Bits Rabbits stood on the veranda of the spire.

The "Crisis Management" ritual is only passed on to those who became kings of their clan.

There is no one in the tower but Bits Rabbits.

He looks out at the lights of King's Landing, spreading like the sea.

"This light is all the rest of it....!I'll never give it to anyone....!

The light of hope inherited by our family....!I can't stop for the rest of my life...!

... bah!

Bitz-Rabitz looks up to heaven with determination.

When the moon light enters your eyes, they become foaming.

Once closed, the eyes opened again.

There were miserable transformed eyes, like the back of the moon.

"... the red eyes who live in the moon ring!

My clan is with you!

If the reason of this world is "mochi", then the hand is "destiny"!

And I am the Hand Back!

Breathe with your hands and turn the cake around!

You will never be hit by a Sword named "Destiny"!

Yes, my family is the one who manipulates and eats the human named mochi together with you!

As the Spirit of Bits Rabbits echoed, a silhouette of mocking-mouthed rabbits appeared on the surface of the moon far above.

"Now is the time to ask, so you can't get your hands on it!

"... Should we have kept the route of the" Big Power Railroad "that we are currently deciding on...!?

This question was a unique one.

If you think about it normally,

As Gordwolf wrote, should we change the route of the "Great Powers Railroad"?

will be a question.

But Bitz-Rabitz said, "Should we keep the traditional route?'he asked.

This is about two things.

The first is that the Moon Rabbits who answer the question may not know the contents of Gordwolf's letter.

The second thing is that Bitz Rabits' intention is to go on the route of maintaining the status quo if possible.

Because the adoption of the Golf Wolf proposal involves enormous hassle and risk.

In order to change routes, we have to lower our heads to other powers and to four small countries.

In addition, they will favor wild dog shops over brave ones, which is a big departure from previous policy.

And the fact that "○" may return regardless of whether it is the conventional plan or the golf plan in the moon.

Even if it is ok to adopt Dochi, it will consume less calories if the conventional plan is adopted.

Even so, it was even more important to consider it in conjunction with the current state of low concentration.

The question of Bits Rabbits became as small as a mountain peach and melted into the darkness of the night.

As if linked to it, the rabbits that were reflected on the moon move with moyamoya.

Two rabbits start with mochi, and from time to time the rabbits with hands pick up the mochi depicted in "○", "×", "△", and "□" and show it to Bits Rabbits.

It was like a gacha or a reach show, and it was just getting faster and faster, and finally,

... dokkkkkkkkkkkk!!

There is a big explosion that is likely to be heard.

The sword and mortar were blown away, leaving only two rabbits lying face down.

One of the rabbits staggered his face and held the last cake.

Until now, it's like performing to boost the results of "Crisis Detection."

The mochi I had in my hand went up, and a large "○" or "X" was drawn there.

Before the moment of destiny,

... giggle!

Bits of Rabbitz snorting his throat.

I've never been so nervous to announce the results.

Without knowing it, I came to the veranda's handrail, and it wasn't enough.

But as soon as I saw the mochi,


He was leaking a voice that seemed to have been poked with falsehood.

Because nothing was drawn on the surface of the cake.

Both "○" and "X"....!

It's just plain...!

"Eh... eh!?I can't believe you're not drawing anything...!?

Oh... hey, tell me!Red Eyes! What does that mean!?

However, no matter how many calls are made, there is no reply.

The rabbits are just putting up a mochi and stopping.

Bits Rabbits was in a hurry.

"That's not true...!This is the first time this has happened!?

What the hell am I supposed to do with the rest!?

Normally, the odds are 100 percent, but only this time, no futures.

I rub my eyes incredibly and look up at the moon over and over again.

And then I noticed something.

"There's a dot in the middle...?

The moon mochi that I thought was Sarasa.

Mandaruna mochi is raised with a forkball grip.

But I found a very small black dot around the center.

"But... what if I did!?

Bitz-Rabitz becomes a hat and returns to the tower from the veranda.

Inside the tower was a private room lined with luxurious furnishings.

Hold one of them, a big telescope supported by a tripod, and carry it out to the veranda.

I set it up for the moon and peeked into the eyepiece, and there it was...

The moon was brought up in one of Bitz-Rabitz's eyes by a large-diameter telescope.

Even so, the Black Heaven remained small, but I did see it.

The "○" is so tiny that I think it's a random ring of vision tests...!

"Eh... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?