Bits Rabbits didn't sleep that night.

Because I was working on a plan to change the "New Route" of the Inter-Power Railway, which was sent by Gordwolf.

And early in the morning, I summoned the ministers.

"Everyone else has decided to change the railway route between the great powers!

Make the route that used to traverse only this Seven Lucks into a traverse through the small countries of the south!

Of course the ministers reacted to this shock announcement.

"Eh... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?

Of course.

Until yesterday, Bitz Rabbits criticized the small country with a demonic face, but now he runs the railroad with a shuddering face.

The ministers turned blue.

"Wait a minute, King!Why change the route now!?

"From now on, it's 'Nora-no'!

"Until yesterday, we were cut off from small countries!And why!?

"Because small countries are 'no-la-no-no'!

"How do I explain this to other powers!?

"From now on, it's" Nora-no "!Say it!

"No, no, before that, what a thing for the powerful people....!

"It was also 'Nora no Na'!

Bitz-Rabitz pushed forward the route change with the catchphrase "Nora Izu".

This shock announcement will be communicated to leading figures after the minister.

The rebellion from there was considerable.

This is also a natural reaction.

Traditional routes of the Inter-Power Railway were spontaneously shared with some of the leading players.

On the basis of that advance information, leading figures were buying around the planned railway site.

Since it was already a well-known fact that the railway was going through, the media had all announced their route forecasts.

There were several predicted routes, so investors bought up their land in a gambling mood.

Thanks to this, the price of land that is considered a candidate site has risen rapidly.

The leading players were putting chips on the gambling, no matter how high the stakes were.

Because they didn't gamble because they knew the official route from behind.

I can always make a lot of money, only the taste...!

Just buy the land and wait for the King to announce his official route.

The announcement is a matching jackpot, and the land price jumps all at once, so if you put it on sale...

Don't bother, uhahaha...!

It was supposed to be a story of gold powder on a wet hand, just like that.

However, the route change here is entirely at the level of investment fraud.

And among the mighty were some who borrowed money, and borrowed all their possessions, and bought land.

The breakdown varies, royalties and nobles, luxury businesses and peasants, sages and the Great Virgin....

And a brave man....!

Needless to say, the brave leader is no longer.

Let's lay aside the last path of the brave man who was betrayed, even in such a lucrative story about the stone bridge.

Bitz-Rabitz suffered a fierce rebellion from a powerful man and bought a huge sum of money.

But he won't glare.

Now it is the headwind, but I believed that this wind would turn into the kamikaze caused by "Norai-no-sama".

And finally, his "Noraku Faith" reaches its conclusion.

Bitz Rabits made several announcements in line with the route change.

One of them is "Recovery of National Relations with Small Countries."

I called on each small country to lift all previous cut-offs and return to a new relationship.

But the Chicks of the Shikoku rejected the proposal unanimously.

We have set the conditions for the restoration of national traffic.

Normally, it is only known that small countries can demand from large countries.

But the conditions were absolutely unbelievable.

To officially adopt the name "dogleg countries" rather than "evantail countries".

If a major railway passes through a small country, the construction and maintenance costs of that section will be 100% in Seven Lux.

Seven Lux is responsible for all repairs, compensation and compensation in the event of an accident.

Moreover, the sales of segment fares, including Seven-Lux, shall be evenly distributed among the five countries.

At last, the four small nations brought out zero, and they told me to give it to me just to make money.

In this saying, the Seven Luxes country became rough and rough.

Why do we have to pass the railway to a small country, even if it's exploited?

Bits of Rabbits were also playing, but there was no point in breaking up the negotiations here.

I drank all the words of the little queens with a shuddering face.

At this point, the Bitz-Rabits regime is at the forefront.

Ministers, powerful people and, on the contrary, the media and the public will abandon them.

But Bitz-Rabits endured it.

Our world's spring awaits us through this harsh winter storm.

The brave Gordo Wolf had seen his decision and believed it would lead him to heaven.

And Bitz Rabits finally cuts the strongest card.

It is the announcement of a new policy.

The name of the policy is equal to the pose of obedience to the boss dog named Gordwolf...

"The Decree of Nora's Mercy"....!

Prohibit all attacks on Slam Dog Mart, which has been recommended as a national policy until now.

We enacted a law that punishes those who defame and criticize words, sentences, drawings, and designs that resemble naughty words.

It's going to be completely 'doggy-sama'...!

Of course, all the ordinances that had prevented the landing of Slam Dog Mart were repealed.

Instead, we will launch policies that attract and favor "Slam Dog Mart".

Seven Lux is no longer a dog run for Slam Dog Mart.

However, the "Slam Dog Mart" side has been through no reaction to these announcements.

When the dog turned west, the tail turned east, but the wild dog bent his body dextrously and did not point his head or tail at Sebronlux.