Bitz-Rabitz was peeking into the telescope.

Bright red bloodstained eyes, as if they were eating lenses, and the barrel as if it were a straw to suck up the moon.

Even if you do that, the "○" that is rising on the moon won't be so close.

Still, it only left points like needle holes in the moon.

Bitz-Rabitz snapped in dismay.

"I... I've never seen such a 'result' before...!

The Ritual of "Crisis Sensing" always brought him clear results.

"○" floats sharply around like a moon's eye, or "X" sticks big like a moon's bandage.

But the question is,

Should the route of the "Big Power Railroad" be maintained, as it is currently determined?

The answer to was a miniature "○" that could finally be confirmed through a telescope.

Bitz-Rabitz said for a moment, "Was that a bad question?I think.

But this form of question has been thrown countless times in the past.

Then, "Do the moon's red-eyed people not know the story of the 'Inter-Power Railroad'?And I thought,

But that thought soon vanished.

Because in the past two cases, the question is a very local topic from the perspective of the moon: "Enlistment Ceremony of Shinsengumi" and "Giant Gorgeous Smart Opening Ceremony".

In contrast, the "Big Power Railway" has been eliminated in many countries.

That's what it sounds like when you're behind the moon.

After all, the reason for the "extremely small circle" is that it does not exist on the side where Bitz Rabbits asked.

The red eyes on the moon may have some defects or intentions.


"Maybe... the red-eyed aren't confident about the results...?

Bitz-Rabitz was alone in the night sky, nobody was there.

No, no matter what questions I have ever asked, I didn't have an answer to 'I don't know'.

It was evident not only from Bitz Rabits, but also from the "result of crisis detection" written by the ancestral king.

Then Bitz-Rabitz enters the exam.

And when the moon leaned a lot, I came to an idea.

― ― There are only two types of answers to questions: "○" or "×".

And I always thought it was the front and the back...

If the opposite of "○" is not necessarily "X"...?

If there were more than one type of "○"...

"Little ○" and "Big ○", no, if there were many different sizes in between...

The red eyes are the size of "○", indicating the brightness of the future...!?

Bitz-Rabitz begins to think that the size of "○" represents a degree of luck.

If you compare it to a lottery, "little ○" is Koyoshi, "big ○" is Daikichi.

Indeed, recalling the rituals he performed in the past, the sizes of "○" and "X" were not constant.

They were all large enough to look sharp with the naked eye, but they were divided into something about the size that protruded from the moon and something that fitted perfectly.

I didn't think the difference would make much sense...

Seeing the rare result of the extremely small "○", Bitz Rabits realizes the new function of the "Crisis Detection" ritual.

"That's right! That's what I meant!

That "○" meant that the worst result would not come, but the best result would not come!

Bits Rabbits was convinced.

"I see....!Even if the route of the "Inter-Power Railway" remains as it is, the rest of the regime will not waver...!

Then it's better as it is than taking the time to change routes!

It was a tough time getting over it!Hahahahahahaha!

The laughter echoes in the night sky.

But the voice dried up quickly.

"... hahaha... but is that a good decision?

Inside his head was already the next anxiety.

In the past, in the "Enlistment Ceremony of the Shinsengumi", although the life of the next successor to the throne could be protected, it became a trigger for the rebellion of small countries.

Although I saved my life at the Giant Gorgeous Smart Opening Ceremony, I admitted many of my close friends to the hospital.

As a regime, the wind is by no means perfect, but it is now rather cliffy.

Coming here, even if it's not the 'worst outcome', if there's more to lose...

Those who oppose the current regime may be given the ability to go even further....!

― ― If you think so, is the rest being caught up with?

Although the regime is in place, if we continue to lose it, we may end up with a crash.

I've been spared the poison's immediate death, but my body seems to be being eaten up...

When I realize it, I'm cut off from all exits and I can't go back anymore....

If that happens, there will be death...!

Perhaps the rest is now standing on the "Great Crossroads"...!?

Whether it's heaven or hell...!

If so, the 'traditional route' on the railway between the great powers is definitely not a ticket to heaven.

The red eyes taught me clearly.

Then the ticket to heaven...

Nora no Root ......!

I see... I see!Now everything is clear!

If you were asking the red-eyed...

As Gordwolf wrote, should we change the route of the "Great Powers Railroad"?

If this was a question, it must have floated on the moon...

It must have been "○" as if it were the moon itself...!

Bitz-Rabitz's head is no longer full of color.

The fishing boat that was floating in his brain bore the flag of a large fishing boat.

Together with the fishermen celebrating the catch, they put their fingers together on their heads to make a big circle.

And one word.

" ○ (Mal) ......!

Bits Rabbits did that on the veranda alone.

There is no doubt in that smile anymore.

Finish the ritual with a clear feeling and leave the spire behind.

Even though the moon floating above him is beginning to be covered in dark clouds in the form of wild dogs....