No-touch remained as ruthless as usual, but not calm inside.

And if it is always the case, the reason for failure will be pursued, but not this time.


--I can't help thinking about things that are no longer next.

There is no evidence of the opening of Harvary at Gorgeous Smart, so that your employees can do whatever they want.

I'm sure all my men are corrupt.

I can run a backup plan without worrying about backup.

"Backup Plan", which is the effective use of the land of "Intercontinental Railway".

Give this land to Gordo Wolf, who will be his boss, for his own convenience.

No-touch is a stone bridge hitter, but his actions are motivated by speed.

I wanted to go back to Osan with a land title now, but I managed to restrain myself.

― ― The official route announcement of the Intercontinental Railway is scheduled to take place at the dawn of the week from King Bitz Rabbits.

We can't talk to that man earlier than that announcement.

You'll find out that you were unauthorized in giving away information.

I don't know what type of moral he owns, but we need to be careful.

Let's just say that the acquisition of the land around the Intercontinental Railway is a coincidence.

In any case, this land is my guardian god...!

No matter what happens, I'm sure they'll survive my position...!

Unless a real demon king (Satan) rises from the bottom of hell...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The next day.

A letter was delivered to the king, Bitzrabitz.

A letter to the King is basically a letter that the King himself does not see because the minister confirms everything.

Unless it's a letter from a close royal family or a brave man.

And if it had been true, the letter would have gone to the trash without even opening the minister.

Until we cross the border one day.

"Oh, my God!Dear Bitz-Rabitz, You have received the document specified as the most important letter!


Speaking of the most important letters, aren't they from brave men of the Shiten-class or above, or people similar to their sons?

Who's it from? Master Butaphtotta?That son of yours, Mr. Bonclano?Or is it Lord Kitty Gaiser?

"No... no...!

The name the minister spoke of was an unexpected person.

Gordorf Slamdock...!

That's right...!

Not only the brave neighborhood, but also the political world and the financial world, its name roars....!

It was the name of Cinderella Osan, who is now the hottest...!