A letter from Cinderella Osan, an analogy to modern times, equals a direct letter from a yearning Hollywood star.

The office in Bitz-Rabits became noisy.

"Nh... what?!?A letter from Mr. Gordwolf!?

"Isn't it a fake thing!?Did you let the appraisal house do the appraisal!?

"Yes! Gordo Wolf's own magic wax stamp (tarp) was pressed as a sealed wax!

"Hmm... what a thing!I can't believe you got a letter from someone who's been rumored to be more than Kitty Gayser now!

"King! Let's have a quick look!

The ministers in the office gathered around, but Bitz-Rabits drove them away as if they were against wild dogs.

"You idiot! This is a token of my dear Lord Gordwolf... no, no, no, no, no, no!

Down on the clouds, like you, you can't even see!

Now, get out of here!

Bitz-Rabitz threw all the humans out of the office and then opened the letter.

The envelope contained two sheets of paper.

A line was drawn on the map of the Seven Lucks kingdom.

And the other one...

"Hmm... this is it!?

An image illustration of a magic train that even the King breathed.

A magic train is a train that moves with magic and is scheduled to run on the "Intercontinental Railway".

Everyone in this country knows that the train's exterior is already open to the public.

Next, the design depicted on the body of the train was broken down within the royal family of the great Powers.

This "railway between the great powers" is a project between the great powers, regardless of the brave face.

However, the intention was greatly appreciated by all countries.

The illustration on the body of the car was also decided to be a gorgeous smart logo and a king character....

What an illustration magic train sent by Gordwolf...

The Slam Dog Mart logo and Wild Dog characters were drawn...!

Of course, Bits Rabbits knows that Gordwolf is the president of Slam Dog Mart.

But at the same time that Gordo Wolf took office as a brave man, Slam Dog Mart was supposed to be reborn as a whole store, gorgeous smart.

Bitz Rabits looks at two letters spread out on his study desk and is alone.

"What the hell is this...!?

A map drawn with lines and illustrations of magic trains.

What do these two mean...!?

"Whoa... no way!?

Bits Rabbits took a map from the desk drawer.

This is the route map for the Intercontinental Railway, which will be announced at the beginning of the week.

It traversed the central kingdom and led to an adjacent power, as shown in the figure below.

The map sent by Gordwolf is shown in the figure below.

What a route that included the dogleg countries...!

"Did Gordwolf tell you to change the route of the 'Intercontinental Railway' like this...!?

Now that Gordo Wolf has become a brave man, it is only right that he wants to include small countries in the railroad route.

This is because each small country is beneath Slam Dog Mart, and if there is a railroad, it can be used as a stepping stone to further expand the circle of commerce.

It was an impossible story for Bitz Rabbits.

Because the small nations unilaterally destroyed the Evantailles Alliance.

Until the queens of every country admitted and bowed down, they stood ready to resist.

Bitz-Rabitz can think about things.

"Hah...!?It's not "gorgeous smart" in this Evantaille country....

Will every adventurer's shop be a 'Slam Dog Mart'...!?

In your head, fictional logic comes to fruition like reality.

Immediately after writing, the king summoned the ministers back.

"Everyone! Investigate and report on the state of Gorgeous Smart in this country now!

If there's no madness in the rest of my eyes, I'm sure it'll be a closing rush!

The ruins will all be Slam Dog Mart!

The reading of Bitz-Rabitz was bingo.

According to a Royal Intelligence Department survey, more than half of the country's gorgeous smart stores are already closed, and the remaining stores are a matter of time.

Bits Rabbits was convinced.

"Really, is that so...?!

That's what the brave upper echelons are already talking about!

Next, we need to amend the law and land "Slam Dog Mart" from a small country...!

Bitz Rabbits has taken every obstacle to keep Slam Dog Mart from landing.

It is all a tribute to the brave men.

But if "Slam Dog Mart" is going to be the "shop of the brave" in this country, of course not.

Dirty wild dogs are just like dog show Grand Prix dogs...!

... welcome, welcome, welcome...!

"I'm sure Gordwolf has given us as much confidential information as he can find in the upper echelons of the brave!

The traditional "Intercontinental Railroad" route has taught us that the brave upper echelons are not satisfied!

This letter was a gift from Lord Gordwolf who wanted to build a special relationship of trust with the rest of us....!

Bitz Rabits stood up with a bang on his study desk.

"Alright! I'm changing the route of the Inter-Power Railroad in the rest of my life!

Just in time for next week's official announcement...!

But unexpectedly, an alarm-like voice echoes through his brain.

... wait a minute...!

Isn't this a trap...?

That's right...! "Crisis Detection", a special ability of Bitz Rabits...!

That hunch lifted my head...!