A letter from Gordwolf, sent to Bitz Rabits.

At first glance, it looked like an invitation to a luxury ship.


Information leaks from people who are now the upper echelons of the Brave Organization.

It was incredible that "Gorgeous Smart" would become "Slam Dog Mart" in the future.

But if this leak were real, it would be a huge advantage for Bitz Rabbits.

After all, the King of other Powers can carry out the courage to the brave ahead of time, which he cannot think of.

If we change the route of the railway between the major powers and make the train that runs into the "Slam Dog Mart" specification....

Osan, I'm delighted...!

If that leader were Bits Rabbits...

Osan, please...!

There's no doubt that the brave Gordo Wolf will love you all at once.

That way, we can establish a honeymoon relationship with the brave organization that virtually governs the world....

Even if you split the world in half...!

Of course, if what was brought about was a 'real leak'.

If this were a big lie, it would be a big deal.

This is because the new route sent from Gordwolf includes small countries that are cut off from national traffic.

Adopting this route is virtually synonymous with declaring the restoration of national relations.

It means that we have succumbed to the first policies of the newborn children who became queens in each small country.

Not only the dissidents, but also the people will be subjected to a great deal of bashing.

If the leak is genuine, it can be cleaned up as a trivial matter because it gives you the backing of the Brave Organization.

However, if the leak were fake, it would no longer be a great blow to the Bitz-Rabits regime.

If Bitz-Rabitz had been king in line, he would have believed in Gordwolf's leak without even thinking about it.

Because Gordo Wolf is a brave man...!

What the brave man says is absolute justice...!

But Bitz-Rabitz is not like the king.

The "crisis detection" capability passed on to the family was on the verge of working and sounded an alarm to him, who was exalted.

... isn't that a trap?!

At the moment, the bits of Rabbit's rabbit surface floats with sweat.


If this is false information, I could lose the throne of the King that my family has been protecting for so long....!

At that time, the ministers around me were suspicious because Bits Rabbits suddenly shut up.

"King, what is it?How are you feeling?

"Earlier, you said you were going to change the route of the 'Big Power Railroad'....?

"We're announcing next week, but are you making changes now?Whatever it is....!

Bits Rabbits shook his face and said to the anxious ministers.

"Don't worry about what I just said!Guys, get out of here!

The ministers were just called back, but they were kicked out of the King's office so that they could be driven away again.

Bitz Rabits takes the age chart out of the study desk.

--It was supposed to be a full moon tonight...!

And what was depicted on today's date was a moon like a round circle, so I took a gutty pose.

--Alright....! Tonight, I'm going to perform a 'ritual'....!

Then confirm the authenticity of the letter from Lord Gordwolf...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Bits Rabits waits for the night and climbs to the tallest spire in the royal castle.

It was a secret room that only kings could enter for generations.

On the open veranda, the moon floats in the night sky of clear air.

Looking up at the full moon without clouds, Bits Rabbits nodded "umu".

The ability of "crisis perception" passed on to the Bitz-Rabitz family.

It was to ask the moon, to share the future.

The median response rate from the month is 100 percent, but there are some constraints.

First of all, you must be able to answer "○" or "X".

And that means on a full moon night, you can only get one answer to a question.

If you look back at rituals you have performed in the past as an example, there will be about two cases.

The first one is "Participation in the enlistment ceremony of the Shinsengumi group held on Grey Sky Island."

In the Kingdom of Seven Lux, it was to be attended every year by those who were scheduled to succeed to the throne.

But Bitz Rabbits performed the ritual beforehand and asked the moon this question.

"Should I have a person scheduled to succeed to the throne at the enlistment ceremony?"

And the answer that came back was "x".

It means that something bad will happen if you dispatch it.

This "bad thing" is judged by "whether the family can survive the royal family".

Therefore, following the results of the ceremony, there may be bad results waiting.

But from the perspective of "the family survives the royal family", it is the best choice.

Taking the enlistment ceremony as an example, Bitz-Rabitz stopped letting the Royal Successor go and sent Popcorn Chaser instead.

Because if you're a popcorn chaser, there's nothing wrong with dying locally.

As a result, Greysky Island was in trouble and the enlistment ceremony was fucked up.

And the second case is, "Will you attend the Giant Gorgeous Smart Opening Ceremony?"

Needless to say, the answer is "x".

As a result, the giant's shop collapsed as the ground subsided, and Bitz Rabbits lost his life.

Many of the ministers who took part in his place were hospitalized and struck by the regime as little as possible.

As you can see from this, do you know by ritual only "○ or ×".

If we knew what was going to happen, we could make the best choice, but we don't know that far.

In fact, Bitz-Rabitz's affection was beginning to fade in the choice of two cases this time.

But if I had made any other choice, the regime would have blown up already.

In that sense, it may be said that "damage is done, but not until death".

It doesn't seem like much to write like this, but I want you to think about it.

Both of the two cases mentioned in the example were devised by the (● ●) Osan......!

Until now, with a life-threatening rate of 100 percent, Gorgo could not escape as one of those targeted...

No, I'm dodging Gordwolf's sniper with enough damage to blow one arm off.

And twice...!

Now you can understand how Bitz-Rabitz's "crisis detection" is a cheet-level ability.